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  1. AN OWL’S LAST FLIGHT To be published upon the death of Maheral Azorella Elibar’acal Oblivion does not frighten me. The threat of being forgotten does; the idea of merely being left to the insects roaming beneath our feet is an incomprehensible fate for any ‘thill. We all shall die, that much is certain, however it is the nature of death we must loom around. If this parchment is gracing the eyes of beings other than myself, it can be well assumed I have been forced to face oblivion myself. A strange sentence to write indeed, however despite our rather extended lifespans we mali’thill too must eventually face the cold grips of death herself. One can hope that I passed peacefully, no reservations, old and comfortable somewhere surrounded by a plethora of beets. I hope to watch my son grow old, I hope to have more sons to watch, perhaps a daughter. I hope. I write this in a spot of hesitation, animosity. The teachings of Larihei are being brushed aside. Her children have been failing of late, her influence, the influence of the Maheral waning. I hope when this parchment reaches the light of day such a narrative no longer applies within our walls. I hope. It is strange to reflect on your teachings, your impact, when you are blatantly unaware of such. Thus, I choose not to. I choose to instead reflect on the good that has fallen upon my blessed life. Maheral Elervathar. First and foremost I would like to thank you for the trust you bestowed in me to uphold the teachings of the Maheralan before you, and Larihei herself. As I write this, I hope your teachings truly reverberated through my being, allowing me to further distribute the word of the Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya through the children of silver. If I have failed you, I am deeply sorry. Oblivion does not scare me, but tarnishing your line, your wisdom. I can think of no worse fate. Maln. A title held by so many, yet so few. I feel no need to name particulars, you know who you are. I truly hope I outlive you all and this portion is irrelevant, I hope. However, I am grateful for your influence, your patience. I am grateful for the consolation, the unnecessarily long conversations to soothe my ego. I am sorry for the outbursts, the lack of empathy. Most importantly, I’m sorry for the teacups. The Golden Owls. There are too many of you to mention individually, and I anticipate upon my demise you’ve heard the goings on of my brain far too many times. My love for our nation is indescribable, such is truth. I have oft touted that there is no greater bond than the bond which ties the mali’thill to our blessed bastion. In that festers my greatest lie. There is no greater bond than the bond which ties me to you. Acting as your Matriarch, watching you grow, pester, make mistakes, has truly been an honour. For that I am thankful. Theris will lead you well as Patriarch and, with some luck, shall share the same sentiment as I. Finally, Luavyn. Mayilu. If this reaches you I am disappointed. One would hope that we went out together, your rampant babbling pushing me past that final point. If, by some chance, you outlive me let me state this clearly; If you remarry I will haunt you. With luck, this parchment will be shoved in a stack of many. Lost, forgotten, and replaced by some final testimony, drafted by myself sometime within my eight hundredth year upon this realm. However, in the chance that this is released, I would like to echo the words of my ancestors, “sacrifice is the first step towards purity.” Oblivion does not frighten me. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Signed, Maheral, Azorella Elibar’acal
  2. AN UPDATED HEIAL’LAURIRAN From the office of the Maheral Issued this 8th of the Amber Cold, 1767 Maheral Iaria Elervathar established elheial’lauriran - a council of the most highly esteemed members of mali’thill society to lend their opinions to the Maheral on matters of culture and the preservation of tradition. Given the intended influence of the institution and its relative obscurity thus far, the responsibilities and intended purposes of elheial’lauriran will be clarified by this document. Members of elheial’lauriran shall include the matriarchs/patriarchs of all active Talonnii of the city who must be present for meetings or send a surrogate from within their Talonnii. Malauriran may choose to participate in meetings and votes of the heial’lauriran at their leisure. Meetings are to be presided over by the Maheral and recorded by their Maelunir. Members of the Diarchy, elheial’thilln, or elheial’lauriran may bring draft legislation before the heial’lauriran for consideration and debate. Each member of the heial’thilln may then decide whether to endorse or reject the draft, and may also have their arguments for or against entered into the public record upon request. Once endorsed by a simple majority of lauriran, a draft shall be considered endorsed by the heial’lauriran as a body and elsohaer and the members of elheial’thilln shall be obligated to meet and consider the proposal and to publish