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Golden Clover Document| RED| I: Lunderian


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  Golden clover document|RED|I: Lunderian

The language of Mali’solarii, called Lunderian reginate from a far land in the Southern Areas. However, the language had resurfaced within the bloodline of Munnel within the age of Aos. This language can be easily mistaken for Waldenian or Human speech, due to its accent, however, It also contains many similarities that can be mistaken for Ancient Elven. The vowels sound much different and Some phrases as well are rooted from ancient elven, as most of Lunderian speakers were of High & Neutral Elven descent.


But one may ask how such people came around learning and speaking such language, and how did they garner onto such? The answer is simple, that was never the case, during a Earlier time period, a  group of people which spoke this language known as Sun elves or Mali’Solarii had many similar wordings and phrases as well as reflective sounds & vowels, which made it clear that the Human language known as waldenian and its accent affected its special characteristics. However, that was not the only case. While they may sound the same, they are however very different from the speech of Mali’aherral/thill/ker/ame. Granted the words of Mali’Solarii may hold similar spelling with Ancient elven; as once more ancient elven and Lunderian derived from the simple similarity, that was High elves spoke it, or a culturally different set of High elves spoke it, however they are by truth completely different in many manners, yet similar in various ways.


The common language is as follows


Common Phrases

Greetings/Manner phrases


Hello - Kar’vinia

Goodbye - Ven’vinina

(Vinia is a phrase or an interjection. To mean greetings and farewells)


Thank You - Mer’milin (accompanied by a gesture of gratitude)

Please - Maparii

Yeah - Ea’

Yes - Neah

No -Ni

Not - Nieh

Okay - Keah

Sure - Keah- (Ok and sure had similar meanings, however, if used in a different context can have a clear translation to the sentence)

Sorry - Perinin



Red -  Sen

Orange - Orun

Yellow - Yanti

Green - Veldin

Blue - Alun

Purple - Vinin

Gold -  Brin

Pink - Pistin

White -  Weh

Grey -  Gey

Black -  Bokin

Brown -  Bronin




Numbers take up similarities as they Increase, double-digit numbers begin with “‘nti” (~EN~TI~) signifying that its in the double digits or begins with a zero, and numbers that begin with one, 100 (~peh’onti~) begin with the Number one or “peh” (~pef~) then added with a “o” (~oh~) and ending with “nti” adding the increase within numbering. Mind you when someone says numbers with “nti” in the end, it usually means a number of a double-digit, or tens (10,20,30,40). If a person says “onti” this means that it's in the triple digits.


Numbers (up to 20)

0- ‘Nti

1 -  Peh

2 -  Seh

3 -  Teh

4 -  Feh

5 -  Ceh

6 -  Hes

7 -  Heste

8 -  Ephi

9  - Nen

10 - Peh’o

11 - Peh’eh

12 - Peh’seh

13 - Peh’teh

14 - Peh’feh

15 - Peh’ceh

16 - Peh’hes

17 -Peh’Heste

18 - Peh’ephi

19 - Peh’nen

20 - Sehnti

30 - Tehnti

40 - Fehnti

50 - Cehnti

60 - Hesnti

70 - Hestenti

80 - Ephinti

90 - Nenti

100 - Peh’onti 


Complex Phrases & Structures


Titles have no similarities in Ancient Elven, they revolve the full ancient text which were found. These titles were only given to the wealthiest Mali'solarii , allowing them to be recognized. Ducal families like the ruling ones, were given the ruling titles, but some titles were never used till then, so we have no collection of such names or words.



King - Ac’leylah (rooted from the Ancient elven vowel, “ac” meaning Honorific, and “ah” directed by sainthood. Leyah and means dominant leader. As many in the easter island saw a strong elf being a dominant leader)


Queen - Ac’Seyneah (Rooted with the same words as before and Lunderian for “Seynlu”, means Ruling Mother, the peoples caretaker.)


These words can be simply dialed down as Leylah and Seyneah, some other ways to mention this is “His Sovereign or Her Sovereign or Their Sovereign.”


