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  1. Okay, I found a much newer(not newest) forge version that works just fine with optifine. If you guys wish, change up the forge version to 2362. It also doesn't have that "Forge Beta Warning"

  2. +1, nuff said.
  3. don't all updates/announcements get automatically placed in game as a reminder?
  4. these weapon quality seem to be for a smoother/higher res texture pack(probably x32).
  5. I think most people have a special connection to their first map they come to LOTC with. Probably why people fall out and stop playing is when the map changes(probably come back at the start of each new map but, dont stay). Kinda reminds me WoW... lol
  6. Updated: Seeing as minas from voting is a thing again, I'll see about saving up minas as payment. Currently have 200, will get more as week goes on.
  7. You got a point. I mainly play my elf(By mainly, I mean always). So I usually stay within the welf city.
  8. im not saying that everything is active, I mean finding room for what are suppose to be main hubs would be hard and/or add more land
  9. Ah yes, remove tahn and try to figure out where all the hubs go onto the much, much smaller islands.
  10. A month would be too long. Like with active builders you;d get it done in a week or two max with those tools.
  11. So, if we must have a "temp map", I suggest Solution A while we wait. Have stuff that causes them to sink into the ocean or something as part of a big event that will help transition to 6.0 However, I rather see us move to 6.0 right away if possible. Which is Solution C, I think.
  12. This was my idea to have it posted in a thread. Astral is just better at writing forum posts.
  13. Helpful for those who basically don't get paid doing stuff ingame(Cough, the socialist known as welves, cough).
  14. probably could readd the boots lol
  15. Hi, so I am making a skin request because long time ago I had a skin made(i really liked it). This was back when skins were rather limited in how they could be made(Only one set for legs and arms). I was gonna try to take that side skin and do edit it today's formats(1.8, alex)... Uh I suck at skinning and it would require more work that I could give(again suck at skinning). So uh... curious if anyone wanted to take up that task of recreating it(even if they just want experience in skinning). Though I just want the outfit and not a head/skintone to it The ref picture was this(dug it up from an old imgur album) Skin Picture(The 3d model) And the old format layout