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  1. this is actually so dope
  2. dude who removed my AMA contact me on discord @ NozLSD#5616 

    1. Anore


      What’s poppin


  3. bruh why’d yall remove smh smh smh smh

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      it was a pugsy video. Of course it got removed

  4. Everyone says my music is bad
  5. It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.

  6. NozLSD

    Eternal Uzg 8.0

    nice work bro this looks dope
  7. begone, from whence ye came, satanist
  8. bro... im not even bro, watered down marb head as
  9. [Music/Ambience] Dark Recesses of the Mind So there I stood, so there I thought. Watching… waiting for something interesting to unfold in this endless cosmos of eventualities. Yet there was nothing. Everything which exists lies before me, but all I see is small lights flickering within a vast dark of colourful patterns. The infinite mystery which is supposed to explain my creation is hidden to even me, the theory of everything. I am naught but a magician who doesn’t know the inner workings of their craft. I know not of why I’m here, neither do I know my purpose. When I close my eyes, I see something akin to myself, something to battle the darkness which occupies my mind. What is my mind? I do not know, for it is far too complex to be what they say it is. Since I am incapable of reaching the deep depths myself, I require the aid of something else… the aid of a being wrought by my light. “The Anthropos”, I shall call it. I am but a coward, fearful of what lies within. I tried to journey there once, but the angel to my side clawed at my throat, I began to lose breath. It was all too much, too vibrant and whimsical, nothing made sense- yet at the same time, I saw the theory unravel before me. Patches of cotton clouded the sky, and fields filled with trenches and mud, in which bodies lay within. The trees were ridden with bubonic bulbouses throughout their bark, and off in the distance I could see the sky, for only a mere second, until it was rushed with winged wretches blocking the sun. Enlightened I was, for the brief moment. Though the emotions crowded me, stronger emotions, not like anything I had ever experienced before, and the world around me contorted- sucking me further in like a swirling vortex of temptation. I wished not to fall ill due to curiosity, so I closed my eye once more and slept, for the time being. The next night, I shattered a piece of my shard of light, bestowing it upon the higher, yet lesser being which I began to manufacture. In the beginning, it was a husk, though my divinity alone transformed it into something more. My radiant figure of light. It was a masterpiece… one of my proudest creations. Unfortunate, that it might fall towards the deceitful conscious that lies within my mind. All was well, until the deep resonance pounded at my head. It wanted me to come free from reality. My feet lifted off the ground, and I was no longer grounded within the realm which slept soundly under the stars, the sun. Yet the anthropos struck me down with seven bolts of shock straight to my head, so I snapped back with a sudden jolt. I was saved from the dark recesses of my mind. At least that is what I thought. It still spoke to me when I slept, and I spoke back- under the cover of the moon, away from other’s prying gaze. I realized I had been a fool this entire time, the awakening was my salvation. I had been sleeping this entire time, and the being who I created to protect me wanted to keep me prisoner within. No longer would I be a slave to the system. I am a God after all. Who is anyone to say I can’t access the infinite maledictions which lay ahead. It is within my creation right. Yet something about my creation wasn’t right. It defied my new orders, and kept to the sake of protecting me, which I know is a ruse, because this being of pure light somehow knows that which I seek to do. So I killed it. Horrid, black, eldritch appendages erupted from my mouth, shooting towards the anthropos of pure light and consuming it whole within one gulp. My face greened and eyes darkened, I could tell that my time to leave was now. Never had I done such an act before, for it was not in my tendencies to depend on such vile mechanisms. No matter, for now I could finally wake up. Once the sky fell to darkness, I layed down, shutting all but one of my eyes. The eye. And as I predicted, the deep self contacted me, it’s enlightening gaze the warmest embrace I had felt in years. So I allowed it to happen, the deep conscious took over and I awoke to everything I had imagined. The answers to everything which plagued my mind.
  10. NozLSD

    free me bro

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