High-Prince/High-Princess - Hil'luxz, Hil'luxzi

Grand Prince/Grand Princess - Gran’Luxz, Gran’Luxzi

Grand Duke/Grand Duchess - Gran’Ruke, Gran’Ruchess (this Title was mostly simple, used to Identify the lords of Solarii tribe and the surrounding towns and villages, records identify they had no kings or queens however were prepared to introduce kingship soon. At the time they identified their own as close as it could get for it to sound like the normal titles as they possibly had no actual idea of what a good name was for duke or duchess. The word “Gran” means big and greater. “Ruke” means duke or lord, “Ruchess” means Lady of the Lord or Duchess)


Prince/Princess - Ac’Luxz, Ac’Luxzi (these titles are made for the family titles of grand duke, the children of the king or duke. The titles signify the root words for Honorific and a Lunderian Root word for Young)


Viceroy/Vicereine - Vit’Monroy, Vit’Monreni (no records of active Viceroyalties of Bluman Village, however records due indicate title hierarchy and there were the normal titles translations founded within them.)


Duke/ Duchess - Ruke, Ruchess

Margrave/Margravine - Magin, Magine (“Ma’” [~Meh~] for readiness, “Ine” [~I-neh~] for lady)

Count/ Countess -  Co’tr,  Co’trine 

Viscount/Viscountess - Cond’pos,  Cond’pess

Baron/Baroness -Vaton, Vatoness

Great Lord/Great Lady - Grat’Gin, Grat’Gine

Lord/ Lady -  Gin, Gine

Knight/Dame  - Sil’rumei, Sil’rumeiry


Sentence Structure

To - Lu

The -nhe (nah)

For - Mo’ {mor)

And - a’

Of - ou’ (oh)

But - Bo’ (buh)

In - In (no difference)

Not - Nieh

So - Su

With - Vit (wit) 


Pronouns / conjuctions

I - E’ (Ey)

Me - Mi (me}

Myself - Mi’si (missy)

My - Me (Mea-h)

You - Ti

Your - Tir

You All - Ti’ Ali

Yourself -Ti’si

We - To (toh)

Our -Tor’u

Us - Us (No diff)

Ourselves - Tor’usi

He - le

Him - lem

His -lis

Himself - li’si

She - ze (she)

Her- zer

Herself -zer’si

It -It (no difference)

Itself - M’ehsi

They -feym

Them - feym

Themselves -feym’si

 From- fom

Are- r’

Sentence Structures/ Pronouns

Simple common words are never done without being built into a simple sentence. A lunderian speaker must formulate words into sentence structure, to be able to fully extend and use the language at its peak. Here are some simple formation and structure one may use 







Me’ nofe und mes’l, mapari

Your NOUN 


Tir’ Nofe

His/Her/Its NOUN 

Lis, ler, its

Lis falk und pi’nari


Ler falk und pi’nari


Its a falk and pi’nari



Tor’u hon’d

Their NOUN 


Tor’u isi

Present Tense Regular Verbs






E’ nur saiway fom’ feym

You + VERB

Tir r’ 

Tir r’ nur saiway fom’ feym

He/She/It + VERB

Le, ze, it

Le Nur saiway fom’feym

Ze Nur saiway fom’feym

It Nur saiway fom’feym


To’ haru 

To’ haru a’ Feste!

You all + VERB

Ti’ ali 

Ti’ ali vur seasym

They + VERB


Feym nur sai’way fom ti


Past Tense Regular Verbs 


This would only apply if the adverb is used to describe past actions







E’ nura (Ran) saiway lerilia (Earlier)

You + VERB

Tir r’

Tir r’ U’ (just) nura saiway  fom’feym lerilia

He/She/It + VERB


Le u’ nura saiway  fom’feym lerilia

Ze u’ nura saiway  fom’feym lerilia

It u’ nura saiway  fom’feym lerilia


To‘ Haru u’ 

To‘haru u’ nura saiway  fom’feym lerilia

You all + VERB

Ti’ aliu

Ti aliu nura saiway  fom’feym lerilia

They + VERB


Feym Nura saiway lerilia


Irregular Verbs 

To Be 

To Be

To Do

To Do

To Make

To Make

I am


I do

Wi’ iley

I make


You are 


You do

Tir’ riley

You make

Ti’r mari

He/She/It is 



It is




It ’iley

He/She/It makes

Le Mari

Ze Mari

It Mair

We are 


We do

To haru’ iley

We make

To haru


You all are 

Ti’ alim

You all do 


You all make

Ti’ alimari

They are 


They do


They make

Feym mari


Common Words.