a public response passing or rejecting the legislation within three elven weeks. With that much said, it is stressed that the pursuit of the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is of utmost importance, and it follows that stagnation is to be treated as a serious threat within this blessed bastion. Members of elheial’lauriran are expected to be exemplary pillars of society, shining beacons for those who require guidance. It has come to our attention that some within our ranks have fallen beneath such a standard. It has been noted that the Aldin Talonnii has seen a sustained lack of presence within our walls. Their patriarch Goan Aldin, their sole representative, seldom leaves the comfort of the expansive Aldin abode. As a result of this stagnation, Goan Aldin will be removed from the heial’lauriran and the Aldins are henceforth stripped of their right to claim Talonnii status. In contrast to the decline and stagnation of the Aldin Talonnii, now shall we recognize the vibrant activity and dedicated service of another bloodline of the Silver State. The Maehr’tehral bloodline shall be elevated to Talonnii status, their patriarchy and representation on the heial’lauriran being vested in the esteemed Nelgauth Maehr’tehral. The Lauriran of Elheial’lauriran As of 1767 Aiera Sullas Anethra Uradir Azorella Elibar’acal Dele Seregon Iatrilemar Elervathar Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Sulraell Visaj This list is subject to change. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Maheral, Azorella Elibar’acal Maelunir, Acaele Lazul
  3. Azorella stifles a laugh, her eyes glancing over the notice before the Maheral once again tosses the parchment from her second-floor office “it appears the Uradir has trouble reading” she hums before returning to her work
  4. A PUBLIC CONCERN The Maheral’s address to the Blessed Citizenry of the Silver State of Haelun’or Issued this 14th of the Deep Cold, 1766 Mali’thill, Most Blessed, It has come to my attention that, despite my labours preventing the engagement between Miss Evelon Faeliel and Mister Muriel Uradir, the involved pair are scheduled to marry this Elven year. The union between Mister Delos Telperion and Miss Nuala Uradir connected Miss Faeliel and Mister Uradir through their respective familial trees, therefore making them but second cousins by marriage. I ask, as your Malaurir: Have we become so desperate for unions within the blessed bastion that we are willing to look past the roots of otherwise pure familial trees? Have the Uradir become so terrified of extinction that, despite the efforts of the seemingly fertile Okarir’mali, they are willing to further besmirch their otherwise proud and pure bloodline? Have we become so blinded by feelings and lust that we hold no shame in marriages similar to those held by the Valah? For our entangled Talonnii members, this is a pursuit for validation entirely by the means of an association condemned by your Maheral. The Uradir Talonnii must not tarnish the reputation built over so many years by the revered Kalenz Uradir. Despite the notable failures of recent members of the Talonnii, still too few compare to the distinguished Uradir. The Faeliel Talonnii, however, while small and otherwise irrelevant, must not betray the memory and service of the late Gusten Faeliel. Although the imperative of reproduction must always be acknowledged, elMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya must be upheld first and foremost. To allow this union to proceed is to accept blatant impurities within this Blessed Bastion. As is my duty as Maheral, no such acts shall be blindly accepted within the Silver State. Henceforth, any state support of the union of Miss Faeliel and Mister Uradir shall be revoked, the pair in question subject to mandatory re-education lessons. Emotions are no excuse to forsake the teachings of Larihei. Let this message reverberate, Mali’thill. Sacrifices must be made for the upholding of our blessed societal standards, lest we fall to the fates bestowed upon those lesser than we. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Maheral, Azorella Elibar’acal
  5. Azorella’s eyes flit over the notice, a look of repulsion quickly spreading over her otherwise pallid features “I see they took no heed to my words.” she scoffs, crumpling the paper before promptly tossing it from her office down to the main floor of the citadel “I suppose no less can be expected from mali in their position.”
  6. "Sacrifice is the first step towards purity." -= Family Tree =- -= Physical Appearance =- -= Personality =- -= History/Beliefs =- -= Etymology =- [If you've any questions regarding the Elibar’acals, please send me a discord DM. Grandpa Shay#1084]
  7. Azorella sits within the confines of the Elibar’acal manor, a warm hearth burning in the background. The elfess would sigh, flipping over the notice for what seemed to be the hundredth time, the weight of her assignment beginning to set in. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya” she mutters softly before reaching for a quill. There was work to be done.
