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  1. 4k might be a little too small, I think a compromise is preferable. Also I love the idea of verticality, especially if we will be taking advantage of the increased build height in 1.18 I strongly encourage there to be a floating island biome, to really lean into the high fantasy possibilities.
  2. Arcane "cannons" is a concept which can add more flavor and provide some distinction for non-human settlements. Keep it up!
  3. This is very well written... Although I am a little confused why this is a lore-submission. Am I missing something?
  4. +1 QIZU LORE MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE, glad that retirement does not stop you from writing.
  5. The auction house makes it difficult to play the market...
  6. Everyone has an opinion on Kani, for a magic that only 2 people rp with.
  7. Housemagey guys can make liquid mana.
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