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  1. My favourite moment... there's been so many over the years that I can't decide from the thousands upon thousands of them. My favourite map is, of course, Aegis. My favourite group to have been a part of was the Son's of the Creator back in Anthos, because we were fighting the Black Scourge almost every single day. As to how I can stand the people of LotC for 6 years... I suppose the best thing I can compare it to is like your family, in how no matter how incompatible you may be as people, you stay together because you're family.
  2. I am silent because 7 years ago when I came up with a new username for gaming, that popped into my head. Now it has became my alias online. I would like a trophy, Harold.
  3. Who else is looking forward to episode 5 tonight?!

  4. I've got too much going on in my real world life to play regularly these days. And babies are made, Dewlox, when you fart on a chicken egg after having eaten a diaper.
  5. 6 Years on LotC Yes I'm an old fart who's lingered here for 6 years now. So, huh... I guess hooray? On that note, go ahead and ask me anything.
  6. My arms have suffered heavy scratches and bite marks this week while I've been housebreaking my puppy.

    1. DarkElfs


      I know your pain I got three puppies two from the same dog the other a completely different breed and two of them just about hit a year old but there hard and painful to train them that's for sure.

  7. In just 7 days I will have my new puppy. I'm still thinking up his name.

    1. Time Lady of Kittens

      Time Lady of Kittens

      boy or girl?

      What breed?

    2. Silent™


      He's a golden retriever.

  8. I wonder, how much longer until I have a psychotic break...

    1. MysticalStranger


      The sooner the better!

    2. DustyDune


      Probably faster than the weapon art I requested months ago completion!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Silent™


      It doesn't matter how long you play Buff, you'll never surpass my ace pilot skills.

    3. Aeldrin


      come back to lotc you sheggit

    4. James


      never ask that of anyone Aeldrin


  10. I love watching Game of Thrones in High quality for free!

  11. 6/10 Ducks are cool, Cowboy hats... ehh, not so much.
  12. You get a 10... out of 100.
  13. Hooray for my new forum avatar.

  14. An all around horrible human being. She'll corrupt the youth that tries to join the server with her dark and twisted mind.