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  1. RP Name: Rickard of Carnatia MC Username: GildedDuke Discord: Gilded#1905 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Other~ Why Do You Wish To Come?: Adventure; the typical answer. But also to explore and retrace the steps of those who came before. I have a daring ambition to visit the ruins of the Kingdom of Akovia and the County of Siegrad. What Skills Can You Bring?: Skilled swordsman and proficient sorcerer – Master Arcanist.
  2. Merry Christmas! 

  3. “Feedback noted.”

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      Feedback noted 

  4. But you still haven’t answered my question. Can we, the player base, have any final input on your decision to kill these deities? Furthermore, members of the Ascended community have recently been attempting to contact the LT on the discussion of Aeriel and her ultimate fate. Many of us are well versed in her lore, partly due to complimenting it with our own additions and revisions (e.g. the most recent Ascended rewrite), but statements from the Story Team have either been slow or haven’t come through as of yet. Will the ST make an active effort to reply and if possible even work with members of the player base to finalize the ultimate fate of these deities?
  5. Could you further elaborate on the deities you wish to remove and why it’s your policy to do so? I think it’s appropriate you explain your reasoning behind this with greater depth. Also, will we be allowed to deliver input on the deities you’re proposing for removal? @Zarsies
  6. Gilded

    papi pollos skins

    Ign: GildedDuke discord: Gilded#1905 reference for skin: Will DM favorite food: Chili
  7. “It would seem that Ascended reject, Angelo has grown too full of himself!” Rickard commented.
  8. Rickard Vientos swept his gaze across the parchment, offering an amused chuckle. “I believe it’s fair to say that those Thanian mongrels had it coming!”
  9. Now this does put a smile on my face. +1
  10. Lore Watchlist – Big Brother is watching.

  11. I hope after all your hard work that this rewrite finally gets passed. Well done @Luv! +1
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