Human - Valahrii

Dark Elf - Ker’ii 

Wood Elf - Ame’ii

High Elf -Aherralii

Pure High Elf - thillarii

Snow Elf -Fennii

Friend - Illir

Elf - Mali

Dwarf - Dorf

Orc -  Ac’uri

Halfling - Ac’ hefin

Hate, Evil - Asin, Decemi

Age - Ati

Valuable - Voresen

Money - Rutani

Ugly, Tainted- Ata

Mother - Haelune(HI~ luna)

Father - maln (Mail ~n~)

Grandmother/Grandfather - Mali’atilune, Mali’atimaln

Sister - Sepra

Brother -Sepro

Uncle - Mali’atiseprii

Aunt -Mali’atisepranii

Son - Ochemii

Daughter - Ochema





Able, To Be - Re, M’

Aboard - Astorte

About - Akun

Above - Re’astor

Abstain -  Abissen

Act - M’iley (to do and act same meaning)

Actor - Mali’ileyrii (any race+ileyrii (Ame’ileyrii)

After - re’ol (ol is a word for future sense)

Against - Opess

Air - Asiran

Along - Acin

Ambush - Arutasi

Amid - Amid ( no difference)

And - a’

Angel - Ac’Sol

Ankle - Knel

Always- Staes

Animal - Knimasi

Anti - Ta’f

Apple - Alprii

Apply - Al’ileyso

Area - (No difference)

Armor - Asurran

Army - Soliarnii

Arrow - (no difference)

Arum -Berum

Ask - (no diff)

Assume - (no diff)

Attack - Weteos

Autumn -  Sulani

Axe - Ateos


Bad- Sch'tee

Back - Az

Bar - Lar

Baron - Vaton

Baroness - Vatoness

Baton - Varonir

Battle - Weteona

Be - m’

Beak - pekh

Beast - Bertho’n

Because - (no diff)

Before - O’les

Behave - jarrim

Behavior - Jarrimes’a

Behind - O’az

Belief - Senam

Believe - Senam’re

Below - Ze’astor

Beneath - Ze’astori

Beside - Ze’asinor

Best- Bie'na

Between - Ze’twen

Beyond - bytonos

B*tch (Curse) - Tharlot

Black - Bokin

Bless - Ac’ilin

Blessing - Ac’ilino

Blood - (no difference)

Blow - Fohl

Blue - Alun

Bold - Tohld

Book - H’nesi

Boots - H’trit

Bokolo - (no diff)

Bow - Len’

Box - tox

Boy - Oem’e

Brain - Farin

Break - Tre’k

Bring - Com’in

Breast - Sertet

Brother (Older) - Oem’so

Brother (Younger) - Oem’iiso

Brown - Bronin

Build - Contrasii

Burn – Watessii

But - Ot’

Butt - Ott’

By - Vy (~Vi~)



Call - hali

Can - Har’

Captain - wata’efin

Care - Har’amesi

Castle - Wot’sis

Cat - Net (~Neat~)

Cave - Bov’e

Certain - Keah’rin

Charge- Au'dun

Champion - Sol’tanabe

Child - Oem’ii (No diff ancient elven) 

Children - Oem’iise

Chop - Ekch (Ech)

Church - Valah’pasi 

City - Ceti (City)

Clean - (no diff)

Close -  op’in (open, this also means close for positioning)

