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  1. Evocress

    [✗] Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Soul Puppetry initial conception: Soul Puppetry (no comment) accepted: (Dates: July 14, 2013, August 2, 2013). Now, looking into all magic with lore at the time, the only thing that comes similar is Necromancy Curses. However multiple iterations of necromancy lore has been made: These topics are both the earliest submissions of necromancy, however focusing on the Aegis undead style rather then the necromancy staple we have today. That post would come here: (Posted January 2, 2013) The first necromancy lore post which detached itself from the previous necromancy lore(s) posted. The concept here would be 'curseweaver'. Although a very limited knowledge on exactly what can be done. It would take until May 25, 2013 for a more distinctive detail on what can be achieved is posted: This list gives a Tier level understanding, i'll quote the most powerful being T5. This gives a clear understanding that 'cursing' a individual is much like how necromancers plague the land rather then inflicting deliberating supernatural curses that soul puppetry can inflict. Now, we'll go into the second magic that finally had conclusive lore written and accepted. You didn't have 'curses' as you have today, you changed it through constant rewrites.
  2. Evocress

    [Denied]Aviers's Game Moderator Application

    He's pretty cool. +1. Just don't make him Sohaer.
  3. Evocress

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    I refreshed the page, none of the spoilers showed up originally. So I thought it was all dot-points. As I read all of previous frost-witch lore and additions I knew what everything was. Edit: However I still stand by my original comment, it's nice and fleshed out now that I can access the spoilers.
  4. Evocress

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    A nice lore collaboration of everything. I don't see any new additions to this however, so I presume it won't have to be reviewed?
  5. Evocress

    GM Update Log - April 2018

    Congratulations to all the gm team and the hard work they perform. Also nice formatting with this post.
  6. Changelog v1: Added: Connection Guidelines: Spell Guidelines:
  7. Is this what a hostage situation is like?

  8. Evocress

    Mukai [Creature]

