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  1. Name: Artanaro Ithilher Nation: Elvenesse Combat Experience: Warrior
  2. Amazing write up. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. What a perfect way to add an essence of character to the ancient antagonist.
  3. -=+ The Honour Guard of Elvenesse +=- Sworn singularly to the Crown of Elvenesse, the Honour Guard was founded upon the demand for greater infrastructure in wake of an expansion of the Princedom. Forged upon the backs of the Almendorim and the House of Sylvaen, these solemn warriors of the citadel exist to defend the legacy of Malin and to unite Malin’s people under one great banner. Tenets As the front-line protectors of the Princedom of Elvenesse, the Honour Guard are the righteous custodians of the law and the people. Therefore, in accordance with this existence, each member must swear to uphold these seven binding tenets. It is by these laws that cohesive order is maintained and brotherhood is forged. 1. Devote yourself to Elvenesse and the Crown. You shall hold no other allegiance. 2. Embrace chivalry and courtesy. Show respect in your actions, for you represent the Guard. 3. To strike one of us is to strike us all. Defend your brothers; fight as one. 4. Protect the innocent. Stand and fight until you can fight no longer. 5. To the righteous, act with honour. To the deceitful, extend no quarter. 6. Act not against your brothers. To betray the Guard is to betray Elvenesse. 7. You are the herald of the Crown. Safeguard the laws of the Princedom. Rank Structure Grandmaster Supreme leader of the Honour Guard and the foremost field-commander of the Princedom’s military. They bear absolute authority over the various companies of the Guard, answering only to the Prince himself or his Council, and shall coordinate the defence of Elvenesse during times of war. Lieutenant Proven and adaptable veterans; it is the Lieutenant’s duty to serve as second-in-command of the Honour Guard, effectively discipline those beneath them, relay field-commands and act as de facto Grandmaster in the event of their absence. Armiger Dedicated veterans of the Honour Guard; those who bear this title are recognised by their peers as stalwart soldiers, dedicated to the defence of Elvenesse. They are expected to act as Standard-Bearers, capable of rousing and leading their fellow Battle-Brothers into the fires of war. Sentinel Those who have passed the trials of initiation and proven themselves a worthy blade shall attain this rank, ascending to a fully inducted member of the Honour Guard. They are the bulwark of the Princedom and stand shoulder-to-shoulder as its main line of defence. Aspirant A rank exclusive to the uninitiated; it is attained by those who bear the banner of the Honour Guard, but are yet to pass the trials that would determine them fit to be fully-fledged warriors of Elvenesse. Typically one does not bear the status for long, as they need only prove their worth to the Grandmaster and their Battle-Brothers. Distinctions and Specialisations Oathblade Earning their namesake from the traditional defenders of Aegrothond; an Oathblade is an honorary status bestowed to members of the Honour Guard by the Prince himself. Whilst the distinction carries no authority in itself, these individuals are often distinguished and loyal warriors, trusted with guarding the Prince and acting as the personal guard of House Sylvaen. Forgemaster A noted specialisation earned by those who prove to be expert craftsmen. Forgemasters are responsible for tending to the smithy and supplying the Honour Guard with effective equipment. They may see to the crafting of armaments, siege weapons and mentoring those who seek to follow in their profession. Apothecary Those who bear this distinction are specialists in the medical field, recognised not only for their skill with medicine but also a level-headed nature in their practise. Apothecaries are expected to operate upon the wounded of the Honour Guard, during the thick of battle if necessary, and function as basic paramedics should the need arise. Shipmaster Mariners who’ve adapted their trade for military service; Shipmasters are experts at the helm, capable of wrestling their vessels through the roughest conditions. They are expected to effectively coordinate Elvenesse’s navy, provide council in the midst of naval combat and coordinate Honour Guard expeditions out at sea. Trials of Initiation For an Aspirant to be fully inducted into the Honour Guard, they must first go through a set of trials, overseen by a veteran of their company. Upon the completion of these trials, a ceremony will then be held by either the Grandmaster or his Lieutenants, recognising the uninitiated as a Sentinel and a fully inducted protector of Elvenesse. Trial by Combat As a soldier of the Honour Guard and protector of Elvenesse, one must prove that they are capable of handling a weapon. Thus, an Aspirant must face an inducted member of the Honour Guard in single-combat. Whether standing victorious or lying in defeat, this trial proves to be a reminder of the rigorous road ahead and the quality in which they should aspire to maintain. Trial by the Mast The Almendorim are a sea-faring folk, used to traversing the strangest tides of the realm. In keeping with this tradition, each Aspirant must undertake a mentorship with a capable mariner of Elvenesse, thus providing them with the ability to crew a ship should the need arise. Trial by the Forge For centuries, the Almendorim have taken pride in their skills with the forge, crafting suitable armour and weapons of untarnishable quality. Undertaking a mentorship with a smith of Elvenesse, the Aspirant must craft themselves a ring, of which they shall then present to their overseer - a token reminder of their status as a member of the Honour Guard. Application -=Roleplay=- Name: Race: Age: Are you a citizen of Elvenesse: Previous military experience (Not necessary): -=OOC=- MCname: Discord (Required):
  4. To those of you who argue that sewers didn’t exist pre-middle ages – ever heard of the Romans? Arguing that guns should exist because sewers are present in Helena is plainly stupid.
