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  1. Sabine read over the 'news' that had been passed to her, "dead-" Sabine looked shocked and as she read further, "wha-" the tall woman had run a gloved hand through her hair with scrunched brows, "...no matter...I truly did enjoy her company" she mumbled softly.
  2. EXACTLY, i can't unthink it
  3. shhh...im totally not stupid minty..shhhh ;- ;
  4. ;-; when i can finally join a CT event bc i aint on CT and it's SO LATE eeek
  5. ....one less letter to use, for funny prefixes the PAIN
  6. Aeline reads over the paper, "ohhhh yea! Weddings are my thing " she gives a pump of her fist into the air like some cartoon character smh
  7. Woah- …THE pink power rangers. Damn.
  8. Polysemic why did you make me toxic? also give me a book series I have to read.
  9. awee hihi!! If you ever are lookin for some rp The Fahkr oasis will gladly provide ; 3 my char's tea shop is loads of fun! if you ever need any other help feel free to msg me or any other Community team member. <3
  10. happy 1 year o-o you're stuck now C: a n y w a y s, do you have 1. a favourite LOTC Char and 2. any super Memorable LOTC moment
  11. good work saviour! Media Team being cool B)
  12. Discord: Demon_Lilly#9033 ign: LillyIsMalding skin: Azurilan bid: 200 mina
  13. LillyPapaya


    Changed Status to Accepted
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