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  1. L_GS

    Deliverance of Vira'ker

    "I once knew a Mark Ezelsteen of Vira'ker, but we were both cast out. I wonder why he would go back." An aged wanderer would comment, having heard the news in one of his rare excursions out into the cities.
  2. L_GS

    How do you say Z

    I'mI am American but I do think that zed is a better term for it
  3. Well, after extorting one of my personas out of 1000 mina (on christmas), helping another persona along to a PK with the sword, and pissing off the dwarves, I can safely say that while I will miss you, the odds of safety for my current persona have just gone up. Seriously though, thanks for the fun times, I actually really enjoyed that time when you forced me to ransom myself, at least after I calmed down. But you will be missed. I do understand what it is like to wanna leave lotc. Been trying to cut back myself lately. May you have a good journey.
  4. Janus reads the letter he had received with a tear in his eye. "May his journey continue into whatever lies beyond. And may his blood wash away his past."
  5. "Apparently this man got his facts wrong, the village of Millstone was able to kill at least 5 of the Cheloveks with only one man dead on their side. I will not stand by and let my new home slaughtered like old ones have been." Janus comments after hearing the misinformation.
  6. Janus would be attempting to get the blood out of his jacket again. "I pity the fool who tries to attack my home, especially if they plan to live."
  7. "I have no reservations killing those who threaten my life, my only regret is that at least one of them got away. I counted at least 6 of them but only 5 bodies." Janus said as he decided that cleaning his jacket of the blood wasn't going to work.
  8. Janus reads the news with mixed feelings. "Apparently Helena is becoming somewhat competent, or more likely they got lucky. All the same I should congratulate them for their killing of the man. He did cost me over a thousand mina, yet I regret the state in which his family is left. I will hope they can move on." ((Meanwhile a homeless man murdered by Stefan laughs, hearing the news from beyond the grave. "Murder Innocents and you get bent. Literally!"))
  9. L_GS

    A Shepherd's Call

    Janus would read one of the papers after bringing some sheep for Evindal. "This place is interesting, but it has no defense, and will attract every bandit on the continent."
  10. "Perhaps this will allow me to pursue scholarly goals in the area." Janus says, writing a letter to request one as he speaks.
  11. L_GS


    Chunk loading is a major issue concerning current lag problems, by reducing the amount of chunks loaded where they can be, it may help some.
  12. Janus Seadane would read this and sigh. "And now he has paid, although others will want to wish him more deaths. Now falls a bandit, a traitor, a madman, and a friend. I cannot say whether this will be the last time I see someone I know get killed by the Haenseti, but it has most certainly not been the first. May he find mercy wherever he is now."
  13. I don't think it is a good feature tbh, while fuel is infinite due to ct resource pits and this saves time, campfires are a good infinite fuel source for cooking food. Food shouldn't be automatically cooked. I also find it hard to believe that this is an intentional feature considering the fact of how unrealistic it is. Note: this happens for cows and pigs too.
  14. Janus would sigh heavily, frustrated with the new developments. “I have cast my lot with Ruswick and so shall I pay. But I suppose the city must do what it has to if survival is at stake.”
  15. “Hopefully these hooligans don’t wreck the tavern in their brawl and make me have to repair it.” Janus would comment, downing some moonshine. ‘Wrecking it is MY job.”
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