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  1. Not sure why people are kinda upset over a feature? Is it kinda dumb for how pricey it is? Sure. Does it actually affect you? Probably not. Change skins has never been easier within recent months. Open Launcher, go to the skin tab, browser your skins, select the skin you need, save it. Relog ingame(cuz you can keep the game open while having the launcher open which takes up almost no resources if I remember correctly). Bam, easy.
  2. rainbow emote color when?!!

  3. As far as Im concern this rule change didn't change anything. PvPers still can pvp and rpers still can rp. Don't go to a RP dominate area if you want pvp simple as that.
  4. Shaders look garbage. Doesn't help the map one bit. Nor does it actually give people the proper idea what it looks like. Most people dont play with shaders(I dont, feels out of place for a blocky game like minecraft). also ew, giant lil pads dont look that good.
  5. those exist? Im still running on old lore :PP
  6. the minute you start to allow people have more advance things like guns, they'll want more or find a way to make the current object OP as ****. As a vertern here for 6yrs, I can say it best just not to have guns. Guns dont fit within the server.
  7. You're assuming that I have one. Its currently owed to several entities. I won't be getting it back anytime soon.
  8. Anyone else that tried opening a casket and received nothing?

  9. Chances are they wont remove completely so, I am going for a reduced timer, much shorter timer.
  10. Which is no timer? I dtill have it suggested for there to be a timer just, less of it. Gotta admit five hours for regular scrubs is a bit too much of a wait.
  11. I want to add that, sometimes you make a mistake writing your name... That five hour wait to fix it is annoying(though to be fair, I never bothered asking a GM if they can fix it, assumed the answer was no).
  12. So, I was thinking that really having a five hour cool down on changing persona name is rather long. Too long if you ask me. That is a good portion of the day. Now, I don't see any reason to fully remove it. Kinda like the fact there is a cool down in place. However, I do believe that the timer should be changed from five hours to about an hour and a half or two hours. I feel like that is a reasonable amount of time before changing names. Uh, I don't really have much else to say other than thoughts and opinions of the rest of the community? Change it to be lower or not? Or maybe you think a different amount of hours should be used as cool down or just remove it completely.
    1. Wolfdwg


      be a fiery haired grandaxe lady, plz

    2. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      Na, im end up being an emberhorn

  13. I was forced here in which I will give my +1 to jaeden. that is all
  14. ((I like the name change. Much better in comparison. +1 from a welf. We're not all evil (: