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  1. The Elfen Lie

    Voting Milestones

    Since there is isnt anyway yet, maybe make of the end rewards another persona slot(As we can have more than four now iirc)
  2. The Elfen Lie

    Perma Kill During Warclaims

    Honestly the idea of PK during wars which like a great way to just create a giant carbon-copy of character spree because that is what will happen.
  3. The Elfen Lie


    im a pikachu weeb too.
  4. The Elfen Lie

    [Your View] Clubs

    I say remove them but offer people who wish to keep to keep a topic they have posted in it to be moved to its appropriate forum section.
  5. The Elfen Lie

    Alternative Death System

    Sure, I agree but at what point would a pvp death be nulled? Cuz if you let pvp deaths be completely nulled people will more likely provoke pvp default so they can avoid an actual death. Really, I like this rough idea. I think needs a lot of tweaking and stuff but nevertheless the idea is good.
  6. The Elfen Lie

    South Sea Turmoil (6.0 Transition Information: PvP/RP)

    The minute I saw 300 boats in the CT Harbor, I knew we were trying to one up blizzard and beat them before their xpac comes out.
  7. The Elfen Lie

    PSA Vault Closing Date

    Vault tec is why the world becomes a wasteland.. smh
  8. The Elfen Lie

    [✓] Caesarian_Shadow Ban Appeal

    Actually, I was the original banning GM. Other than that. Appeal Accepted.
  9. The Elfen Lie

    Setting Sail (6.0 Transition Information)

    "Can I just sail a boat over? Nae sense in makin' a new one!"
  10. i'd imagine(don't hold me to this) along with mining world, there probably will be a resource island(like we got now) in which have pits that can be requested to whatever material you wish to farm. Though, I suppose Sporadic would know more!
  11. The Elfen Lie

    Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    I prefer DD as it caters to those being attacked. Like if you're a mage, magicaly combat will become a thing of the past if every encounter has to be pvp. Beside places that like pvp, will pick that Places that don't will go w/ RP.
  12. Alright most notable I want to be changed/added: Make chainmail armor craftable. Nice to have a 3rd option since now diamond armor is gone(Hooray) Add back custom foods. Often like many others enjoyed various name food instead of just having "bread" being rp'd as panckes even tho its name is bread. I don't know about force removing characters after 6months. Seems meh. Maybe get rid of that or change it to be higher(1yr+)
  13. Anyone wanna make some druid-like clothing for me?!

  14. The Elfen Lie

    Caesarian_Shadow Ban Appeal

    Hello, It has come to my attention that you have been asking for other GMs to look at this appeal with that said this appeal will be denied. I will also be adding an additional week added for attempting to modshop your way a round the ban. You may attempt to appeal in additional 4days(End of the original's ban timer).