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  1. Azorella Elibar’acal cackles off in the distance
  2. Even in death, Azorella had been curved. The otherwise unemotional elfess would shed a single tear over the realization of her everlasting denial.
  3. Azorella cackles, thinking fondly of her wink-filled scheming that will follow Daerine’s re-assignment
  4. 24th of Snow Maiden, 1725 Address to the populace Mali’thill, upon revelation I have come to the conclusion that it is in my, Azorella Elibar’acal’s, best interest to make my candidacy for Okarir’mali public knowledge. My dedication to the state and the Diarchy should speak for itself, however for those ill-informed I shall cite a few brief examples. My time spent in Berr’lin has been laborious indeed, upon construction of our silver state, I single-handedly ran and implemented a farming system on otherwise unharvested land - which fed the populace at large for years. I led the construction of our greenhouse, creating accessibility to otherwise unreachable medical and scientific flora. The Uhieran, the first semblance of structure provided for the oem’iian of Haelun’or was formed, and continues to be run by myself. Additionally, I have served as medi’ir to not one, but two Okariran; the Okarir’tanya and the Okarir’mali, the latter serving as my direct superior for the entirety of his tenure upon elheial’thilln. Working under Mister Maher’tehral for the past years has granted me clarity in the inner workings of the cihi system and how it should, and should not be approached. In his absence, I have completely reprised all formers documents, aided multiple citizens upon arrival - not just with housing but with their cultural inheritance as well. My experience working with and facilitating the children of silver will allow a smooth transition of power, additionally it will make the implementation of other programs and policies much easier. My mar’maln served successfully as Okarir’mali for years, leading the Mali’thill through a prosperous and proud time. I wish to continue this trend - as my age of majority is quickly approaching, what better time. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Ahern ito nae’leh Azorella Elibar’acal Medi’ir to the Okarir’tanya, candidate for Okarir’mali Matriarch of the Elibar’acal Talonnii Naelu’evarir of the Haelun’or Uhieran
  5. The Silver Calendar of 1721 Archeology of Arcas Seminar Malins Welcome Flyers are passed out around the blessed city of Haelun’or to those passing through the square. The flyers are shown as: “The Archaeological findings of Arcas led by Corvac Aldin will be presented to all Mali’thill on Malin’s Welcome. The seminar will be held in the Eternal Library of Berr’lin. There will be several sites that will be discussed. All are welcome to attend this seminar.” Signed, Corvac Aldin Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ June 27th, 2019 4:00 pm EST / 21:00 CET]] First Aid For All! The First Seed A bulletin would be posted on the notice board in the square stating the following: “A First Aid Seminar for all ages to learn preliminary care! You’re never too old to learn how to staunch a wound. This class will likely cover field injuries and how to safely transport someone to the clinic. All injuries will be simulated in this case with the help of some lovely ‘aheral actors! We hope to see you there!” Signed, Dele Moonbrook Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ June 28th, 2019 4:00 pm EST / 21:00 CET]] The Assembly of Mali’thill Grand Harvest A bulletin is posted and this assembly is heard by all Mali’thill as follows: “The Blessed Citizentry is being summoned to the Silver Citadel, to voice their concerns, grievances and ideas directly to the Diarchy and the Okariran present. We ask you to prepare a short list, be it only a couple of points, to present to us. It is you, Cherished Child, who have the ability to save, sharpen and advance the Silver State. Go forth, speak your heart. We promise you, for as long we may reign, progress will be procured through our most assiduous duty for the betterment of our Blessed State.” signed by, Maheral Iaria Elervathar Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ June 29th, 2019 4:00 pm EST / 21:00 CET ]] Oem’iian’s Archeology and Ancient History Lesson Sun’s Smile The oem’iian of Haelun’or are notified by bird of this lesson with a note as follows: “Blessed Oem’ii of Silver, you are here by summoned to a lesson in Archeology and Ancient History this Sun’s