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The Elfen Lie

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  1. Reviewing Tutorial Island

    Honestly, while informative, I don't think its done right(No offense to those who put time and effort into it, good work/try to you). I find that while walking through tutorial island there is too much to go through at the start which can make it rather overwhelming for players visiting(mostly new ones). Its really all thrown onto one island in which the start(after the lift) is clutter with NPC to click and read their text. This makes it feel like it's not a quick tutorial to help get down the basics- I can see this causing people to get bored and try start adventuring or just be overall turned off if they do go there. Even I, as a six year veteran felt a a bit overwhelmed being at this island. What I think people need, is the barebone basics. How to use our roleplay chat system. I feel like LoTC is the place where you learn different stuff over time, as you need to know it. By knowing the chat system, it becomes easier to communicate and talk with other players in which when you want to know something you can usually ask someone(There is always someone that will explain whatever you want to know- doesn't have to be a GM). However, I think a neat idea would be really split up the island. Have the very first place someone goes when arriving- is just teaching the very basics and then have carts near this cart- or carts with island that people can optionally pick if they wish to know something and for some reason cannot find anyone to explain it to them(hopefully this makes sense). Though, nothing beats the good old getting someone to take the time to sit down with you and teach you what you need to know. Feels good when someone takes the time to do that. PS, if needed I can explain my ramblings. Just ask!
  2. A call to action! Needed immediately!

    A confused elves take down any notice pinned up after reading one. "Why would ye want to destroy culture. As well there bein' some information missin' such as elves if nae be apart of a seed can choose any one and try to join it by doin' the trials given to 'em. Seems like a load of non-sense from someone who nae be educated on 'ow it works."
  3. [GMs] [Vagueness of Raid Rules]

    Pretty sure if you were to leave a plot after "attacking"(Let's just assume that you were indeed attacking for this), it ends the raid and so long as a defending side has people still- it means you were repelled. I think that's simple enough. I think the lose definition of "causing chaos" is due to the fact each place has laws that vary in which you could be seen causing chaos or being uh, interrupted. Maybe some better defining is needed however, that is what I usually understand that rule as. I don't know of anyone who has done this personally. Kinda dumb if you do as events are suppose to be unique things that can happen and generally can be fun for everyone involved.
  4. Its ultimately up to that settlement to make sure the sign is placed down marking that there is a cool down period(which often ends up being the same sign in the same spot). Honestly, can't really complain about being raiding on cooldown if your sign wasn't updated. For if it was, people generally do read them and will raid/not raid depending on what the sign says. I know this because I have watched people run up the Linandrian Bridge, stop at the raid CD sign before promptly running away(Sometimes the entire group shows up and then leaves). Though with that being said, never been sure why people pick elves to raid. We don't have really any top tier pvpers so beating us really is a well earned victory. Its like taking candy from a baby(yes, I went there). On top of that the gear that we generally have on us isn't the best. I think stats are usually good but, hardly do we got enchantments and if you do kill us and take armor, its probably already severely damaged. I see more cons than pros here. I think in generally for most people who mostly/almost always RP- they're probably not a worth while target unless you know that there is a an item on them that could be worth it. Also, if numbered need to tweak, okay. That's okay. Just roleplayers aren't f'd over from like constant raids(ie really short CD timers) or f'd in the sense they can't RP fight anymore as nearly as much.
  5. What valuable life skill could you have learned?

    I have not only a over a thousand hours(nearing two thousand) on my main persona(which isn't even the real time played as the character i have played a lot since Aegis- reckon it would be so much higher) but, I have thousands of hours in some other games, 500+ hrs in others. got 500+ on an alt persona. and than a lot of games that are only around 5-150hrs. I could have done so much probably with that time. I don't really want to know what I could have done.
  6. [Trial]Back at it again

    IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are white-listed on LotC.) ElfenLie, ElfieLies Age: (14+ is a requirement.) 21 Timezone: (Example: GMT.) EST Discord: (Your current Discord username, example: Test#1234.) Brom#3867 What map did you join during?: (Example: Axios) Aegis (August, 2011) Do you have access to a microphone?: (Yes / no.) Sure do, bucko. Average daily playing time?: (How much time on average do you spend on the server?) Depends really. Sometimes I don't play as much because I want to avoid burnout and usually get on if needed. Rest of the time, I can be on like 6hrs+ Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: (Discuss what position(s) you have held before. If the answer is none, put N/A.) No, people never accepted my apps before. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: (Discuss briefly why you want to join the GM Team.) Well, you see, it has been something that I have been wanting to do for awhile. A long while. Tried quite a few times over the years and to no avail got accepted to even try it out. I just want to be able to help out this community, give back to it, I suppose. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: (Link any previously denied GM applications.) Yes but, I never knew why I was denied. I usually assumed it was because it was old or because they weren't accepting anymore at the time. (linked below in spoilers) Anything else you want to tell us?: (This is optional.) Yes, I am an elf.
  7. [✓] [Change] Culture on Persona Cards

    or or you can make a google doc with all you're character information or information that you wish to show. Give a shorten url and bam, bio can be as long or short as you want it.
  8. (OOC) Make a Satyr YEAR

    I bite though
  9. Who to talk to about Strigas?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dabliusmaximus


      theres like 4 groups of them

    3. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      oh. they active enough or do I need to find out the loreholder of the thingy 

    4. Dabliusmaximus
  10. Glowing 1000 Degree Knife Versus Craft Timers

    *Flash backs from apps/facebook games that required energy to do things which was pretty aidsy.*
  11. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    i use chroma so im appreciative on the screens.
  12. Fid's Quiet Application to the MT

    i would +1 the post but, that's broke atm so here, have it in the comments. +1
  13. [Your View] Recent Defender Default change: Feedback

    i agree with this. not needed imo
  14. Does the gyazo trick for large avatars not work anymore? It ends in .mp4 and not .gif

  15. Anyone here good at creating good creative-isk skins? I need something that isn't all that normal to make.