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  1. "A GLORIOUS DAY FOR HAEULUN'OR!!" Exclaims Zayn Montgomery Lichenstein, as he flexes his muscular arms.
  2. Wait they were not community team already?
  3. Discord: Dr. Foo PHD#2646 Skin and bid: Light Blue and Gold- 160 @Fuzzytoes
  4. A young solicitor (Alfred Cassius Komenons) sets the large book of Orenian Law on a large oak table, and simply stares at it. "Well this will be a long read." he mutters to himself, before turning to the first page.
  5. Your opinion is wrong

    1. Reforming Pup

      Reforming Pup

      Hm, I've seen this joke before..

    2. Sri


      You must see it often😏

    3. Reforming Pup

      Reforming Pup

      You'd have destroyed me if it weren't me constantly telling people their opinions were factually incorrect.

  6. What lore says that alchemist can be T5? (In this lore, it says Tier Three is the max.)
  7. My only question, is what you mean by -T5? (As far as I am aware, T3 is the max level of an alchemist.) Also, as long as OC consent is required I think there is no problem with this.
  8. This will be a great addition to lotc, as long as its moderate very very well. +1
  9. Yes give into your hate
  10. I like this, at the very least its worth a shot. +1
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