  8. [!] The following notice would be hand-delivered to every citizen of Lareh’thilln by a large troupe of Uhieran THE ASSEMBLY OF MALI’THILL OF 1754 Issued on the !3th of Malin’s Welcome, 1754 Favoured Blessed Citizen of The Silver State of Haelun’or, ElHeial’thilln has been criticized as of late, the council itself sitting subject to heavy controversy and criticism. Your blessed Diarchy and the Silver Council will not sit complacent to these events and remarks. If we as a nation are to move past these recent taints we must converge and you, our blessed denizens, must voice your thoughts. It is with this that we, your council members, summon you to a General Assembly of mali’thill within the next Elven day. We ask you to bring forth your thoughts, concerns, and general comments. It is only together that we may continue to progress and thrive as a nation. It is within your hands, children of silver, to bring forth the change you would like to see. We shall remain prosperous. The blessed city and council of Silver will never falter. ay’larihei maehr’sae hiylun’ehya signed by, Maheral Iaria Elervathar Sohaer Dimaethor Elervathar Okarir'mali Azorella Elibar’acal Incumbent Okarir'san Aerendyl Lor’demar Okarir'tir Alaion Miravaris Okarir'indor Uppori Visaj Okarir’tanya Anethra Uradir [[Citadel, 8th of February, Saturday. 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CEST / 4 PM EST]]
  9. [!] The following notice would be delivered to every citizen of Haelun’or by the hands of small Uhieran children, the notice itself smelling oddly of beets The Blessed Union of Laurir Azorella Elibar’acal and Luavyn Aldin Rejoice, citizens. We, the ever blessed, have found ourselves once more basking in the light of a period filled only by peace and tranquility. With that said, you, the denizens of our ever growing bastion, are owed a wedding. Let this parchment serve as a formal invitation to the union of the esteemed Azorella Elibar’acal and Luavyn Aldin. Both ‘thill members of prominent and state-recognized talonnii. The ceremony will take place within the walls of the ETERNAL library, within the Elven week. All citizens of Lareh’thilln are welcomed and expected to attend. Okarir’mali Azorella Elibar’acal Medi’ir to the Okarir’mali Luavyn Aldin [!] Following the notice, one would notice a rather colourful addition to the invite. The Grand BEET Ball Following the union, a formal ball will be held to celebrate the blessed beet, and the advancements made by Azorella Elibar’acal, pertaining to the beet. The beet, and its effects, quite like this nation is everlasting and must be celebrated. All citizens of the Silver State are welcome to come celebrate the beet, Larihei, newly forged bonds, and the Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. The dress code will be formal. The colours of apparel, reflecting the hues of the beet and the Aldin talonni, shall be red. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Ay’Larihei [[ooc information: the wedding will be held at 2pm est on Sunday, February 9, in the Haelun’or library. The ball will proceed directly after the wedding in the tavern. Get your red fits on gamers, a red wedding is coming.]]
  10. [!] The following notice would find itself in the hands of every occupant of the city Lareh’thilln. THE HAELUN’OR HOUSING INITIATIVE 16th of the Deep Cold, 1750 Rejoice, Mali’thill. Your once construction ladden cihi is quickly transforming from a barren hazard to a warm, welcoming establishment. With the nearing completion of the city rehaul, we find ourselves once more fully inhabitable by all first class, mali’thill citizens. All those eligible by the previously stated standards who have requested a residence have been assigned to one of the following districts: ELERVATHAR AVENUE Nestled in the heart of the city lay the district named after our prosperous Diarchy, namely Maheral Iaria Elervathar. Occupants will find themselves overlooking a bustling trade district during the day, but will find peaceful solace in their homes at night. Inhabitants will enjoy easy access to all pieces of the city, thanks to the district’s centralized location. ASTORE WAY Named after the great Maheral and founder of Haelun’or, Dio Astore, those lucky enough to be located here will find themselves still enjoying the centralized feel of Elervathar Avenue, yet they are introduced to a more private setting. The houses within this district overlook the remaining districts, an envious position indeed. ELLIR’SIOL DISTRICT Named after yet another founder of Haelun’or, Ellir’siol, the inhabitants of this district find themselves in one of the most secluded areas of the city. The district home to flora, artwork, and a private yards, the families settled here will find themselves comfortable and content. THE VISAJ WARD One of the most illustrious districts within Lareh’thilln, the Visaj ward, named after Sohaer Dimaethor (Visaj) Elervathar, is home to the esteemed Talonnii manors, along with the Elibar’acal Block, and sporadic housing. Those additional inhabitants to the district will find themselves graced by easy access to the Eternal Library and square, along with the lower plateau elevator. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Okarir’mali Azorella Elibar’acal
  11. Azorella sits within the confines of the Maehr’tehral manor, which she definitely didn’t break into, a frown spread across her pallid features as she promptly tosses a missive into the roaring hearth “quite mouthy, the ‘ata” she comments before rising to search for tea
  12. Azorella smiles, the thought of an Elibar’acal state running through her mind “I am glad to see someone is taking my call for reproduction seriously.”
