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  1. Sri


    we will miss you
  2. The former thill scoffed at the paper, remarking "Never has the decadence of Haelun'or been put in such succinct language."
  3. I did not realize you also posted an incomplete lore post, I recommend checking out this lore. Try to consider how your ideas could fit into this, or work on differentiating it.
  4. Please don't post these sort of things in this sub, either do so in MISC, or discuss the idea in a discord server. This is for COMPLETED lore posts only. If your looking for something similar to this read up on this lore: It is related to energy redirection with mana, but no lightning.
  5. Sri

    Free AI Art Comissions

    Even though I feel like I am selling my soul to the Devil could you make: ”Blonde elf man with goatee and golden skeleton arm wearing a bard hat, and medieval glasses.” Try to get the most stylish one Semi realistic style, but if it struggles to get the arm right then anime.
  6. Sri

    Free AI Art Comissions

    Art is dead, long live Art.
  7. Seems underwhelming. The interaction which gems have with ectoplasm opens up a tone of potential routes for non-combat roleplay, but this is not explored. Since it conflicts with most magics maybe make it a 2 slot magic and add more ways of exploring the concept. I like the concept overall however; gives of some very sweet stormlight vibes!
  8. Greater Teleportation redline amendments (in italics). Changes -Made it so multiple could enter the rift, but only if they have a soulstone to the same location. -Added a way to explain the use of the horse whistle, through a greater teleportation. Purpose The purpose of this ammendment is to bring the lore up to pace with the current mechanics possible on the server. By creating a flavorful explanation for Translocationists to how the horse whistle works. Also allowing for Greater Teleportation to be used more in roleplay, due to a mechanical situation already exsisting for its use.
  9. Hi, playable creature posts are some of the more difficult ones to write well. Might I suggest you try to make some non-playable creatures for people to interactive with to hone your writing skills? Trying to jump right in the deep end is not going to get you what you want.
  10. You do not need permission to write lore.
  11. The worst feeling somebody can possible have is when nobody comments on your profile.

  12. Thanks for the straight forward answer! All very reasonable criticisms. I like your idea for changing the emote count up, I was a little iffy on it being 1 emote right off the bat as well. In fact Ill will change it to that right now.
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