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  1. Filvendor Aevaris nods to himself, as he leans against the stone and brick wall of the NGS Museum. His eyes had long since finished reading the missive that was handed to him, yet still he let his eyes repeat the process of drifting across the paper. As he finishes his ponderous decision, he creases the paper neatly a faint smile crossing his features.
  2. @DISCOLIQUID Don't know if this is stupid on my part, but the lore says Direct Touch which I assume is touching the skin or at the very least touching thin clothing. I would assume someone in armor would be immune from direct touch unless they were not wearing armor over specific areas. I also can not imagine a mage being able to touch a person with any physical strength for multiple emotes a time when they are pretty much entirety vulnerable. Though there is definitely potential for abuse.
  3. This just feels right. It works perfectly with the themes of the void. +100
  4. My only *major* gripe is the difficulty of getting building materials. As long as vortex is an option, and not a requirement I could not care less.
  5. Make combat skill an application, that requires careful vetting.
  6. I really like this lore. I have felt that telekinesis should not be related to the void for ages now (well magic in general).
  7. "Society" murmured a discontented peasant, after piecing together the meaning of the text in broken common.
  8. +1 Thanks for the storytelling.
  9. haha weeee wooo, update go BRRRR.
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