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[PK Post] almost remember

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Maybe when the time is right, you will find me again.

Peut-être que quand le moment sera venu, vous me retrouverez.” 

Simple words that hold meaning further than all else. 

Years and years ago... A head injury-plagued lotte. Believed she took her medicine, once she thought she was better, she stopped… Something she should have known better as a doctor. 

Over the years, the injury festered and tampered with her mind. With always a headache, lotte would medicate though never knowing what for... She would take kings ivy and slowly became addicted. Her days cold and her mind slowly losing itself as those around her died and falling deeper.

And deeper into darkness, madness, and forgetfulness. 

Lotte's voice broke as she spoke with her husband.

“I cant... I can't remember anything anymore, Niko.”

Lottes's eyes pooled with tears; she couldn't remember the basic of medicines. She couldn't remember her children's names. She couldn't remember her friends' name. She couldn't remember where she lived.


It took constant chants of each name at night, to remember. 

Nikolaus, Percival, Primrose, EmmalineRosslyn, Eric, Otto, Duncan, Sarah... Kortrevich, Maric, Cassius, Axel, Elijah, Seath, Martin, ODO, alexander, Estelle, Kamila, Ulric, Friggr, Robert, Eric, Celest, Vuthar, pierce, Markus Rosendale, Mayan avern, Katerina, Astrix Konrad, Cecil, Cera, andrik.” 

Every night for years, the same chant.

Nikolaus, Percival, Primrose, emmaline, roaslyn, eric, Otto, Duncan, Sarah.. Kortrevich,Maric, Cassius, Axel,Elijah, Seath,Martin, ODO, alexander, estelle,Kamila, ulric, Friggr, ,Eric, Celest, Vuthar,, Markus Rosendale, Mayan avern, Katerina, Konrad, cecil, Cera, andrik.”


Slowly names were left behind. 

“Nikolaus, Percival, Primrose, Emmaline, Roslyn, Eric, Otto, Duncan, Sarah... Kortrevich, Maric,, Martin,... Estelle, Kamila, Ulric, Friggr. Markus... Rosendale, Mayan avern, Katerina, Konrad.”

Until the barest of names escaped her lips

“Nikolaus, Percival...Primrose...Maric”

Till she could only remember



It hurt, to remember it hurt to see the expressions, everything hurt, and she just wanted to remember it all again. 

Everything hurt, but the feeling of pain was foreign. Feelings at all were unfamiliar. The only pain was left in the wake after the war. Only emptiness and sorrow haunted Lotte’s dreams. Yet every night she forced to endure the nightmare that tortured her, sleeping was an option she once thought. As Lotte went to sleep that night her last words to her husband

“Goodnight mon amour.” pearls clutched into her hands gifted to her from her husband. Closing a last final thought and a mutter of words...



 Eyes fluttering shut to darkness and her body decided enough was enough.

Once upon a December …. 1679-1729 May Lotte rest in peace. 











Letters that have passes time that been collected through books. 





"My dearest Primrose, Today is the day, and as much as I love you, I cannot subject you to the wrongdoings of our family. I've already moved Your sister and a few others to the Avren household. I value your life, as my eldest and my most loved. Please find me when you get this letter. **I am bringing you to Sutica** whether you like it or neit. If we shall all die in this war, I wish for you to at least outlive me. To continue our legacy. Many people want to for your safety. I even had the princess come up to me Today. Please follow me into a safe location with the others. Please don't try to fight in this. I'm already in sorrow in the feeling of possibly losing my husband, don't let me have the chance to feel like I'm losing my children also. Eternal love, we will not fail to rise. Kortrevich strong.


