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  1. Gold Corps shenanigans with these fellow bozos @Ark @Eddywilson2 @Imperium @grnappa @Birdman
  2. Good luck, Henry. I hope everything turns out okay for you.
  3. THE MAGECRAFT ACT Established. 3rd of the Grand Harvest, 08 SA ~ Foreword ~ This Act establishes the process through which practitioners of the voidal arts may obtain permission to utilise their magics and outlines the circumstances under which to do so. Furthermore, the lawful jurisdiction of the Father Circle’s Coven of Thorns in apprehending rogue mages within the borders of Elvenesse, who lack the specified permit or otherwise breach the terms of said permit, is elaborated upon. Article I: The Permit Scheme
  4. Olórin Telemnar looked fondly upon the scholarly work of his kinsmen. "Let us Almenodrim take pride in our heritage. Praise be to the Great Sea!"
  5. Could you not have implemented quarries with all of the listed resources in every hub, or alternatively added warp signs back to the Cloud Temple, for ease of access? It seems counter-intuitive not to, given that one of the recent complaints for Vortex is how we’ve been forced to hike back and forth across this huge map. I don't believe it's unreasonable to ask for a more efficient form of fast travel.
  6. Happy New Year

  7. 'Overwhelming Demand'

    Unless I'm mistaken, we asked for expanded crafting recipes.  I don't believe anyone demanded on mass for a grind system that is functionally worse than Nexus.

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    2. Sham404


      Good job we dont have a new version of nexus i suppose

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      who would've guessed sham would respond

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      how dare i be involved in the community, youre right bro

  8. Grind mechanics and an economy don't compliment roleplay.  So far they've only done the opposite, limiting our events, our roleplay and our access to basic materials.  Instead of providing an enjoyable experience, Vortex has trampled on what was meant to be an energetic new map launch.  It's incomplete and needlessly complex - worse than Nexus in terms of simplicity and immersion. 

    We established with the removal of Nexus that the server doesn't require an MMO-RPG styled crafting system to work.  In fact, it actually does better without one.  Furthermore, an economy along the lines of what has been proposed will essentially not function with the amount of locked doors that have been set up.

    Either seriously rework Vortex or abandon it.  Vanilla has always been the safest and most stable system. 

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      @enormeous you can ping people with @ and then their profile name

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  9. "I believe a certain rogue magus requires a reality check," Olórin Telemnar would grumble, soundly scrunching up the flyer in his possession.
  10. Remove Vortex for Christmas

  11. Olórin Telemnar, taken aback by the sudden revelation, sat at his desk with a heavy heart. "Anne was a benevolent and just ruler; qualities often absent in the line of Orenian sovereigns. May she be at peace."
  12. His Grace, Viktor Kovachev would peer down from the Seven Skies, lofting a brow to the inaccurate telling of his tenure as Royal Marshal. He was certain to have died an elder, prior to the reign of Otto III, having already stepped down from the position willingly and without tension. Surely, there was another Marshal to have served between himself and Ser Geralt...
  13. HOUSE TELEMNAR A Comprehensive Guide, by Olórin Telemnar. Seed. 12th of the Deep Cold, 02 SA ~Introduction~ The House of Telemnar is a noble family of sea elves whose roots trace back to the firstborn son of Malin, Sylvaen Everflame. They claim their elder descent through the bloodline of Telemnar Sylvaeri, an esteemed mariner of the ancient world and custodian of the high seas. In the present age, they have established their home within the Princedom of Elvenesse. ~Ancient History~ In years of yore,
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