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  1. A Hou-Zi grows curious at the mention of Tongyi-Hu.
  2. A peculiar Sythaerin youngling nods in approval upon this notice ”Marayla, Marailer.” the elf would mutter, his green eyes flickering passively.
  3. ”What?” a peculiar elf muttered, lofting a brow.
  4. It’s not really the same at mysticism... at all, but ye I’ll look into that
  5. I’ll take that into consideration, yeah might nerf some stuff
  6. Thanks for the advice bro, I’ll try to fix up some stuff
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjH1whG7BfE&list=PL8oFN3uix00XHkCqBtG-c9w2abTTfevs7 Enjoy... 😉 Phasmalism Soul Splintering and Manipulation _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ - A phasmalist performing transcendence - “Pursuers of immortal life, or transcendence will go to whatever lengths it takes to reach their goal. It seems to be a common trend of these searchers, they have tendencies to throw away all of their descendent nature for power.” Origins Noumena, a soul within itself… The discovery was procured one fate-bending night when a pseudo “religious group” decided to risk it all if it meant they could hold onto the material world through an unnatural method known today as Phasmalism. “Fools they were, to believe us. Fools they were, to fall for our deceit. Fools they were, to refuse us and turn us to the blur.” The act involved harnessing one's soul, becoming climatized to it over time. Soon enough, they were able to manipulate it in obscure ways than any other magic, it yielded different results than a simple voidal mage, or a soul that had been given up to a deity. No… fore this was different, it involved harnessing the raw, untampered-with soul. Before long, the first of the phasmalism users had begun figuring out how to splinter their souls to yield even further results, separating them even more-so from the descendents. Everything came with severe consequences, it always depended on how deep the mage wanted to devote themselves. Though it was not that simple, if they were not careful- it would be too late to back out, and many reached a point of no return. The original coven suffered a grim fate. Even with all they had procured, all they had accomplished… No! It was not enough for them, it was never enough for them. The fools pushed it, they kept pushing it, much further than they should have been able to. The results that they had procured, were much too drastic, even for them. So… they ended their own lives, though they had not done so before explaining in detail how they had reached that point in a hidden tome which is now lost to time. On the final night of the first coven of phasmalist’s lives, they had set out from the small hamlet that they had inhabited- moving towards the woods. The hooves of horses cracked against the wet cobble as rain subtly drizzled off of the pine trees and thatch roofs. A small clearing in the thicket was presented in front of them, they came to a sudden halt. The horses were clearly anxious, they would buck and snort- as if riled up. As the riders got off, it would not be long before the horses grew tired, possibly scared and ran away. The coven would perform a ritual which is not to be spoken of, departing their soul and forever being separated into a thousand pieces. They would not move off into the soul stream, or any other afterlife- neither would they linger as any form of spirit. They had splintered their souls far too much. Fragments of soul would remain lingering, spread throughout the material realm, other fragments moving on. The poor mages would eternally exist yet cease to exist at the same time, in anguish. “A state in between life and death. Not a decrepit skeleton, nor an ethereal ghost. No longer holding onto life, yet not descending into death. Shattered into thousands, too many to pick up. Cease of existence, not down, nor up.” The first of the phasmalists suffered from what is now known to all phasmalists as “The Blur”. It is described by many as the inability to feel strong emotions that make them human, such as empathy, love, care, among others. These side effects are one of the leading causes to the tragedy of death that most phasmalists face. The Required Philosophy “Listen, fool. You mustn’t dwell upon your body, upon your brain. Focus upon yourself, not your physical self, but who you think you are. Think about your soul.” All phasmalists, each and every single one must understand the philosophy before even being able to fathom controlling their noumena. Over a span of weeks, perhaps months before first connection they train their mind to realize that their body and brain is a mere vessel, a husk for their soul. In modern day, said knowledge has fallen into the hands of sorcerers just like them. The secrets were unveiled, and the magic is in full use… once again. - A phasmalist performing exertion - Magic Explanation Phasmalism needs no third party source of power. It has all it requires within the noumena, a soul within itself. Phasmalists are able to manipulate their souls in many ways for ritualistic and combative purposes. Usage of the whole soul itself would be far too risky, therefore, the sorcerers split their soul into many different splinters. This gives them access to the creation of talismans and the other various abilities that they possess. Other magics may be used in tandem with Phasmalism, though nothing that requires an untouched soul- such as Chi, and no deific magics may be used with this either. Splintering the soul does not come without its downsides, in fact- many consider it a horrid curse. The effects will be elaborated upon in the tier section, though to put it simply, the more you splinter your soul, the less of your humanity will cling to you. Upon the death of any level of phasmalist, or one who has tampered with phasmalism any time during their life- they will simply experience no afterlife. Their souls are far too ruined for any form of afterlife to be accessible, this includes becoming a ghastly spirit, a ghost, moving off into the soul stream, residing with a deity and so on. If a