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The Golden Crow Chronicles, 315 E.S.

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VOL. 1


Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing 


Three Minas per Edition

Available in Nauvmarian



New Reza, Haense

Msitza and Dargund, 315 E.S. | Harren’s Folly, 1762

 10 pages



Written by: Sigmar Baruch & Viktor Kortrevich

Published by: B&K Publishing

Pg. 1



Ekaterinburg Palace, New Reza

An illustration of the empty throne hall at the Ekaterinburg Palace


It was a celebratory occasion as court was held one last time by the Lord Regent, Otto Sigmar, before the coming of age and coronation of His Majesty Sigismund II, as the royal family was gathered on the dais looking over the large mass of nobles, gentry, and peasant alike. As court went on, medals were handed out to the brave soldiers of the Brotherhood and the nobles who’ve served to protect their kingdom in the Siege of New Reza and the Battle of Hangman’s Bridge. Soon after, royal petitions began and many quarrels were settled and new edicts set out.


As the line of petitioners died down, the Marian Knights let their guard down, allowing two goblins to sneak in and reach the balcony, from there they waited for the opportune moment to strike. They took aim, presumably for the Lord Regent, but His Majesty soon approached and playfully took a seat above his Great Uncle on the large throne. The Knights, too seemingly preoccupied to honor their duties, allowed for the assassins to take aim and severely wound Sigismund II as the bolt of the crossbow pierced his neck. The court then devolved into chaos, women and children running for the exit, as the men in the court drew their swords looking for the shooters who wounded their young king. A chase ensued after the goblins but was to no avail, as the ones closest to them, being the Knights were unable to track their fast paced maneuvers as they jumped into the lake from the Reza walls. 



Ekaterinburg Palace Courtyard, New Reza

The execution of the assassins by firing squad 


Soon after, The Crown Prince was taken for treatment in the family keep, there treatments from the Surgeon General Doctor Demaris and Otto the Tarcharman ultimately saved his life. The Kingdom of Haense owes a great deal to the pair and their work. In the square, the Lord Marshal and Knight Paramount sent out squads of soldiers to search for the goblin assassins. It was not long before the pair of goblins were found in the High elven Kingdom of Haelunor, from there, with the cooperation from our elven neighbours, the goblins were expedited back to Haense by the Brotherhood and Marian Knights. Once they arrived in Reza, the pair were put on trial, found guilty, and then executed by firing squad. This justice was arguably too quick and merciful for the pair as they attacked the future King of Haense, but the expedient manner in which they were found, caught, and executed is applauded. 




Pg. 2




Red Rose Construction, Bihar Place VII

Ser Baldemar posted outside as he welcomes citizens inside


Services we offer:

Interior Decoration

Large and Small construction projects

Terraforming & Exterior decoration

Renovations of all sizes

Collection & delivery of bulk building materials

Need something else? Just ask!


All services are subject to availability. 

Contact Lothar to avail of above (Gobbo#1492)

First come, first serve 


* Message Gobbo#1492 over Discord for more information!

* Paid for by B&K Publishing

Pg. 3



New Reza, Sigismunds’ Square

A depiction of the statue of King Marius I of Haense situated in New Reza


The latter-half of last year in Haense would see witness to an attack on the denizens of Haense like no other. The Brotherhood of St. Karl was hosting a training assembly until it was later interrupted by a blinding blue light that beamed from the sky above before a deep-loud mouth slowly revealed itself from the sky. The omonimous figure appeared from the sky before it quickly dropped down to the soil. The anonymous person spoke in a rather loud tone of voice which emanated throughout the streets of the city; which discloses its intentions ‘to wipe out the impure of humans of the city.’ This obviously prompted a response as it was a clear threat towards those gathered around. The figure itself was surrounded by nearby foot-soldiers with ones like Janus who took the initiative to charge into it immediately. This risky tactic that many critics and others praised would result in him being ferociously grabbed and set aflame which ultimately left his armor severely damaged and inflicted harsh burn wounds on Janus.

