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  1. ((The following is written by Kyral, through her spotty old lady memory, any inconsistencies is IC)) It began with a single word, a name that came from the lips of a mother. Giving her child a name, she cradled her close, for the only time. She would drift apart from the child in time, but the name she gave her would never fade. The name Kyral Rilann, Born in Aegis, given life by a mother unknown to her. She was either busy as hell or drinking herself into another stupor. Nowadays you won’t hear Kyral speak about her mother, she didn’t like to bring up memories of a woman that would forsake h
  2. The Final Day Twelve hours remaining.

  3. Kyral took another moment to pause, another friend gone to the flow of time. Another person she cared for, gone. For all the world’s flaws, she only cursed the world when they took someone dear from her. Was it right? She didn’t care, so this time she muttered a “How many more must go before I am given my final toil? I feel as if I am given life unending just as a means of torture. So I ask again... how many more must go before I do?” she exhaled, closing the note, placing it along with the mountains of other notes, all from friends she’ll never see again. Hundreds, it seemed. She never counte
  4. Whats your favorite pizza topping
  5. medieval fantasy. @Nectorist do it, you wont

    1. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖍


      What is LoTR if not Medieval Fantasy

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      high fantasy 

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      aiight dont go to helena today...

  6. I miss ten seconds ago, when I still had my remaining braincells
  7. IM DYING I originally thought you were @Telanir and i aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Nobody can top when Rittsy left the admin team on april fools and everyone thought it was a joke and then he never came back and people didn’t know how to react. you still tried.
  9. Option C is a really interesting idea to use for a roleplay server, especially seeing the avenues this can open in terms of RP situations like cart travel and the sort. This could lead to a “Traveling” server where one could pay a specific amount of mina to travel to another town. Take the time to sprint it, reduce a fourth off that time. That is how long the player would remain inside, barring any sort of technical issues where the value of time needs be rounded up. I see option C being extremely beneficial not only in reducing lag, but expanding the canvas the server has to work with. In
  10. Be prepared to rewrite the lore a thousand times over until your spirit breaks and they shelf it. /s
  11. I didn’t mean to post here

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      im sorry, please don’t hurt me, my mind is JUMBLED

  12. Do you ever think God stays up there in fear of what hes created?
  13. When the letter came to Kyral, she could already feel something was wrong, her eyes closing as she took it from the messanger. Hands remaining solid as she opened the paper, and began reading. The Aegisborn High Elf Druid’s expression was stiff, and a battle of emotions took her. “So she has departed. May my oldest friend rest well.. She has earned her rest.” With tears in her eyes, Kyral moved back towards her home, beginning to plan arrangements for a funeral for a friend who was definitely family.
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