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  1. Gilded

    Brotherhood of Saint Karl

    A long rested group of Haensetic veterans - now disturbed, roll in their graves upon sight of the rehashed military doctrines, terminologies and geographical names dating back to Axios...
  2. Gilded

    The Enchantry

    @Tox [!] A letter is a addressed to the Enchantry [!]
  3. Gilded

    In with the New

    I definitely came to respect you more as I understood the work effort you were capable of. Farewell, you deserve a rest.
  4. Gilded

    Cornivore's Application Team Application

    Genuinely a nice person with a heart to help others when given the chance. He would be a great addition to the Application team. +1
  5. What I find hypocritical @Zhulik is your admittance in refusing to debate the communities you called out, when in fact this subject reflects on the communities themselves. You're essentially creating feedback with a image of agenda, which @drfate786 also commented on. This gives you an aura of narcissism. I know you have long campaigned for better communication between the staff and players, but refusing to directly talk to other players and justify your opinions through debate is insulting. If you really want to create good feedback - communicate with the playerbase at least.
  6. Whilst this kind of behaviour is disgusting and inexcusable, there must sufficient evidence before the admins act. Then action should be taken.
  7. Gilded

    [Denied][I] 6xdestroyer's Game Moderator Application

    I'm going to be honest 6x, I don't like you and over the years it was a shame my perception of you contrasted from that of a friend, for reasons which I will not mention here. However, what I have taken notice of in this application is your honesty, to which I give you credit. You admitted to your flaws and your regret for said flaws. I don't know what you would be like in a position of moderation. In fact what I would be most worried about is your commitment to said role and your activity. Is that really something you're really willing to iron out and stick to? Again, although I've stated I don't like you, I hold no grudge and I do know you're capable if your mind is focussed on something. Maybe you'll be fine, maybe you won't. Everyone deserves a chance. If you're ever up for it, maybe we could talk and resolve whatever problems we have with each other in the future.
  8. Gilded

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    What icon (fictional or non-fictional) do you look up to or find that motivates you?
  9. Fix the disconnection issues please...

    1. Jondead


      ... Or Tythus loses his money maker

  10. It's getting quite annoying going through a crash every other day atm.

    1. Jondead


      Same here man, but why? It seems like because of the new plugin it happens, but meh who know ? 

    2. Dewper


      I think its the lockpick plugin

  11. Gilded

    Nin's Passing [PK]

    Rickard Vientos felt a wave of frustration and grief. Another friend and comrade of his having passed on; "Fair thee well then Nin, may the Archaengul guide you..." The Rapport-Sect Ascended still had much left to do.
  12. Gilded

    Arcane Incantations

    Whilst this concept intrigues me, I do have a few inquiries on topics the post isn't really clear about or otherwise doesn't clarify. 1. Do these 'words of power' affect arcane casting (i.e. power, precision, etc.)? If so, I find this rather unbalanced and impractical as it implies a mage must expose themselves and in short they must learn a completely new language just to operate their spells. I don't think many of us want to jump back onto the forums, delaying roleplay just to make sure we didn't spell or pronounce a word wrong. However, I think it would be a promising aspect if it's just optional for the sake of literature value. Otherwise I don't actually see a need for this to affect the magics themselves. In my opinion it will confuse and disorganise magic roleplay. 2. Following on from my argument in the first point; won't this render voidal magic practically inferior and imbalanced to dark or deity magics? For the sake of a balance argument, if these 'words of power' are forced upon voidal magics rather than being optional, wouldn't this be a disadvantage against dark magics and deity magics? In a sense it restricts voidal magics compared to these two types and establishes a ridiculous narrative that makes magic roleplay even more convoluted (as I mentioned prior). Once again, this is based upon the idea it's forced rather than optional. Some people enter the world of magic roleplay for a silent and more subtle approach, rather than shouting random and unclear words. If possible, I would appreciate a response so there might be less confusion and greater clarity for me to establish an overall judgement.
  13. Gilded

    [PK] The Immortal Lies to Rest.

    Rickard Vientos looked upon the night sky, the moonlight striking his silver eyes; "Farewell Dael'ran, the Ascended have lost one of our best. Eventually we'll meet again, but not yet..."
  14. Farewell mate, I'm sad to see you go. I appreciate the shout-out and I had a lot of fun roleplaying with you and talking to you as a person as well. You always have a lively attitude, even when things are a struggle. Though there was OOC intrigue recently, you're still a friend and so I hope you go places. Take care!
  15. Genuinely one of the nicest people I know with a great passion for roleplay. He is definitely heartful and filled to the brim with inventive ideas. Sandey would make a great Event Team member. +1