After Janus’ first charge, the rest of the gathered brotherhood men and women approached the strange figure before it used some magical shock wave that shook the ground that blasted everyone back several feet. Ionian Lotus out of all people managed to avoid the shock wave and charge the ‘Voidal Knight’, but he was in the end blasted by a high-pressured water stream that tore skin off of his face leaving a nasty scar. The rest of the soldiers returned to their feet and once again struck the creature. With each blow to the creature’s armor allowed mana to escape, weakening it. Time went on with everyone gathered contributing to the defeat of this anonymous-figure but it was only until Prince Rupert was about to finish it off with Mirthok’s Warhammer that the creature used its last of its stored energy to freeze Harald Vuiller, turning him into a statue. The hammer came down and shattered the armor, finally defeating the entity although it was clear that it wasn’t its real body… 

The doctors tended everyone’s wounds, with some more serious than others as Harald unfortunately could not be brought back and was the tragic death of the incident that has left many questions unanswered. 


* Personal Account by Lord Marshal, Erwin Barclay

Pg. 4




New Reza, Alexandria II

Demetrius Ruthern and his two slaves standing outside the Orphanage 


The orphanage in New Reza is reopening under new ownership! Following Harald Vuiller’s death and the previous orphanage moving to Vuillermoz; Lord Demetrius Ruthern has found it fitting to re-establish an orphanage within New Reza renamed- The Blessed Dmitry. Lord Ruthern wishes to make it abundantly clear that the orphanage is in full-working order as in eager to take in new orphans by the dozen!


* Message Aidoro#0946 over Discord for more information!

* Paid for by B&K Publishing

Pg. 5



Helena, Oren

Lord Marshal Erwin Barclay carrying the Golden Crow standard, flanked by standard bearers with the colors of Ruska and Hanseti


It was a beautiful day in Helena; clear skies and a light breeze welcomed the soldiers of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl upon their arrival to the city. Joining them were soldiers of the 1st Helenan Regiment of the Imperial State Army and members of the Sons of Malin. They lined up alongside the other soldiers and marched past dozens of spectators, including the King, the Lord Regent, and the rest of the Royal Family. Many noble lords, ladies, and civilians from Haense were also present at the parade, cheering on our men in uniform.



Helena, Oren

Soldiers of the Brotherhood and the ISA listen to the Emperor’s speech


The parade ended in front of the Basilica of the Final Revelation, where the Emperor halted and gave a beautiful speech to the troops. In it, he mentioned how great the Empire was to have remained united throughout the war and come out on top in the end, how valiantly its enemies in the AIS had been vanquished, and how the victory was thanks to the effort of every man and woman present. Emotions were high as every man was filled with a nationalistic fervor; truly everyone present was proud to be an Orenian.


Arcasian plains, Arcas 

The Brotherhood marches to Curon for drinks and games after the parade


Once the Emperor had concluded his speech, the soldiers were marched to the city of Avalain, capital of the Kingdom of Curon, where they were received by Governor-General Sylvester and members of the 3rd Curonian Regiment of the ISA. There, the soldiers were given food and drink as musicians played instruments and bards sang songs. The mood was generally joyful as men celebrated their victory in the Rubern War. The Golden Crow Chronicles would like to take this time to thank everyone who contributed to the war effort and to the Kingdom’s victory in the war.



Credit to @Shlocc for the pictures


Pg. 6




New Reza, Haense

A sketch of the newly-constructed Royal Academy of St. Catherine


‘The Royal Academy of Saint Catherine is an institution uniquely for the studies of Haeseni culture, etiquette, and history. The Royal Academy is a tutor-based system, for one-on-one or small classroom education to provide easier learning spaces for children to young adults across the empire. Concentrations in the three main studies may be provided in tutoring upon request. 


Outside the three core studies, extracurricular classes are offered such as music, botany, and swordsmanship. These classes will be limited depending on employment numbers in regards to tutors. Students who are studying abroad are welcomed to stay within the facility’s dorms. The academy resides within the new expansion, across from the city’s chapel.’





* Message yoppl the tarchar #5195 over Discord for more information!

