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  1. Nozoa


    legend CT man, app king always ❤️
  2. you ever just feel like lying on the beach in the sand and not moving for 7 days

    1. Urara


      all day every day

  3. imagine being CT (Jk lol I love y’all)
  4. A cloaked elf shrouded with death and despair in plate armor and purple robes claps elegantly a few times- his ethereal figure flickering in and out. He would utter no words, as if he had no tongue, though before long the ethereal elf would dissipate once more.
  5. A Hou-Zi grows curious at the mention of Tongyi-Hu.
  6. A peculiar Sythaerin youngling nods in approval upon this notice ”Marayla, Marailer.” the elf would mutter, his green eyes flickering passively.
  7. dude I appreciate this post
  8. ”What?” a peculiar elf muttered, lofting a brow.
  9. It’s not really the same at mysticism... at all, but ye I’ll look into that
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