Cloud -  Sulum

Clover -  Cav’ier

Coal - Col’t

Coat -   Vera’mi

Cold -  Sub’ferse

Color - Frui’lor

Collect  -   Centente

Come - Fer’t

Concerning - Worri’

Considering - Sol’tanabe

Control - con’teh

Cook - Cul’ti

Could - Vud

Count - Vunt (In the sense of counting numbers)

Count - Co’tr (In the sense of Nobility)

Countess - Co’trine

County - Co’triny

Cousin -  Mal’sehsi

Creature - (No diff)

Crow - Frto’

Crown -  Ac’Varexi

Cry -  (no diff)



Dame - Sil’rumeiry

Dampen - (no diff)

Daughter - Ochema

Day - N’asul

Dead - Tod’ir

Death - Tod’irk

Deep - Xari’ve 

Defend - Shuxi

Demand - Anf’arti

Destroy - Xavi 

Die - Toder’ik

Different - ver’ander

Dirt -  Smueth

Distrust- Eatra'un

Do - Iley

Dog - Ri’xa

Down - Xil’ru

Drink -  Kam’in 

Dry - Ta’oner

Duchy - Ruchero
Duel - Brin’orl 

Duke -Ruke

Duchess - Ruchess 

During - warund

Dwarf - Dorf 

Dwell - laxen 



Ear - Ohrxi

Eat - Marnah

Edict - Juxari

Elbow - Ell

Elf - Mali

Emperor - Oc’leyl

Empire -  Oc’le 

Empress - Oc’leylan

Enable - Alb’ets

Enemy - Fen’di

Enjoy - Fiel’am

Enjoyment - Fiel’

Era - Ap’ocha 

Even - Ab’ste

Examine -  pru’fage

Except -  aus’och

Excepting - Aus’oché

Exclude - Keinzu

Explore  - Sondi

Eye - Au’xeg

Eyebrow - Au’xegurx



Face - Teshze

Fair - torrer 

Faith- Aub'e

Fall - ohal

Far - Korse

Fat - Glut

Father - Maln

Feel - Fe’hunl

Female - Ma’chen 

Ferrum -  Feirrum 

Fight - Se’ite

Finger - Dig’irm

Fire - Fu’ere 

First - zu’ilch 

Fix - Kle 

Flower - fleurah

Follow - volo’er 

Following - voleurer 

Foot - Foo

For - Mo’

Forest - Ame’ri

Free - (no diff)

Friend - Illiri

From - Feym

F*ck (Curse) - Gwi’ 

Fur - Sur

Fury - Wata’ 



Get - yix

Gift - (no diff)

Girl - Oem’a

Glove - ha’vari

Go - aen’a

God - Ido’ma

Gold - Brin

Goodbye - Ven’vinina

Gown - Klei’want 

Grab - pre’misa

Grand Duke -  Gran’Ruke

Grand Duchess - Gran’Ruchess

Grandfather - Gran’maln

Grandmother - Gran’malni

Grand Prince - Gran’Luxz

Grand Princess - Gran’Luxzi

Greater - Gran

Great Lady - Gran’grine 

Great Lord - Gran’grin

Green - Veldin

Grey - Gey

Group - frak’io 

Guard - hute 



Hair - urx’ir

Hammer - Ammu

Hand - bla’vira

Hat - Muten 

Have - besi 

He - er

Head - keifen

Heart - kern 

Heel - absa 

Hello - Kar’vinia

Helious - Helious 

Her - Eri

Hers - Eril 

Herself - Eri’an  

High - Hil

Higher -Hiler 

High-Prince -Hil'luxz

High-Princess -Hil'luxzi

Him - erl 

Himself - Erl’on 

Hinder - Ar’sum

Hold - besir

Holy - heilig 

Home - Domi’ci

Honor - aus’ir

Hope - yu’mi

Horse - va’rin

House - ha’use

How - xir

Human - Valahrii



I - Wi’

