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  1. Name: Jade Sunbrook Age: Like 20 Are you single?: Yes (Lookin’ to wife some’un’ up!)
  2. ooga frickin booga

  3. epicccc chi gang, nice job Zacho ❤️ something like this was needed
  4. Yahya Al-Nabeel nods, smiling and seemingly pleased upon the notice. “Let Allah deliver all those righteous to bring him to glory!”
  5. Yahya Al-Nabeel pipes up, raising his fist into the air and cheering.
  6. should I make a character with the sole purpose of just causing chaos and screwing over relationships between nations like when I made Talons Grotto pay a buncha minas to Morsgrad

    1. Elite_Snipes_


      Make an Ireheart instead 🙂

  7. Nozoa


    Kundul the Clanless uruk of the Ilzgul Mau raises his fist into the air, before bringing it back down into a salute. ”Lup-Frum, brudda.” he’d grunt, expressionless yet seemingly pleased.
  8. A Hou-zi grows excited, clapping his hands a few times before setting out to embark early to Marsumar.
  9. Nozoa

    The Rise of Ox Clan

    Kundul the Clanless shakes his head, spitting onto the ground and tearing up the notice with an indistinguishable grunt.
  10. Kundul lofts his fist into the air, before looking to the sky. “Lup-Frum” the uruk would murmur to his brethren.
  11. [ORC MUSIC/AMBIENCE] A Story of Blood and Dust Mere hours after Neizkul’s debut and announcement as the new snagagoth, he was in the dust pit arena, covered in blood, a tusk missing, limp in the hands of his brother- Korgahk. Was this what he deserved? Surely not. It all began that morning, he had just been preparing to go on a snagarun, when a goblin unknown to Neizkul asked for the snagagoth. “Oi’m da snagagoth, wub lat wunt?” he grunted, sizing up the goblin as if he knew trouble was to come. The goblin had wanted a klomp, supposedly to avenge Snawt. “OHHH… Lat muzt be anudda OXXIE!” he bellowed arrogantly, followed by a great spout of laughter and mockery. And so, the pair went to the klomp pit. So sure of himself, Neizkul had not even bothered to prepare himself or stretch. Was it his arrogance and self confidence that led to his downfall? Perhaps. From the beginning, the ‘Ox got the upperhand on Neizkul, resorting to her natural speed and agility. Meanwhile the Uruk threw his fists left and right, to no avail. The goblin was far too fast and sneaky. He had been knocked on his rear, bested in combat. The goblin must have loathed Neizkul, fore she took one of his own tusks. Leaving him there, lying in the dust. He coughed up blood, sputtering as he shouted after her. “Diz waz nub da agrimint!” he called out in agony, a shame that those were to be his last words. Blood continued to ooze out of the empty cavity which used to host his tusk, while his brother, Korgahk the Rex rushed over and held him in his arms. Neizkul let loose a final breath, the last of his lifeforce leaving him in a deep exhale. He gave Korgahk a final glance, yet falling limp. His agony-ridden face finally letting go into an eased expression, eyelids falling shut over his bloodshot eyes. How unfortunate, such a young pupil put to end right after his first claim to fame and success. No matter, maybe the spirit of Neizkul will live on elsewhere. It was there he lay, in the blood and dust.
  12. [ORCISH MUSIC/AMBIENCE] Restoreytion tu da Snagaz! - San’Azgak - Deep within the savannah, in the orcish city of San’Azgak, many orcs of different kinds crowded the square. Neizkul’Gorkil clapped and cheered as he watched over two goblins having a tussle over a bear. The sounds of wardrums and tribalistic calls filled the city, though something told him this would not be the main event for today. The fight went on, when Neizkul saw the old grump known as Snawt’Ox… the current Snagagoth. “Oi! Iz dat da oxxie? Da Snawt’Oxxie?” he’d call out arrogantly, stomping forth to the goblin and towering over him. “Latz know, Mi’d kwuite lyke tuh hav uh klompz wit latz.” the uruk spoke out again, yet Snawt refused and stalled. He tried to get Neizkul to play some game of minds, for he knew that accepting a klomp was to doom himself. Neizkul, being the uruk he was, grew bored of his conversation and swept the ‘Ox off of his feet, gripping him by the neck and lifting him into the air. “Wi arr gunna klomp fur da tylte, ur latz wel giv mi da tytle.” grumbled Neizkul, yet suddenly- about 4 goblins unsheathed their weapons and dishonorably took the side of the elderly Snawt’Ox. They shouted rabble at him, like “Dizhunurable!” and “Oi! Dun’t tuch da eldeer!” among other meaningless insults and phrases. Two goblins even took the liberty to attack Neizkul, one hitting him in the left ankle with a hammer and the other slicing his leg with an axe. Blood dripped from his leg in the slightest, while his brown skin darkened and turned purple- a clear sign of bruising from the hammer. Neizkul dropped the hag-of-a-goblin on the floor, he fell with a thud. The rex eventually intervened, stating down terms which Neizkul was fine with, yet Snawt was not. At last, Snawt decided it would be fair if he could choose a challenger, and so he did. Neizkul and a female orc by the name of Rhuk made their way to the arena, no armor, no weapons, they fought barefisted. It was a fast-paced tussle with sand and blood, fists and feet flying both ways and it had been quite the narrow and close fight. Neizkul got the upper hand, pounding down upon Rhuk until she gave up. The young uruk was ridden with triumph and victory, he raised both hands into the air, letting loose a mighty cry of war before gripping the hand of Rhuk and helping her up. “Hozh klomp, brudda.” he’d murmur, before marching off into the city to get right to work! “NEIZKUL’GORKIL IZ DA NEW ZNAGAGOTH!!!” he bellowed, chanting it along the way as he walked back into the square for all to see, blood dripping from his cheek and bruises in other areas. T’was only the mere dawn of what was to come, the glory and reputation of the orcs and their slaves were due to return. [!] Notices would be pinned and posted around San’Azgak from now on, harsh writing upon them read: “Oi’m da new znagagoth, dat meanz znagas muzt be run tru mi firzt ‘nd iv anniwun gotz uh prublim wid et, oi’m ‘ere. ~Neizkul’Gorkil”
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