phasmalist is to forfeit phasmalism, after having used it for any period of time- they will suffer the same fate. Forfeiting phasmalism does not revoke the changes it has made on the mind and soul. Noumena Talismans Soul Hunger - Phasmalism is a 2 slot magic. - It requires a valid MA to learn. - It requires a valid TA to teach. - Deific magics and magics that require an untampered-with soul are incompatible with Phasmalism. - Although phasmalism is a dark concept from its origins, the process in obtaining it, and the abilities it is able to do- it is considered a gray magic because it can be used for good or bad. - Creatures and beings with no soul, such as Anthroparions, are unable to use this magic. - Phasmalists cannot become a ghost, go to the soulstream, or experience any afterlife after death that involves the soul (unless stated in an addition). Abilities and Spells A phasmalism user has a plethora of spells, abilities and rituals to use. It is important to first connect, and make sure not to exhaust the noumena pool. Connection - A sorcerer practicing a phasmalism ritual - As for abilities, [N] is for non combat, [C] is for combat. The descriptions in the mechanics spoilers are in no way examples of emotes and should instead be taken as narrative descriptions. Talisman Creation - [N] - [T1] [1 Connection + 4 emotes] - [Ritual] The creation ritual for talismans is one of the darkest feats a sorcerer may delve into. It involves splitting of the soul, and pushing it forth into an object- or a living thing that has no soul. Soul Sight - [N] - [T1] [1 Connection + 1 Cast] A phasmalist may focus over the course of a few minutes, being able to see and sense someone's soul within their body. Soul Drain - [C] - T2 [1 Connection + 2 Cast] A phasmalist may prey on a victim’s soul, feasting upon it and replenishing their soul hunger. It would appear as the victim’s soul is visibly being sucked from their face and absorbing into the phasmalist. Exertion - [C] - T2 [1 Connection + 2 Cast] A phasmalist may exert noumena into a thin fog substance around them, allowing them to veil their appearance behind it. Disorientation Flurry - [C] - T3 [1 Connection + 4 Cast] A phasmalist may channel and send a burst of noumena toward someone else. Upon contact, the target would feel very nauseated and disoriented though would have no physical damage. Soul Imprint - [N] - T3 [1 Connection + 5 Cast] - [Ritual] A phasmalist may undergo a complex ritual, in which they leave a brand on the body of their victim, along with a few curse-like side effects. Soul Wrench - [C] - T4 [1 Connection + 2 Cast] A phasmalist may grapple onto the victim’s soul, wrenching it and contorting it for as long as they please. Cloud of Foreboding - [C] - T4 [1 Connection + 3 Cast] A phasmalist may conjure a thick cloud of noumena, allowing it to spread upon the floor and entangling anyone-within’s feet. Cursing Essence - [N] - T4 [1 Connection + 5 Cast] - [Ritual] A phasmalist may temporarily push a miniscule fragment of their soul unto a victim’s vessel, torturing them until the spell is relieved. Transcendence - [C] - T5 [1 Connection + 4 Cast] A mere intimidation tactic or form of defense. They may leave their body and transform into a pure form of noumena which bolsters little combative potential. Vessel Shifting - [N] - T5 [1 Connection + 6 Cast] - [Ritual] A phasmalist may temporarily remove their soul from their body, then replacing it with a different, uninhabited body. True Transcendence - [N] - T5 [1 Connection + 7 Cast + 3 T5’s] - [Ritual] When a coven of phasmalist’s reach their bleakest point, choosing to finally unlock the true potential- they resort to the ritual of transcendence. They may expel their souls from their body permanently, drifting off out of their body, not as a ghost, nor noumena. Tier Progression Tier One - 1 Week Tier Two - 2 Weeks Tier Three - 4 Weeks Tier Four - 8 Weeks Tier Five - 16 Weeks Redlines - Phasmalism is a 2 slot magic. - It requires a valid MA to learn. - It requires a valid TA to teach. - Deific magics and magics that require an untampered-with soul are incompatible with Phasmalism. - Although phasmalism is a dark concept from its origins, the process in obtaining it, and the abilities it is able to do- it is considered a gray magic because it can be used for good or bad. - Creatures and beings with no soul, such as Anthroparions, are unable to use this magic. - Effects of “The blur” cannot be reverted, even from forfeiting the magic. (Unless stated in an addition) - Changes upon the soul cannot be reverted, even from forfeiting the magic. (Unless stated in an addition) - A phasmalist cannot experience any form of afterlife, or play any form of afterlife that involves the soul, such as ghosts. (Unless stated in an addition) - Adhere to any other redlines found throughout the lore. OOC: This idea has been kicking around in my head for quite some time, and I finally decided to begin progress on it a while ago. I thought that this could fit a really cool niche, without being restricted to covens/circlejerks that require the authority of a greater mage or loreholder. I think this could have a great place in the world of magic on the server. Also, I kinda wanted to make world lore/descendent addition I guess it would be, detailing more of the soul after this. But I’m not sure if that's necessary. PS: Please comment on any suggestions or things that look a bit off to you! I’m more than happy to change this for the greater-good of the lore. Author and Writer - Nozoa Helper - blackhand7 Moral Support - TheTri Changelog: - Started to work on formatting better - Doubled time for tiers - Added some more pictures - Upped the emote count for a few spells to nerf them - Made clarifications to “Vessel Shifting” - Added more clarifications to noumena - Added more clarifications to connection - Added more clarifications to afterlife and added redlines surrounding it - Clarified Talismans - Added lots of clarifications and redlines on spells
  8. different story if the halfling is a master swordsman tho
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