[!] A younger speckled dove returns from the younger Kortrevich lady, “Dear Mama, I will do as you wish, even though I feel I should be fighting. I am already en route to Sutica as you request. I only wish that you will let me go back to find Ulric, dead or alive, after the battle, else I fear I will go mad. Love, Prim.” 6/08/19


[!] *The dove returns quite a while later* "Dear Mama, Papa still wants you to return within the Saint's Week. If you don't, he says he'll come to retrieve you in the South. I'm sorry, I wish I didn't have to write to you in this way, but Papa wishes me to. Love, Primrose." *A heart is added to the end of the signature, mirroring Lotte's last letter.*

July 8th (12:55hr) 2019 


[!] bird come back with two letters tied together with twine the same pink rose seal. Those letters are curter, then her usual handwriting almost stern. Nothing like the letter beforehand the first letter addressed to her husband* “Nikolaus Kortrevich if you wish to come to drag me from my vineyards. So be it. But it won’t make our marriage any better if you have to drag me from my home. Lotte Rosendale.” *The second letter has the same elegant handwriting and love-filled like the first* “dearest Primrose, my our bond and love grow over time. Even if it sours between days. If your father wishes to drag me from my happiness, so be it. But I would want you to know what I’ve done. Without words of the town. Without hateful glances. Without lies filled in a household. Months ago, after a night of raids and villainy. I decided it was a good time to drink. I decided it was a good time to say hello and enjoy my life. I haven’t been happy in so long, drowning in my work, forgetting when dinner was. There were days when I forgot to drink or eat. Curled up in my office instead of my bed. You. You were so young, I put on a brave face and showed you my only happiness. My dearest princess. Your sister, I know her she will never love me like she loves your father. At least with you, you were my darling angel who I loved to talk to hear your inspirations and goals. A lively tough child. And.” *tears stained the paper*and when you grew up mi memoria and got married a part of me broke. You were no longer my little fillie you were no longer the princess you grew into a queen. Loved and cherished by a man. Your happiness was my happiness. But the house became dark, the people I loved to talk to moved away. Till I was back in my office crying over spilt milk and a man who didn’t love me anymore. So when I went out... I made a stupid decision through a hard heart and a troubled mind. Now. Now I have two.. two little boys. Who brings me happiness, which reminds me of the fierce girl who would giggle and cry at a bunny. Their names are Maric after our late king and Percival. Little flamboyant boys who have ruined my walls with wine drawings. This doesn’t mean I love you less. If anything I love you more. It’s your father.its your father I’m scared of. I’ve seen what he can do with little boys who he doesn’t like. He’ll yell and scream till I let go. But I won’t let go this time primrose. This time I’m doing this for my happiness. I hope you can forgive me. Sincerely Lotte Carliana Rosendale-Kortrevich “

July 8th (1:00 pm 2019



[!] *The dove returns with another letter bearing the Kortrevich seal, however, a small rose is drawn in ink beside it, representing either Primrose or House Rosendale.* "Dear Mama, despite my disappointment and heartbreak that you would do such a thing, I forgive you. Your actions were not unwarranted, but I doubt Papa will ever understand that. I wish to one day meet my half brothers, they are still my blood, and I will love them no matter what. Papa asked that I sever my communication with you after my last letter, but I don't think I shall. I miss and love you unconditionally, as any daughter should. I wanted to ask about something as well, Ulric has been dealing with a large amount of stress recently and had some sort of panic attack about a month ago... is there any way to help him? I worry about his health. Love, Primrose Salina Rosendale-Kortrevich-Voronov." *The usual short signature has been elaborated upon, demonstrating a vague promise*

8th July 2019 hr 8:04 






[!] a speckled dove 🕊 flies back through a twilight sky, carrying the same parchment and pink rose seal. *Primrose* scrolled across. “ Dearest primrose, my blessed soul that you have forgiven me. The hours and minutes I waited to pick up your letter because I was scared to read it. Your father is a kind man, to his family to you. Don’t you ever forget that. Our union may not have been the best, but he loves you. Maybe when the boys are older, I’ll bring them to manor.. or maybe curon. A neutral area that you can pick my dear. I’m glad you went against your father's wishes, I was terrified thinking after that letter I lost you forever. I have the feigning idea of why he would wish for our bond to be severed. I love you too ma belle fille aînée. Je t'aimerai jusqu'à la chute des étoiles. “ to the margin seems to be a small recipe of tea mixtures all different kinds. 

  • Biteit (small green mushrooms) mix in with veggies such as string beans. Helps fight off infections. 