* Paid for by B&K Publishing

Pg. 7



Novellen Palace, Helena, Holy Orenian Empire, c. 1762

Senator Terrence May standing in front of the clinic with  Secretary Edward Napier and Doctor Cinder Demaris


My fellow citizens,


When I was running for re-election in 1760, I was approached by a nurse by the name of Katala Runar. She was accompanying the Surgeon-General of my province, Doctor Cinder Demaris. They described the hardships that clinicians and doctors at our facility of Saint Michael’s Clinic. The shortage of supplies, the inability to hire staff, and the demands of the public upon their facility were what put me in anguish most. My greatest fear was realized when I met with the Practitioner-General, Doctor Mayan Avern, who affirmed the testimony that I received back home. Doctor Avern told me that most of her supplies, medicines, beds, and other needs requisite to coordinate a medical facility was paid out of her own pocket. I reflect on the question that the Archchancellor asked us in the first State of the Empire Address- What kind of a society do we seek to build? How could we, the most powerful and richest nation on the face of Arcas, have our own doctors pay for things on their own with the fear that they cannot supply everything needed to adequately care for every citizen. Is it not our oath to uphold the rights of LIFE to our people? 


I swiftly got to work and coordinated with my colleagues where I introduced the Amyas Act. This law is built on two simple but bold premises: Reserving funds accessible to the leading doctors across this country and building a compassionate society that invests in the care of its denizens. This bill expands the public spending on our clinics in every province of the Empire, ensuring that the standard of care, the quotas of beds and medicines, and the gratitude of the Orenian people are demonstrated to those who care for us in our most dire situations. We must affirm our gratitude and reflect on the values we have fought to manifest.  


-Senator Terrence May of Haense



Pg. 8



Ekaterinburg Palace, New Reza

King Sigismund, Otto the Tarcharman, and Lord Speaker Vanir overlooking the gathered crowd, prior to the commencing of the coronation.


“In the Second Battle of the Rothswood, brave men of Haense fought to retake our grand Kingdom from its Courlandic invaders. Bold men like King Stephen I, Harren of Metterden, Ser Aldrik Baruch, and Lukas Vanir. Now, 150 years later, we stand here in unity as a result of their victory, as the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. 


For 150 years we have had a benevolent rule, with generations of Barbanov kings. We attend this coronation now, at the beginnings of a new era of prosperity for Haense - we have vanquished our AIS foes, our military is surging, our most noble vassals are becoming ever-more successful, both the city and the economy are sprawling with life, and, we crown our new stalwart leader, may Godani guide him, Sigismund II.”


- The Honourable, Lord Speaker of Haense, Henrik Vanir


Pg. 9


 The Grand Coronation of King Sigismund II started off in Ekaterinburg Palace, where the Lord Speaker, Henrik Vanir swore him under the Duma, and gave a grand and hearty speech. Following after, was the presentation of the regalia where the new King was outfitted with years past of Royal Regalia and held the Relics of the Kingdom. Soon the procession moved to the Basilica outside of New Reza, where the liturgy of the Epistle to the Jorenites (Spirit 2) was held, and the new monarch baptised, then his lords and laypeople. After the appointment of the Sovereign, the King was then officially crowned and enthroned. 


Once the presentation of gifts was complete and the King officially coronated, the procession returned to the Palace for a grand feast with exciting announcements. The future Queen of Hanseti-Ruska was presented, King Sigismund II’s betrothed, Lady Viktoria Sofiya vas Ruthern, securing a bright and prosperous future for our great kingdom, with a new and grand King, and a proud Haeseni noblewoman to stand at his side.



Pg. 10


Lord Rhys Var Ruthern

Lord Marshal of Haense

Duke of Vidaus


Mural of Lord Marshal, Rhys var Ruthern c.1684


Lord Rhys var Ruthern was born the only son of Vladrick var Ruthern, born in 1621. After his father was ‘lost at sea’ during the voyage to Atlas, Rhys inherited no lands, no wealth, only the titles his father held. He struggled with his family’s past that loomed over him, and attempted to change their image by enlisting into the Royal Army of Haense and being as loyal and honorable as one like him could be.


