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  1. Gilded

    A Profound Feeling

    Rickard Vientos’ undivided attention now nestled with his family. Having recently sired another son, his enthusiasm was perhaps at its height, a feeling he could cherish with his wife. In his distant past, the scion of Kovac had no such luxury, weighed down by the intrigues of statesmanship and nobility. However, that was the past. Here and now, he would enjoy the pleasures of the present. Sat next to Victoria, he embraced his family, for, at this time, there was nothing else in the world that concerned him.
  2. Gilded

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

  3. I didn’t know a banishment list could contain sketches of such detail.

    1. Archbishop


      Mine does 

    2. Snelfma


      Lotc’s inability to understand how things actually work is astonishing from time to time. Just because it affects a player doesn’t mean someone has to detract some point to make things “fair”. People make it out like adding color to a picture is a hidden art or something.

  4. Gilded

    Rushork's Skin Shop

    IGN: GildedDuke Discord: Gilded#1905 Request: From scratch Reference Pictures: https://gyazo.com/0a3c688d177cfdce7aec62637a279439 Other: I don’t want a head, only the outfit itself
  5. Gilded

    The Kovachev Arbitration Act, 1709

    Rickard Vientos simply shrugged, reading the missive in a distant land. “He wasn't a real Kovachev anyway; the title of Duke of Carnatia has been self-proclaimed for the last few decades.”
  6. Gilded

    The Archbishops Report - Demons Among Men

    (I find it interesting you’ve effectively provided the skins of those involved, pulling together what is an OOC screenshot and masquerading it as an ‘RP sketch’. I don’t see how your usage of this material is any different from essentially metagaming.)
  7. Gilded


  8. Upon seeing this proclamation, Rickard would scoff, adorning his armour to overthrow the crippled mongrel.
  9. Gilded

    The Sack of St. Helena

    An ancient Gold Corps officer rolls in his grave.
  10. Rickard signs with a proud signature.
  11. Gilded

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Rickard Vientos would grin whilst signing his name, awaiting enthusiastically to entertain himself!
  12. Gilded


    Rickard the Ascended proceeds to utter the following:
  13. Gilded


    This Application has since been: Reasons for verdict: - Haense is a kingdom of highlanders and therefore not a common environment for a farfolk to grow up in. - Your skin, is too modern for the medieval period which LotC is based upon. Your 24 Hour deadline wasn’t met. However, you may reapply immediately, provided you have done so no more than 5 times this month.
  14. Gilded


    This Application has since been: Reasons for verdict: - Applicant has committed plagiarism.