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  1. Philip got hold of the news, momentarily a tear dropped from his eyes and steadily slipped down his face. He'd leave Provins and position himself in front of it with gaze towards the dark sky dotted with white stars. The man signed the Lorraine and attempted to speak with Godan. "I seek your wisdom in such moments, be my side, O mighty creator. For I'm the most virtuous, I pray to you and I don't sin. My father has died in my eyes, I must be strong from now so do reward me with power.. O, hear me, Godan!"
  2. Philip rushed back towards Provins, heading for Amadie's quarters. With knock or two the man tried to enter his daughter's room, but to no avail. After the mention of explanation, he was let in only to be told that she doesn't wish to speak with anyone. It seemed like stressful moment not only for her, but the whole family. The Viscount opened bottle of Pruvian Port and indulged himself in drinking for the rest of the night.
  3. Philip would glance to Amadie, offering smile, before his lips curled into thin line. "You're destined for glory, my little heiress." @clonky
  4. A servant brought the news to Philip while his eyes were over the scenery surrounding the Preussens Château, which was completed just weeks ago. He would glance for moment at the paper, before noting to the man. "These de Rosius are tireless, but with their hard-work they shall with no doubt rise.. It seems like the Savoyard, Lotharingian and Auvergnat cultures are slowly getting back on their feet.."
  5. A smile would appear on Philip's face upon being told about the wedding, preparing himself for the occasion.
  6. THE RED WEDDING With jubilation, the Barony of Rosius announces the wedding between Baron Otis Maximilian de Rosius @Matheaww and Lady Louise Antoinette Halcourt @Pompadour. The marriage ceremony is planned to be held at the Cathedral of Redenford, where the pair would join themselves in matrimony. Afterwards the guests are to be accepted at the Rosius Château for reception. Each and every subject of the Holy Orenian Empire is welcomed. Wedding Ceremony, 17th 8PM EST Rosius Château Reception, 17th 8:20PM EST Signed, Baron Otis Maximilian de Rosius Lady Louise Antoinette Halcourt Baron Olivier Alexandre Halcourt
  7. Philip nods at the letter, approving of the call for holy war.
  8. Philip received the letter in his estate and within moments smile appeared on his face, the man took his infant firstborn daughter and proceeded to carry her around the gardens at Provins, wondering about the future that is to follow. @clonky
  9. A believer much like his Imperial grandfather scrutinizes the religious study, strengthening his faith even more. He would proceed to send letter to his aunt, the author. "Amazing work, Princess Imperial!"
  10. Philip thought about the journey, rubbing his chin. "I hope you return soon, niece.."
  11. Philip Michael cheers, wondering whether this High Pontiff would be like the late one.
  12. Philip Michael rushed into the Basilica of Ascent of Exalted Godfrey, falling to the ground on knees and lowering his head into silent prayer.
  13. Philip Michael received the gossip column and positioned himself onto chair in his room. He would open bottle of Pruvian Port and proceeded to pour it into cup from which he drank. The man seemed relaxed until the mention of his betrothed and cousin, in moments the paper flew from his hands towards the ground and he emptied the cup. The Pruvia found piece of blank paper and ink feather, using them to forward letter to Claude. "Is that what you do, when I'm not around Claude? It seems like you prefer to get married to my cousin rather then me, could you care to explain the situation?" @amyselia
  14. Valent Philip smiled as Anton entered the Seven Skies, extending his arms in offering of hug.
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