Is- yue

Ice - glari

Icy - glarimi

If - ob

Infant - bamy 

In - bauf

Inside - baufir

Into -bauri

Iron - Firum

It - um

Itself - umirs



Joke - juxi

Judge - justi 

Juice - saft

Just - juzi

Justice - justizim



Kaftan - Sur’leya

Keep - blam’eh

Kha - kha

Kill - ersi’mre

Kingdom - ac’leyrin

King - Ac’leylah

Knee - wur’lir

Knight - Sil’rumei

Know, To - wislim

Knowledge - wislimar’s 



Lady - Gine

Lake - Seeram 

Land - Larim

Laugh - lacher 

Law - zet’oge 

Left - lyr’kew

Leg - eteisne 

Less - Mire

Lesser - Mirent 

Let - ve’mires

Lie - Ru’mer 

Like - wie 

Little - lyl  

Live - ha’mus

Log - promog 

Long - Salamehrezi (yes, long word for long) 

Look - Op’ir 

Lord - Gin

Loud - gerlum

Love - Amire 

Lower -minoxe 



Magic - Mio’fi

Make - Gek

Man - Leon

Margrave - Magin

Margravine - Magine

Master - Ever’mestr

May - hin’eh

Me - fe’

Meek - fe’rk

Mince - Minz

Minus - Neg’ris

Miss - Luz’ariia

Misses - Horri

Mister -  H'erens

Misplaced- Verg't

Month - Toth

Moon - Lunarii

Moose - Loon’h

More - C’mofeym

Mother - Malni

Mountain - Mon’t

Mouse - Jeo’ro

Mouth - utha

Move -T’erym

Much - Sort’

Muscle - Lusce’ket

My - Me (Mea-h)

Myself - Me’asi



Nail - garin

Name - Jala’ime

Near - Mon’

Neck - hetrek

Need - N’ent

New - N’lesew

Next - Ext’it

Never- Nie'als

Night - Lun’

No - Ni

Nod - Kih

Not - Nieh

Nose - Nott

Normal - N’ormese



Ocean - Merean

Off - aure

Of - ou’

Offer - Offri’eten

Okay - Keah

Old - Osen

On - tuon

Only - ( no diff)

Onto - Tuon’ar

Open - Tupin

Open - Xio’fen

Opposite - Geze’tei

Or - Mei

Orange - Orun

Orc - Ogre

Organ - Glyd 

Other - son’ii 

Our - Tor’u

Ourselves - Tor’usi

Out - heru

Outside - Heruxi

Over- Ulm

Owe - Ax’tei



Palace - Luzixia

Palm - Tolm

Page - Ris (for the paper term of a book) Wa’kinii (for a student of a knight)

Past - Az’ester


Persist - At’etemin

Person - Mali, valah, Uruk, ect… (Person in Lunderian is defined by race, when a mali’solarri calls a race and points to the person they are speaking to, they specifically call out to the one they pointed, unknowing of their true name.)

Pink - Pistin

Plan - (No diff)

Plank - Ame’stir

Play - Pe’pe

Placed- Oarta

Place- Oart

Please - Mapari

Pleasure - Xessure

Plus - Pos’gris

Poem - Ose

Poet - Fuet

Poor - Poss

Possible - Itessi (Make sure to do body and facial expression with words that contras negativity or positivity)

Possibly - Itessi’iley

Pour - Fou’h

Proud- Pzotz

Prince - Ac’Luxz

Princess - Ac’Luxzi

Private - Privy (the I in this word is pronounced ~Eh~)

Protect - Wakeene

Pull - Utull

Purple - Vinin

Put - Ut



Queendom- Ac’Seynaerim 

Queen - Ac’Seyneah 

Question - Pleram



Raid - Angli
Rain - Ragel

Read- Senir

Reader - Senirea

Realize - Erka

Really - Wirk’lic

Realm - Roni

Red - Sen

Rest- Rel'exi

Respect- Re'eren

Regard - Borau

Regarding - Boraurm

Release - Hymex

Request - Xope

Right - Jume

River - Slami

Room - Teel

Round - Pocu



Sad - Tri

Safe - Siche

Sake - Guser

Same - Mavew

Sarafan - Sarxia

Save - Myka (pronounced maika)