  • Trouble sleeping? A teaspoon Nightsap + milk in rose or vanilla tea. Will knock them out within a few minutes for a peaceful sleep

  • Chamomile tea proves profoundly useful for patients who are anxious and need to rest their body

  • Shortness of breath: find Coltsfoot, cut off the stem and throw it away. Take the yellow flower and grind it to a powder. Add powder to water or tea. Allow them to drink slowly. 

  • Crouching feather, be sure to bring a napkin finding this. Look under bushes at night. You’ll find a drooping white flower. Take that and don’t let the wind sweep it away. Seep petals into tea, with thyme and roses.helps clear the mind and relieves headaches. Too much can cause damage to be careful consuming! Only make every other week, can cause addiction and problems.

“ these are a few home remedies and teas I’ve learned over the years. But write down the importance along with a few for your boys. Hopefully some of this help! I love my princess, Lotte Carliana Rosendale-Kortrevich.”

Dated 8th of July 2019 11:39 (concert later) 


 Written on the back of a tissue. Ulric...Was like a son to me. I watched him grow up with my daughter. He has big ambitions and the love and charm to go around to everyone he met. That boy never lost hope; he carried great weight with him after the war. But still, he prevailed... Though our ailments aren't always the best burden to bare, they still show. He confided in me and was met with my crazy of protection for my daughter. After my integrations and beady eyes watching his every move not once did he show fear or run away. Ulric was one of the best knight, sons-in-law, husband and friend that we have ever seen in this generation. Though he may not have lived long, he still filled this room with joy and memories we cannot forget. Moreover, may his memory and life hold a grand part of our lives. For time is a fickle ***** and we need to treasure the moments we can. 



4/10 Lotte come!MY babies quickly! MY BABIES ARE COMING! Rodrik. 


4/10 Shieldmaiden you know very well that you and your whole family have a place to stay in curon. Your closet children can stay by my side at the hall under the watchful eye of my kin. In my culture, shieldmaiden is a title you never lose. Deeply respected as any woman that holds a sword and knows how to wield is to be treated equally at any moment that be the only reason I refer to you as such. 


2/23 {!} this letter is also old “a random man is searching for you it won't be good. I don't think you should leave Haense. Jaxin”


{!} this letter is old from age and seems to be written to another person “Bonsoir Jaxin, apologize what did you do? To be honest, my sister and I have lost terms with each other. Had quite a lousy fight. If you wish to apologize in person are certainly allowed to do so... sincerely Mrs Lotte Kortrorevich. 






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Harold Bell hears of the news, pulling a face. “But where are my children?” he enquires, concerned. 430103481697697802.png?v=1

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Posted (edited)

After speaking with her father, Primrose sprints up the stairs of Graiswald upon hearing the news. She runs down the hallway and locks the door to her room behind her. Just as she makes it to the carpet, she crumples to the floor, breaking down in sobs. She fumbles for the key under the rug, using it to wrench open her desk drawer; withdrawing her mother’s letters. She holds them close to her chest, murmuring to herself. “I forgive you for not being here. I forgive you for leaving. I just wish I’d gotten to say goodbye.” She takes a deep breath. “Wait for me in the seven skies, Mama.”

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Duncan sighs hearing the news, he looks up to the night sky and chuckles, “hm, we had a hell of a time back in our day didn’t we. I hope ye rest well Larrbear, remember to save me a drink up there.” he would look back down, laying on the beach sitting alone on the sandy shores as a wave of nostalgia came over him, remembering all their times in Belvitz and Markev, when he met her in the capital, the birth her and Nikolaus’ daughters, then moving on to Reza, and tavern hopping across Arcas.

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Katerina sat again beside the fire. She was a little bit older now, but not yet knowing quite what death entailed, even though she heard the word muttered many times already in her young life, she watched the flames dance as another crackle could be heard from within the furnace. She frowned, knowing she would never get to meet Lotte, somebody her mother once spoke much about. Now, Lotte is too go on an adventure, she herself could not take until she was old. 

