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Community Team Update: Wiki Focus Group | January 2023


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| Community Team Update: Wiki Focus Group |
| January 2023 |


Howdy everyone, your Wiki Team is here with an Update. We just wanted to cover some of the fantastic updates to the wiki we’ve made in the last couple of months, as well as what direction we are heading in the foreseeable future for the server and updates to some older pages.



Over the last little while, one of our big focuses was updating and filling out the homepage with quick access to some of the most critical resources on the wiki and writing out these resources and filling out areas such as new vital plugins that had been added or changed since the last time the front page was rehauled, as well as a consistent update schedule to the world map. 

Additionally, the Racial hub got an update with more races and art but is still under maintenance and growing to envelop all of the primary races and a few creatures. In updating the racial hub, the previously written entries have been combed through and updated with more up to date information and general ease of understanding.



Moving forward with our goals, we plan to do major revamps on some of our more neglected pages, including Magic, Human-Culture, and the New Player Guide.

 We plan on taking on one of the age-old tasks of fixing the Magic section of the wiki and reconfiguring it to have a better flow and make it easier to maneuver for both new and old players alike. The first step will be making it more similar to that of the Racial hub by adding art that represents the magics and a brief description of the genre of magic laid out in a user-friendly format that makes it both an exciting and appealing read, and using this page as a sort of hub that will directly link to the specific magics lore post on the forums to ensure that readers receive the most up to date lore possible in this area.

With all those specific focuses on the forefront, we still are updating and fixing old pages with new relevant information as well as continuing the general documentation of the forums up to date, with things such as consistently updated War Pages for any current wars, as well as any pertinent changes to anything else on the server that we may need to cover on the wiki.



Much like most of everything else that happens on the server, we would only be able to get the work done with the immense help of the community. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, we have a handy Guide that explains the basics and some additional guides for more specific areas of the wiki; if you need an account, head down to the #wiki-account-request channel in the main discord. If you need any additional help or don't know which pages might need work, feel free to reach out to any member of the wiki focus group, and we can steer you the right way.


Cheers from the Wiki Team


@Chorale__, @HogoBojo, @E__V__O, @Laeonathan, @Oh_Ontario, @Javert, @SaviourMeme

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Crying Smiling in the club rn cuz I was forgotten remembered

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*laughs in wiki-code*

LoTC Wiki taught me how to write wiki shiz. It's one of my favourite hobbies.

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