Smile. You will be educated on the archeological arts and the ancient history of our blessed people. Come to the Eternal Library to further maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and ask the questions you would like the answers to.” Signed, Corvac Aldin Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ June 30th, 2019 2:00 pm EST / 19:00 CET]] Tea ay’Larihei Amber Cold Delicate invitations are passed out to all Mali’thill and include the following message: “Blessed Mali’thill, you are invited to attend a thilln tea party ay’Larihei. Bring your cherished ‘thill selves and your thoughts about Larihei and the Golden Pools to be discussed amongst like-minded individuals. The tea party will be held in the Tavern for you to come and enjoy yourself.” Signed, Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ July 1st, 2019 3:00 pm EST / 20:00 CET ]] Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  6. Okay, as the actual leader of the Scouts I’d just like to pop in to clear the air a bit. First and foremost, the scouts were based on a meme in the Haelun’or discord. It wasn’;t even a malicious meme, just a straight up wholesome meme. At some point the group changed from a meme to an actual in character thing, however at no point was Nazi-Germany in my mind. This group was genuinely based off of the girl scoutsYou know, the little girls in uniforms who sell good ass cookies. We even based our cookies off of theirs and just switched up the names. I love the scouts, I actually was one, and that is all. If you actually read through the posts, I really don’t see any similarities to the youth of the past. The only badge that would cause concern is the acid-pit bad boy. But that is purely IC. The High elves have been drawn to acid pits and what not for a long long time now, but that is only based on rp. They’re a more extreme group, sure, but again. That is IC. I have been on this server since Aegis, and this is the most wholesome and genuine rp that I have experienced. It was made an actual IC thing solely for the purpose of improving child rp in the city, which has been working if I may add. Comparing that to Nazi Germany is ridiculous. The Haelun’or community as a whole is amazing right now, and it is genuinely comprised of some of the nicest people I have ever had the chance to encounter. It is not a community of supremacists and we are not trying to convert any youth ooc. Hell, I’m a liberal. Yeah, okay I’m rambling now. Shay out.
  7. Azorella drinks tea within the comforts of the Scouts’ hovel. A small smile flashes across her otherwise dull face as she thinks about her wholesome Uhieran.
  8. [!] Pamphlets are once again found scattered throughout Berr’lin by an increasingly intimidating group of adolescent mali’aheral. Every citizen of the Silver City would find themselves falling victim to the scrutiny of the scout’s handouts. The Uhieran of Haelun’or Established: 12th of The Deep Cold, 1719 Who We Are The Uhieran were founded in 1719 by Azorella Elibar’acal, the original Naelu’evarir. The Uhieran were formed to provide a place of structure and belonging for the mali’thill children of the silver state of Haelun’or. What originally started as a group of two Malii quickly expanded to a city-run institution. Haelun’or Uhieran Group Picture, 1721. (Colourized) Why Join? The mali’aheral age of majority is much later than most, as such there are very few opportunities that the underage Mali of elcihi may take advantage of. The Uhieran distorts this fact by encouraging the youth to step out of their comfort zones and leap into all the realm has to offer. With time and dedication, those enrolled in the Uhieran are able to grow from unmolded children to polished and shined individuals, ready to prosper in the vast climate that is Haelun’or. Opportunities aside, the Uhieran provides a place of unity, and some may say family, for those malii who otherwise lack such. The scouts proudly open their clubhouse doors to any willing and pure mali’aheral child. The Chaperone System. As the Uhieran essentially serves as a group of children leading children, adult intervention is necessary at times. Thus, the chaperone system was formed. The eligibility requirements are simple, Mali are able to chaperone if: ( I ) They are the parent or state-assigned guardian of an oem’ii in the Uhieran OR ( II ) They currently sit on elheial'thilln If you are a Mali’thill interested in chaperoning, but you do not meet the eligibility requirements, one is urged to