    If they're not a playable race with normal players, wouldn't it be more inclined to put them here: ?
  9. The organ squeezing thing can kill you and if a puppeteer willingly does it they commit to a pk. However that being said you do the intensity of the squeezing. If it kills the individual then most likely it'll kill you. Have some control over it. The death curse. You do it. You pk. Have fun.
  10. Has always been a t3 spell. The issue with them doing this the puppeteer dies unless dealt with carefully.
  11. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/164678-✓-soul-puppetry-lore-collective-rewrite/
  12. Read the lore collective posted, it explains this.
  13. Soul Puppetry Amendment 2.0 This will clarify the guidelines for Soul puppetry and OOC regulations to further help moderate and evaluate the magic for potential abuse and powergame. Connection guidelines: When a connection is formed on a individual, if you wish for it to extend past three (IRL) days you’ll be required to inform the individual bound on creation. The connection will ping the puppet with the individual bound, if one doesn’t match up the connection will break. Eg: Connection transfer. The connection is done through dark-arts, accessing the life-pool of an individual when first initiating the connection rather then the void. The connection cannot be created if the biological blueprint harvested is mixed with any other of any kind. (Blood mixed). The connection can be broken by a specific spell cast by individuals or holy mages. A mage is required to be the same tier to successfully at a one-hundred percent chance. A tier below the one who is in ownership of the puppet will require to roll out of 20, a higher roll chance then the owner of the puppet will successfully dismantle the link. Any further tier lower will require a roll out of 10, whereas the owner has a roll out of 20. The higher roll would either successfully break or resist. If an individual is unsuccessful in dismantling the link from a puppet, the link will be immune to being broken for ten emotes. The owner of the puppet will be pinged if the attempt to break the link has failed. Ascended are unable to be connected, Aeriel will spot the imperfection of the soul and remove it. The connection to a creature is able to be done as stated, however high-fantasy creatures such as a Phoenix is unable to be bound for longer than the current role-play scenario. This includes magical bound creatures tamed by druids. A connection in soul puppetry will work throughout the overworld utilizing dark-arts to achieve such a feat. Once both individuals have been selected amongst the puppet it’ll shoot out a darting ping to attach between them both. This ping will only shoot out up-to twenty meters(Or blocks) from the puppet and if successful a connection has been formed. Once the connection has formed successfully both individuals would notice a small mist coming from them that they would only be able to see, this mist isn’t physical and doesn’t correlate to any naturality of the mortal world, rather it’s a pull of the auras that have tethered themselves to the ping when it crosses back to check if both are still connected to the puppet. If one is within a certain radius of 15 meters(or blocks) this mist would slowly cease to exist not requiring so much energy for such a distance to ping from. The radius to conduct new curses however on a individual would remain to the region both individuals are within, any present or on going curses that go on a prolonged time doesn’t need to follow this rule. Spell guidelines: Any spell bound / placed on a individual will require OOC consent if it’ll persist after the current role-play scenario. The truth charm / specified spells (such as specific influences) have been removed, these will now remain up-to the individual bound if a influence is successful. Unable to move whilst casting any new spells upon a individual, having to remain completely stationary while applying. On going spells however (past the scenario) do not follow this. No Dual Casting while a new spell is being casted. Physical deformations done to a user will now have a restriction being; Depending on the level of deformations done to a individual over the current role-play scenario a user would require more than one user of soul puppetry, this will be moderated by; Facial construction: One Puppeteer. Half body construction: Two Puppeteers. Full body construction: Three Puppeteers. On the level of mass deformation to a level of it not following the soul blueprint a user of soul puppetry wouldn’t be able to conjure such things. An example would be; werewolf. Eternal curses are now removed (not that they existed) and have been replaced with; Birth-stage: Once a spell has been applied onto a target a one week countdown will begin. During this period a puppeteer is required to have the puppet on them fueling the spell at all times. The individual bound is required to last until the week countdown has ended without dying otherwise the countdown will reset. If the countdown is successful, the mid-stage will be triggered. Mid-stage: Upon accessing this stage a puppeteer isn’t required to keep a constant spell effect upon the individual, however it is now tethered to the soul blueprint like a hook. This can be easily removed however by specific mages that can break the puppeteers connection, accessing the end-stage. End-stage: Once the connection has been severed, this final stage is activated. This stage is where the final spell-effect would remain. Another countdown will begin of one week, during this week is a period of time that they’re able to seek out a mage that can remove the spell effects upon them. However only if the individual wills the effect to be removed, if not; healing the effect will not work. Once the countdown has ended the effect will fully be permanent on the individual. Elaboration: You have 2 weeks to fully remove any effects a soul puppeteer gives you, from the birth stage and the end stage. The effect cannot be forcefully removed from oneself if they don’t deem it. Puppet Guidelines: You require a MC representation of a puppet. If a material puppet is created (T5), it requires to be signed and approved by the magic team for the given effects it’ll cause when utilized. A life-puppet is required to have full OOC consent from the individual bound, once given you’ll require the puppet to be signed off by a magic team member with the date in the description on the puppets creation. Progression Guidelines: Stage one (T1) Capable at creating one connection and utilizing a single spell. The connection will last for a hour. Stage two (T2) Capable at creating one connection and utilizing two spells. The connection will last for twelve hours. Stage three (T3) Capable at creating two connections and utilizing two spells. The connection will last for one day. Creation of; Non-blueprint abiding puppets Stage four (T4) Capable at creating three connections and utilizing three spells. The connection will last three days. Creation of; living puppets, specific puppets, bard puppets. Stage five (T5) Capable at creating three connections and utilizing three spells. The connection will last seven days. Creation of; life-puppets, material puppets. Curse Examples: Stage one (T1) - Sensory spells. Anger. Sadness. Fear. Happiness. Courage. Deafness. Blindness. Numbness. Stage two (T2) - Sensations spells. Nasua. Headache. Migraine. Rage. Dumbness. Burning. Freezing. Hunger. Laughter. Stage three (T3) - Physical spells. Crushing of bones. Squeezing of organs. Bleeding. Deformation. Flesh mending. Control of movement. Paralysis. Stage four (T4) - Mental spells. Nightmares. Degradation of the mind. Spectral influence. Phobias. Mental imaging. Stage Five (T5) - Material spells. Ability to create spell effects based on the material of the puppet. Greater control over previous stages; Utilizing control of a characters mental/physical state.
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