He arranged his sisters marriage into Barbanov, and he inherently managed to rise through the ranks as he later became an officer within the Royal Army, but then when His Majesty, King Otto III passed and Haense later entered into an interregnum, Rhys along with many others fled the Kingdom until he returned when His Majesty, King Karl II merged and along with other nobles like; the Baruchs proclaimed him as the rightful heir to the Haeseni crown.


Rhys was given lands on the border of Haense and Renatus, and ordered to construct a keep to defend his landings. Rhys seeing the poor state of the Kingdom’s current military took it upon himself to form the black company. Quickly it would grow to become the largest levy within the Kingdom, and when Sigmar came to the throne Rhys was pronounced Lord Marshal and ultimately granted a Duchy for his continued loyalty and service to the greater realm.

Eventually, he’d see the need for a more central army within the Kingdom, and with the King's permission he formed the 1st order of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl; combining all the noble levies into one central fighting force. Initially he was obligated to convince each noble house to join since it wasn’t mandatory for all levies to converge together as one.


In 1681, the brotherhood alongside Imperial forces managed to beat back multiple Vaeyl assaults both on the roads and against their own cities. In 1682, he abdicated to his grandson Demetrius III, in order to focus on the brotherhood’s directive. Throughout his tenure both as Lord Marshal and in the brotherhood, engagements with the Vaeyl trudged forward to the inevitable Siege of Last Hope which he commanded.


Before his ultimate final battle, he had brief tenure in the Imperial Parliament and once led the Common Civic Party for a short time.


In 1704, when the known world left Atlas, Rhys was unfortunately lost in a blizzard over the wall. At the age of eight-three, he outlived all of his children and served the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska honorably for well over sixty years. 


*Excerpted from ‘House Ruthern’ documentation





Editor's Note:

In the Next Edition.

Historical Report of Heinrik Otto Bihar

Update on Lord Maer’s tenure

Tax Reduction in New Reza

Death of Karina Alimar

Royal Luncheon

Senate Election Results 

And whatever else that may come. .


At B&K Publishing, we took the liberty to cover all advertisement expenses as we the Haeseni populace celebrate the coronation of His Majesty, King Sigismund II. By next edition though, all advertisement expenses paid for by B&K Publishing will be suspended and returned to per usual payments.


We the Writers at B&K Publishing wish to remind our readers that each edition that is published at the end of every year pertains to the events that took place the year prior. We as a small working force work as swiftly as possible to put out our publishings in an efficient and cohesive manner. My constituent and I wish to formally reveal our utmost appreciation for the praise our last edition received from the far-reaches of the Empire.


We also seek to address our sincere apologizes towards this edition’s tardy publication; several unfortunate production errors took place which resulted in this year’s newspaper edition of the Golden Crow Chronicles to be published to our readers a month later. Our expectation is to return to our normal set-schedule by next year’s edition! 


This concludes Edition 4 of the The Golden Crow Chronicles, Edition 5 will be ready by the end of next year. 

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The Tarcharman reads a copy of the paper while enjoying his morning tea, “Ah, a true testament of journalism. I cannot wait for the next edition!”

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Karl would walk into Reza at five in the morning in his bathrobe and flip flops, his eyes still half closed. “Got to make sure I get my favourite newspaper before they’re all bought out...”

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“Best newspaper out there,” commented Otto as he flipped open the Chronicles, a warm mug of Barbanov hot cocoa resting on the table beside him.

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“The grandest example of journalism I’ve ever seen!” Sir Konrad remarks with a smile, the old man reclining in his arm chair as he reads the latest issue of the Chronicles, sipping from a cup of his favorite Haeseni tea.

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“The best paper in the whole Empire!” Secretary of Civil Affairs, Edward Napier comments, sipping on his morning cup of tea, the newspaper spread over his desk.

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*Marcus would cozly lay in his chair, ruffling through the papers* ”Quite well documented...” *Then sighing* ”I wonder whats in store for us all next....” *He’d say while clutching at his side, waiting for his wounds to heal*

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