review the imperative of reproduction Scout Cookies Cookies are a pinnacle of the Uhieran institution, serving as a source of funds and a gateway into the entrepreneurial realm. Each scout will be equipped with cookie boxes upon every excursion, and cookies will be constantly available for purchase at the scout booth situated in Berr’lin. Thill Mints Sillumoas Tagalaurirs Badges One of the defining characteristics of the Uhieran is its badges and the opportunities to collect them. Badges serve as a form of recognition of the accomplishments of the Uhieran. Badges are earned in a variety of ways, most taking practice, lessons, and multiple excursions before they may be rewarded. Due to the earned nature of badges, malii are limited to the receival of one badge every Elven day. Badges are to be awarded once every Elven week, when a Uhieran general meeting will be held. All scout members are expected to sit the meeting, regardless of their badge-rank. Total badges: 56 MEDICAL ADVENTURING ASSISTANCE ARTS SKILLS LANGUAGE MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA COOKING Enrolment: https://forms.gle/M7fGE9UPcMHzpuQa8 Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Medi’ir ro the Okarir’mali and Okarir’tanya Azorella Elibar’acal
  9. [!] Pamphlets are found scattered throughout the city by a rather intimidating group of adolescent girls. Every citizen of the Silver City would find themselves falling victim to the scrutiny of the scout’s handouts. The uhieran of Haelun’or Established: 12th of The Deep Cold, 1719 Purpose: The uhieran, or scouts, of Haelun’or serves as an ordered congregation for the mali’thill youth of the state. For too long have the malii run free and unsupervised in and out of the city. The uhieran provides a solution to this now-rampant dilemma by issuing structure, guidance, and the opportunity to learn new skills not otherwise available or apparent to their ever-moldable minds. The uhieran, as a state-approved function, is run by a hierarchy of earned and appointed ranks, and is restricted to those mali’thill youth who are currently citizens of the silver state. Scouts Pledge Haelun’or Chapter I pledge my body and mind to the state I promise to be honest, fair, and helpful I will stay true to my word and carry through Above all, I will uphold the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and respect the uhieran law. Ranks and Uniforms: [ I ] Fi’avernan Entry level rank. All scouts, regardless of age, start as a fi’avernan. Fi’avernan must be accompanied by a laureh’evarir during all badge-earning events, regardless if they occur in Haelun’or or on an excursion. [ II ] Lenti’avernan The rank of lenti’avern is earned once a fi’avernan has successfully collected 25 badges. Lenti’avernan no longer require a chaperone during in-city badge events. [ III ] Ante’avernan The ante’avern rank is earned once a lenti’avernan has successfully collected 50 badges. Ante’avernan are able to attend excursions in and out of the city without supervision, once granted the Naelu’evarir’s permission. [ IV ] Parsaer’avernan Paraer’avernan are approved by the laureh’evariran. Parsaer’avernan must successfully collect all applicable badges before appointment. Parsaer’avernan are authorized to plan and enact badge-earning events, with the approval of the laureh or naelu’evariran. [ V ] Laureh’evarir Highest rank achievable by a scout. The laureh’evarir serves as a direct assistant to the naelu’evarir, working as a guide and influence for the lower ranks. Laureh’evariran must be appointed by the naelu’evarir [ VI ] Naelu’evarir The naelu’evarir serves as the leader of the Scouts. The Scout Mother is directly responsible for the overseeing of the laureh’evariran, the rewarding of badges, and the organization of the chapter. Current Naelu’evarir Azorella Elibar’acal Enrolment: https://forms.gle/M7fGE9UPcMHzpuQa8 Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Medi’ir ro the Okarir’mali and Okarir’tanya Azorella Elibar’acal
  10. House Number: 14 Your Name: Azorella Maehr’indor Do you live alone? No Names of Additional Occupants (if applicable): Acaele Lazul Your Relationship with the Occupants (if applicable, e.g. spouse, children, sibling): Acaele Lazul
  11. :OOC: MC Name: Grandpablue MC name of those living with you: Omniway :RP: Head of household: Azorella Maehr’indor Family/individuals staying: 2
  12. Another excuse to be arrogant?! Yes please! +1
  13. Eat ALL the cookies.

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