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  1. First time I see Enor online for a month. Could this be the return of Enor?

  2. Hi May you implement My Application please?

  3. Application

    Please do not repost your application within 48 hours. Take this time to expand upon your character, proof-read your application, read up on server lore and rules and fix the problems with your app. Feel free to contact me on either the Teamspeak channel or through the forums if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
  4. Henryvii's Application

    Moved to Accepted Forum
  5. Henryvii's Application

    , please wait while an Admin puts you on the whitelist.
  6. ROBIN get on team speak ya nub

  7. Blackwidow920 Temporary Ban

    Question answered, Thank you liri.
  8. Blackwidow920 Temporary Ban

    I shall try and find out why you where banned. Also, keep in mind that it is temporary and you will be unbanned in 2 days.
  9. timay get on ts please