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Otto is found within the Kortrevich manor, pacing in a fit of boredom when the news is brought to him by the family’s loyal maid, Elizaveta. He briefly stops, a blank expression on his face, before he continues his pace towards the dining room. As he enters the room he drops into his seat at the head of the table, the clinks of metal and ceramic spring up as the room is jostled by his fist on the table.


After sitting with his thoughts he speaks to himself, although knowing the maid is eavesdropping just around the corner, “These days are free of war, yet sadness is all around this home”, he speaks thinking of the too close death of his cousin’s ex-wife, Sarah. A kind call of the kitchen then breaks Otto’s thoughts, “Would you care fer a cup of tea, sir?”, Elizaveta would say. At which Otto would, with a raspy voice, reply, “Aye, I would”.


Otto would then sit in the hall, alone, sipping the tea slowly, reminiscing of the days in Markev. The first time he met Miss Lotte Rosendale when his great Uncle Odo demanded that he court her. The day she became a Kortrevich and married his best friends and cousin, Nikolaus. The births of the beautiful babies, Primrose and later Emaline.


Upon finishing his cup, he would stand up, dawn a cloak and head out of the house, heading to the cities of the Realm of Man in search of a craftsman.

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Bjolfr would welcome his friend to the seven skies 


Rhys would walk around the Kortrevich manor seeing if he could comfort anyone of the family 

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Nikolaus would awake rather later in the morning where he would turn to his rightside where his wife would sleep in a very still manner. He thought nothing of it at first as she appeared fairly drained and fatigued the prior night but, Nikolaus would soon realize after getting up from their bed and making some noise as he got ready for the day that Lotte would remain idly laying on the bed. He quickly moved her over to be laying on her backside where he instantly checked for her pulse rate... After identifying the reality that was laying before him, he gave his wife one last kiss as he then fixed the white quilt over her entire body where he would then state lastly; “Rest well, my love for you are no longer in a state of suffering. You are in place of peace and happiness where you may look upon your entire family to guide them to relative state of unity as they grieve together following the losses this family has undertaken in recent years.” 


He closed the door behind him as he glanced back once more at Lotte. Obvious emotion overcame him at that moment as he then made his way downstairs as he lead himself to the kitchen where lunch was being prepped by the house maiden-- Elizaveta. Nikolaus suddenly collapsed and all the emotion he kept within himself was poured out at that moment. A rather put together man who carried years upon years of anguish during a multitude of wars, battles and raids where individuals closest to him were taken in kidnap or simply killed as a result of war; all of these emotions left Nikolaus at that moment as tears filled the entirety of his face. Otto, who was seen eating at the dining room table heard Nikolaus in the kitchen as he then rushed in. He stated rather simply to Nik, “Make your way to Primrose, she among anyone needs you the most. My steed stands outside the manor; take it and ride to Primrose where you two shall comfort each other in this time of heartache.” Otto said as he assisted Nikolaus up to his two feet.  Nikolaus made his way outside the manor as he then hoisted himself up to the horse, he would begin to ride to the County of Carnatia in a rather hastily fashion.


Lotte and Nikolaus Kortrevich



[!] Depicted above is an illustration of Lotte and Nikolaus at the ages of 27 and 26 where Lotte can be seen wearing a long pink dress 

where as Nikolaus could be seen wearing a Master-At-Arms uniform of the Royal Army of Haense.





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As word of Lotte’s death found Celest, the memories of a lost friend flooded back to her. She rode into Avalain to find Lotte’s bench, their bench. “My wife, you must have found his light, yei?” She’d mutter as she sat down. Her eyes welling with tears would fixate on the tavern as an unusually warm smile rose on Celest’s lips, her mind gripped by one memory in specific. “Even the church couldn’t stand us.” she’d chuckle faintly for a moment before her smile sank. “What is a maer to do without her wife?” Her inquiry rhetorical, though not even she could find the answer as a few stray tears escaped from her, falling down her cheeks.


The aging woman would drop her heads into her hands, uttering a prayer in a language few would understand.

“Hvild kos, valda.  Biddu laeta onae, fit villi ki vera langur, minn vaenr Lotte.”

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