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  1. The little Sibylla gives a smile to her playmate as he told her of the notice he’d seen, her milky and unseeing eyes lighting up at the news. “She be unseeing like moi? Mayhaps moi should pop in to say slava...” The little girl would grab her cane, preparing to trust in Mamuna to guide her to Haelun’or.
  2. LilTee2000


    Katherine is a, surprisingly, sweet young girl from the highlands. Raised only by her mother, a worshipper of the pagan goddess Celestia who was exiled as a witch, lived almost completely removed from the community just outside haensein a small cottage. Kitty, as her mother would call her, thus grew up alienated from the highlander community and culture, and indulged in music, dance and playing in the woods through her early childhood. She questioned little about why her mother never talked to anyone and why she could not play with the children in town, and grew up content with life till she reached the age of 13, when her mother decided to tell her of her long held secret; Katherine’s mother had conceived her on a drunken night with a foreign man who had passed through town. Thus, Katherine was not only a bastard, as lack of last name suggested, but also only half highlander. Her mother often speculated the tall and dark-haired man to be Adunian, though she assured her jokingly that “I can’t be sure love. I was so far gone that night all i know is that it was a man at all.” So, with some fighting skills from her mother and her passion for the arts to keep her occupied, Kitty spent her adolescence dreaming of her heroic father and the adventures waiting for her out in the big scary world. Inspired by her childhood fantasies, Katherine set out after her 18th birthday to become the greatest travelling musician the world had yet to see.
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