  13. The trials and tribulations of raising laboratory mice A documentation of the processes following the revelation of the correlation between the blessed beet and homosexuals. A journal by head beet researcher, Azorella Elibar’acal [[disclaimer]] Day 1. I’ve managed to trap a total of nine field mice from the plateau just outside of the city limits. The dexterity provided by such small bodies never ceases to baffle me. After sufficient research I’ve prepared a small enclosure for them to accustom them to their new homes. I will begin treatment in a fortnight, I merely hope that with a rigorous feeding and light ritual they will quickly habituate within their enclosure. Day 13. Most of the mice have acclimated nicely. Subject number seven unfortunately passed away. Subject eight is showing signs of wear, I’m hoping they’ll make it through it. I’ve begun therapy on them, as should be common knowledge at this point - mice, rightfully so, are not naturally occurring homosexuals. Thus they will become lab-reared homosexuals in this study. The details behind the lab-rearing will be found in a separate volume, as it does not seem logical to include the exact details pertaining to the training procedures in a simple laboratory journal. Going forward I will be updating this journal more frequently now to keep track of the project going through the therapeutic trials. Day 16. The heat-therapy has not yet shown any signs of success. I’m hoping however that our mice will begin to show signs of homosexuality. Hopefully the lack of progress is merely due to the longevity required to alter their inherent physical needs, such as the natural heterosexuality. Day 20. After sufficient use of the mice’s rather complex ability to feel pain, I can confidently state that they are indeed eliciting sure signs of homosexual desires. I caught one mouse trying to mate with its fellow male, yet it seemed turned off by its fellow female. I will monitor them without interference for some time and see if continued heat therapy is required to have them continue to elicit such desires or whether I can simply move onwards with my study. Day 30. I will confidently state that the lab-reared mice have been successfully altered to continually and seemingly forevermore elicit homosexual desires. Pain treatment has been successful and they seem to respond adversely to heterosexual urges even without the implied pain. They must assume that pain is coming , though it is not. I will accept these results. I will begin beet treatment shortly Now, it is just a matter of determining if the simple beet will turn them away from homosexuality. Perhaps they must consume it, perhaps they just need to be near it - perhaps an elixir of sorts must be fastened. One can only tell with time. Day 35. I’ve begun implementing beets into their feeding schedule. Although they were already on a rigorous food schedule to keep their bodily functions maintained properly as opposed to their normal meal of seeds and whatnot, I’ve begun adding beets to all substances consumed. Although, no further progress has been noted towards conflicted thoughts of homosexuality. Perhaps fermented beets, or tea, could be utilized in the upcoming trials… Day 40. After a short period of consultation with tomes on the art of tea-making, I have successfully prepared a beet-tea assortment. I will begin swapping out the mice’s water sources with this tea in the upcoming days. No further progress has been noted when simply implementing beets into their feeding schedule. In the meantime, I have begun to ferment an assortment of beets, as this process takes longer it will be started ahead of the upcoming procedures. Day 56. No progress has been noted with the addition of the beet tea, I have reverted them back to drinking water. A latent period will be observed as I wait for the beets to ferment, I hope this works. For Larihei, for maehr’sae hiylun’ehya this has to work. Day 70. I am back. I have begun administering small doses of early-fermented beets to the mice. No response in the sexuality department has been noted. They do not seem to enjoy the drink, however this is not for their pleasure. This is for the betterment of our society as a whole. I will continue the fermentation process in a distillery fashion. Day 114. SUCCESS. THE TRIAL HAS BEEN A SUCCESS. Once additionally fermented beets were added to the mice’s vigorous feeding schedule, the mice no longer seemed frightened by their sexual counterparts. They were eliciting the suppressed behaviour once more - forgetting the prior treatment. I will continue to monitor the effects. Further treatment may be needed - it may not be a one dose kind of thing. Day 118. The prior treatment does not seem to have an extended effect. It appears that they have reverted back to their previously initiated behaviour, I will continue treatment and watching after the effects of the fermented beets has worn off. Perhaps a continuous dosage schedule will be required for any permanent effects, however I am hopeful that perhaps a few weeks or months of treatment will have permanent effects upon our mice. Once I am able to prove the required treatment schedule I will be ready to move onto more accurate test subjects. Day 140. This will be my last journal entry. The project has been a complete success. After two weeks of constant treatment the mice were no longer showing signs of the previously conditioned response towards the opposite sex. I lost two additional mice in the process but it was a worthy cause. Even field mice can contribute to the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, and these brilliant test subjects were no exception. Moving forward, testing must be done on lessers first - if we are to validate the results of this test they must be tried on Elven subjects, but I would not risk tainting even an ‘ata, as wasted mali’aheral blood is an egregious act. I hope, dear reader, that this journal serves informative moving forward. This is all for now. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Okarir’mali, Head Beet Researcher Azorella Elibar’acal
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