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  1. Gilded

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    A diligent worker and decent individual. Joel has shown to be both a kind and interactive roleplayer and at other times a strict individual in moderation. I support his application, though I do worry he might be putting the weight of too much stress on his shoulders. You’ve had stressful encounters as a member of the staff before, Joel and I’m a little concerned that the combination of FM and GM could cause you more harm than good. I do wish you good luck, but be careful on how you’re devoting your time. +1
  2. Gilded


    “Huh, fake Kovachev’s.” Rickard remarked – Ironic; he never thought he'd ever use those words.
  3. When the attackers are so desperate they raid your discord, but they lose the encounter regardless... 😕

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      2 hours ago, Nectorist said:

      did we win the discord raid tho

      we got a discord raid cd other then that idk all attackers were banned

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Isn’t that picture a fanart Kakashi from Naruto? Why does he looks evil tho

  4. Woke GM team? Might I recommend this:


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      That video is the best thing I have had the pleasure of listening too for a while, bless you Gilded!

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      this video offended me.

  5. Gilded

    Maybe free character art???

    Yes Please @Trinn! Name: Rickard Vientos Appearance: Slim build with a lighter frame of muscle mass, standing 6.2ft and 64kg. Pale-fair skin. Medium-length messy platinum-white hair, just touching his brows, hovering slightly over his ears, touching his neck. Silver eye colour, slightly illuminated. Appears to be in his late-twenties. His visual expression would be rather stoic and neutral. Clothing: A leather-padded coat, navy-black with red underlayer - appearance citation provided: Padded-leather gloves with fur cuffs. Skin and previous art:
  6. Gilded

    Haeseni People

    "A few inaccuracies or misplaced events to my knowledge, but overall a good read; quite an experienced and skilful scholar." Commented Rickard.
  7. Gilded


    You don’t need Nexus to grind, PVP or add roleplay dynamics. As it stands LotC relies on it’s console to create roleplay rather than in game action. Whilst the mechanics were intriguing, the Nexus craft system was bonkers and poorly fashioned. You had a set specific form of recipes, of which were poorly set out and in most cases were sought out for their greater mechanical advantages rather than the roleplay additions. Also on the topic of roleplay, you don’t need Nexus to roleplay a character capable of specific professions. An honest question: how many people sitting at their grinding stations actively created RP emotes to detail what they were creating - and if you did, what’s stopping you from doing it now? The plugins it offered for races, constructs and spectres in particular, were also ridiculous. PVPers consistently applied for golems, dreadknights and necrolytes purely for their PVP advantage (added health or damage reduction) whilst at the same time not effectively roleplaying said creature. In my opinion Nexus has too many disadvantages compared to advantages and shouldn’t be brought back. This isn’t an RP engine, it’s a sandbox, it’s not designed for balanced crafting plugins.
  8. Gilded

    Toxcat's Lore Moderator Application

    Spot on. +1
  9. Gilded

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    Very good rewrite, it was a pleasure to watch progress to this stage. +1
  10. Minecraft Name GildedDuke Discord Gilded#1905 Timezone GMT/BST Describe your knowledge on the descendant races I am most familiar with humans in terms of lore, having played them most frequently for the last three years being on LotC. I do have decent knowledge in the current format and previously established lore of the other races, though weaker. However, I have a general enthusiasm reading fantasy-based material and am willing learn more in both the present and oncoming future. My memory serves me well for the most part, so I know I can reference a decent amount of knowledge on the overall collection of LotC races. I believe this would be beneficial for the Application Team. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant I'm familiar with the lore of some of the application races; most obviously the Ascended and a few constructs, I'm also quite aware of magic lore. As well as that, I can recall numerous historical events from the server, especially in regards to humans. I would think the lore of the more orthodox races and features would also be relevant to the server. Whilst a new player shouldn’t be bombarded with constant references, I believe LotC would function better if its newest members are aware of what else it might offer. Some people get tired of the cliché humans, orcs, dwarves and elves… By offering and advertising a greater set of options, I believe this will attract a greater community of new players and present a greater sense of freedom with their own persona. I also believe expanded knowledge of the less diverse/common races will reduce the overwhelming confusion some of their encounters bring about. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team Personally, I would like to contribute to the standard of roleplay on the server and increasing the enjoyment of the newer members of the community. Roleplay is what I enjoy most about LotC, and it simply makes me happy seeing other players sharing this feeling as well. By offering my help through the application team, I feel I can help improve roleplay standards. In my opinion, if the standard of roleplay increases, so will the quality of Lord of the Craft itself. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications I believe a good way to assist new players is by designating a set AT member for them to refer to for advice and clarification, lasting for a set period. This could be done via the interests of said player and what AT might be most familiar with the subject in general. I feel like this would be relieving to a new member of the community as they will have someone relatively informed working with them, therefore guiding them upon the path of roleplay they’re most interested in. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made I believe there needs to be a greater emphasis on the rules and the players understanding of the rules. In the past we had the player quote and explain in their own words a rule they agreed with the most. A press of the button is too easy and in some cases the player may have simply taken at glance at best. By bringing back this system, I feel there’ll be a greater sense of scrutiny for applicants and security for our player base’s knowledge of their own server’s rules. As a result, I believe server quality will increase. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed As it stands, this is the first time I have ever applied for staff, so whilst I may be unfamiliar with the procedures of this position you’ll find I’m quite eager to learn and get to work. If I'm too inquisitive in the beginning, I can promise it'll eventually wear off. Tell a joke Star Wars the Last Jedi was a good movie.
  11. Gilded

    A Combined Effort for Nature

    "What a dogmatic fool - playing a naturalistic fallacy. If anything this paints nature to be the irrational side of the conflict." Rickard scoffed, stuffing the notice into the fire.
  12. Gilded

    One last saga [PK]

    Rickard Vientos' ears perked - a courier producing a brief notice to the Ascended in his study; "So... The old fool has fallen?" Closing a grimoire, he could only produce an unsettled sigh; "Then I hope he passed to the Stream safely and with dignity - Wulffrey at least deserved that."
  13. Genuinely nice and his attitude has definitely changed from the prior times he was banned. He deserves a shot! +1