  5. When you claim to “hate animii”, yet attempt to acquire animii arms for a specific character, used animii arms yourself for a time and had Maya actively interact with animii users.
  6. “They ran, not fast enough,” an Oathblade would remark.
  7. Get rid of the feat. The magic is fine, but get rid of this **** free-access feat. If there’s anything that eliminates the consequences to RP, it’s wannabe Bruce Lee throttling people whilst blindfolded. Put effort into your roleplay people.
  8. Application Name: Artanáro Ithilher Race: Human Age: 138 Place of Residence: Aegrothond Scholarly Background (N/A if none): Silver Sage of Rapport to the Ascended Order of the Mongoose. I previously administrated the knowledge of the order and oversaw the use of magecraft within our ranks.
  9. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. 

  10. Artanáro believed that he had earned a moment of peace. Reclining in his armchair, feet up on a stool and a novel in hand – the former Ascended observed with a soft smile as his granddaughter, Evelyn eagerly devoured a bowl of porridge. However, this tranquillity was suddenly interrupted by a series of loud knocks rattling his door. He stepped out to an audience with a courier... “I bring word from Sutica!” the courier gasped, short of breath after the hastily ride to Aegrothond. A brief exchange of words occurred, finishing with the delivery of a stack of notes. Artanáro then placed a satchel of coin into the man’s hand. “Ahernan. You have done me a great service,” he’d assure the messenger, slowly closing the door with an immediate frown. The Silver Sage pinned the notice he’d acquired to his wall, pondering his inner-most thoughts. First Hiren, now Telos. He was now forced to accept the unsettling reality. A serial killer was terrorising Sutica; a dark fiend with a lust for chaos. Young Evelyn wandered up to her grandfather’s side, the innocent curiousity of a child omnipresent in her gaze of wonder. Artanáro proceeded to ruffle the girl’s hair, offering a calm and reassuring smile. “It would appear my duty is not yet done, Evelyn...”
  11. [!] Flyers would be spread across the far corners of the realm of Arcas [!] --- Missing - Evelyn Tailame --- Peoples’ of Arcas, I write to inform you of the disappearance of a young child, by the name of Evelyn Tailame. She has been missing since the uneventful murder of her father, Hiren Tailame and was last seen by witnesses within the Trade Federation of Sutica. Evelyn’s family now seek information from all credible sources that might shed light on her location. As such, this message goes out to all those who might be willing to lend a hand in the search. For those who seek to provide information or leads, there will be a substantial reward of 1,000 minas for each individual that comes forward with evidence as per her whereabouts. Negotiations for a greater deposit will be considered on the grounds of the reliability of the information supplied. As Evelyn’s grandfather, I pray for her safe return and do so humbly beg for aid in these dire times. If anyone across the realm of Arcas should have her, I implore you to not bring the girl harm, but rather to safely deliver her, in good faith, into the care of her loving family --- Profile: -Name: Evelyn Tailame -Race: Wood Elf -Skin-Tone: Tanned -Hair: Dark Brown -Eyes: Teal Blue -Gender: Female -Age: Two/Three years. -Last Known Location: The Trade Federation of Sutica Reward: 1,000 Minas (Negotiations for a greater deposit will be considered) --- P.S. Contact may be achieved via message raven. Signed; Artanáro Ithilher
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