Say - Spea

Scroll - Rolek’ire

Season - Smu’yrm

See - lic’kab

Seem - erwi

Self - Myp

Sex - Sex

She - De

Shield - Panz’im

Shin - Xhim

Single - Reta

Ship - qurex

Shipwright - Qurexmi

Sh*t (Curse) - Klatz

Short - Huri’ma

Shoulder - Bug’mage

Shuba - Dump 

Silent - Ru’hige

Similar - Glanik

Since -  Wo

Sing - Cantare

Sister (Older) - Su’ora

Sister (Younger) - Su’or

Sir - Sel  

Smile - Lake

So - als

Some - manc’ym

Something - Mancer

Song - Cantire

Son - Ochema

Sorry - Perinin

Speak - Ilr

Spear - Halme

Spring (Season) - Lany

Start - Vanp

State (Nation) - Smure

Steal - Firu

Steel - tahz

Steer - Lotz
Still - Denn

Stomach - Lupe

Stone - Enstei

Stop - Mi

Straight - Gerym

Strength - Sti’ma

Strike - Zup’ira

Strong - Stim

Stubborn - Jukky

Summer - Sope’ry

Sun - Pe’ry

Sure - Keah

Swear - hume

Sword - Klyme



Take - Tenere

Talk - Spachen 

Tear - Zerei 

Tea - Fee

Tell - Meris

Tender - Zarke 

Test - Kwetse

Than - Mir

Thanks - Xiarem

Thank - Xiare

That - mats

The - Da 

Them - Sie

Themselves - Siemar

Then - nyn

These - Diese 

They - man

Thing - Surim

Think - Obwy

This - Si’ed 

Those - Jenamyr

Though - Obwyl

Thought - Obwyl’ir

Through - Jarme

Time - Dau’rem

To - Lu

Today - ludare

Toe - jires 

Tonight - lunare

Tooth - Zahner

Torso - Kopire

Toward - versame

Town - Gill’e

Tree - Amesii

Try - Tr’oy

Turn - U’nter



Uncle - Mali’atiseprii

Under - I’astor

Underneath - I’astore

Understand -I’Litunde

Unfortunate - i’nitune

Uniform - Inorsia

Unlike - I’ni

Until - I’als

Up - I’th

Upon - I’ton

Us - Us



Versus - Vissus

Very - Ery

Victory - Ilaria

Viceroy - Vit’Monroy

Vicerine - Vit’Monreni

Viscount - Cond’pos

Viscountess - Cond’pess

Village - Calillo

Voice - V’ol



Walk - Wak’t

Want -N’ant

Ward -(No diff)

Warrior - Wata’riio

Watch -Ve’h

Water -Aq’gua

Way - Je’y

We - To

Wear - Pon’efe

Week - Se’mente

Wet - vyt

Well - vyll (the V and Y have a vowel of wel than vee)

What - y’

When - Vhyn

Where - Vhyre

Which - vhyh

While - vhyl’l

White - Weh

Whose - Vuse

Who - Vu

Why - vyh

Will -voll

Wish - vysh

Wind - Asiran

Wine - Vyne

Winter - Sulon

With - fith (~fit~)

Within - (No difference)

Without - (No difference)

Woman - Luz’arii

Wool - Su’tt

Work - Dargor

Would - vuld

Write - Verte



Yeah - Ea’

Yes - Neah

Year - E’atir

Yellow - Yanti

You - ti

You All - Ti’ Ali 

Your - tir

Yours - Tirs

Yourself - Ti’si


Male Names:

















Female Names: 














ITS DONE, Project Solarii comes to aclose and I wish to thank my friends for pushing me and pushing themselves to the brink, to have this finished. After a year and a Half of brainstorming and writing (some procrastinating from me (sorry josh)) we finally release the first Golden Clover document. I hope this makes up for the lack of identity in Helious and can inspire you all to rp this culture and language at is fullest freely.

@JoshBright- support/ideas/ writing
   @Sorise- support/languag editor/writer



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