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  2. Okay, as a player who is relatively new to the server, like 7 weeks since whitelist, I don't exactly understand how this chart is supposed to be read. Like I can see what punishments are, but what offenses correspond to them.
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    ((Void because I forgot memory loss policy))
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    After being cast out by his family for his lack of adherence to the church of canon. Janus Sordant was a vagabond for most of his life, remaining independent and stealing much of what he needed to survive from those who had more. However, eventually he became too ambitious and was caught. Somehow not losing his life or hand for his crimes he was grateful. Though he was locked away for months on end until one day he was released and was changed by the experience. Although he acquired a new respect for the property of others, Janus became wary of any figures who raised themselves above others. Sadly, he still needed to eat. After attempting to find work and failing, he went back onto the street as a beggar. Still, Janus was able to survive, if just barely. However he was helped by a goodwill program from one of the various nobles to raise their own status and was able to find work in another city after moving on.
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