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  1. Mr_Boomer337

    Clan Orvar and the Warband of the Haukvengr

    MC Name: BooMziE (( formerly - Mr_Boomer337)) RP Name: Torkel the Wanderer of Orvar Skype Name(You may PM it): mrboomer337 Teamspeak?: Yes on my Surface Pro Timezone: PST (( May change due to moving )) Profession(s)(Include level): Enchanting - Vet everything else Fair Will this be a main character?: Yes.
  2. Mr_Boomer337

    [Culture] The Gorundyr, Men of the Northwood

    Incomes Owyns trusty editor.
  3. Well, I've been around since the first year this server was created been through Aegis, the verge, Asulon, Anthos.. I've lost track of the maps since the pass few months I've been in and out of activity. Looked through all the old times and they were great. I've watched this server since the battles of the undead and the ascended... and it blows my mind how it continues to change and develop. Thank you LOTC for the memories and more to come. Happy new years. SEGARI ____ OUT

    1. Telanir


      Happy New Years to you too. :)

    2. Mr_Boomer337


      Oh and Thank you Telanir for all your hardwork, and the stress I'm sure comes with everything. 

    3. LPT


      YOOOOOOOO It's Boomer! (This is jaden568) aka titiana

  4. Mr_Boomer337

    [Playable Race] [Wip] Lycanthropy

    So you're basicly saying, "Hey Worgens sound like a good idea!"
  5. I don't even think Sup read the ban appeal.. It mentioned two offenses in one appeal.

    1. Mr_Boomer337


      He was unbanned by one GM. One that probably read the whole appeal out.

  6. I have a quick question, do you still have to mine in specific mining worlds?

    1. ToxicApple1


      Yes there are still mines around, you can mine outside of the mines but all you will find is cobblestone

  7. I have a quick question, do you still have to mine in specific mining worlds?

  8. If anyone got Diablo 3 add BooMziE#1252

  9. If anyone got Diablo 3 add BooMziE#1252

  10. Mr_Boomer337

    [Lore][Culture] The Gorundyr, Men Of The Northwood

    Right now the Orvar's are based out in Aesterwald, and some trusted warriors are now personal guards for Voron. As for the religion we share our beliefs to people who wish to learn more about us and our gods. So far just roleplaying the gods watching over us and telling others about them is by far the best roleplay I've had on this server since Aegis.
  11. Mr_Boomer337

    [Lore][Culture] The Gorundyr, Men Of The Northwood

    And now to look at this from when it started..... Guys it took off :D
  12. Where does one obtain quartz?

    1. bickando


      One is a master miner and delves into the mining world.

  13. Anyone have Gw2? Btw never forget Niedster... Never forget Niedster

  14. Mr_Boomer337

    Map Of The Dwarven Front And Proposed System

    Thou my voice is weak on LOTC.... +1 #FREENIEDSTER :)xD