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  1. MajesticOwyn

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Some people are attacking the LT and claiming they are suppressing good spontaneous and creative RP. Everyone loves when this RP happens and is done well by competent folk, but if you do away with these restrictions, you’ll have a lot more garbage floating around out there. Whether the LT is doing a good job or not doesn’t matter, their purpose is clear and their presence needed. This isn’t a D&D campaign with five players and a DM who can be as flexible as he wants, its a RP server full of hundreds of players. Many of which will try to stretch lore for personal gain. If the folk who made this event knew that the LT wouldn’t approve of this, they willingly went along with it anyway. What else could be expected? Keep nuclear weapons and other ridiculous things off the server. They aren’t the only way to create interesting RP.
  2. Is there a Vailor map download? I only see Axios and Anthos in the maps URL.

  3. MajesticOwyn

    Remove Post-Warclaim eviction notice

    I think people should probably just move their stuff out in the days before the war-claim, but I dont really have an issue with the three day eviction process. It’s a nice buffer for those who may not be online. The victors get all of the gear that is dropped during the war-claim and anything left over in the city afterwards. That being said, I really like the idea of having the world devs or some other staff come in to turn conquered settlements into ruins. More often than not these places are left standing and completely empty. Turn them into a cool area (similar to that battlefield in Vailor) and if the conquerors want to, they can choose to rebuild it.
  4. MajesticOwyn

    A Call for Sensibility

    “None of my ways involve the worship of demons or the practice of shadow magic. More words which paint my kind as simple animals, an attempt to dehumanize us. I think what you Imperials fear is that we are just as human as you.” ”Blod villi sole fram fe vaettfang tir'morgun, fit villi akveta allt.” Ruari snarled out, continuing to sharpen the head of his winged-spear.
  5. ”I thought the visit of the Haense military was infact a mere training exercise? Or were they here to cut down the corrupt and evil Karyssmov Faroe? Or was it like the soldiers themselves said to my very face, that we were in open rebellion? It seems no one can keep their story straight. The truth is, Haense men attacked us before we knew we even had a problem which would warrant us going to the Emperor or Government. I stood atop those walls and witnessed first hand as the Men from Markev came to my home, not speaking a single word of arresting the Karyssmov Faroe for his demon ways, but to declare that my kinsmen were in rebellion! Something we did not even know in our own hearts! Arberrang is full of many folk, while Karyssmov is just one man! His clan makes up one of four. Why were we visited upon by a ravenous pack of dogs and declared upon to give up our home? To surrender or meet the blade? No one has yet to show me proof of Karyssmov’s so called demonic ways, just words which paint him so. Expose the truth, and every good natured man and woman of Arberrang would cut him down themselves. Declare it your intent to take our home away from us, using baseless claims and the threat of an army before we could even react? That is how you drive a populace to fight for their lives, and is the reason Nordengrad came to our aid. It does not matter to you Imperials, this is merely a limp excuse to kill us all. So long as the Empire and its vassals within will be satisfied with such, it will not be an Empire worth speaking of.” Ruari spoke out in response.
  6. Ruari bore a scowl of contempt as he heard the man speak. “Do you have proof? I’ve lived within the walls of Arberrang for many years now, and not once have I heard the slightest whisper of rebellion against Haense. No doubt you will deflect my question, or refuse to deliver some concrete form of evidence. Nei, I was one of the four present when the soldiers from Haense scaled our wall, declared we had the intent to rebel, and deemed we surrender or be put to the blade. Is this aggressive and unprovoked attack how Haense would treat its vassals? Is this how the Empire would deem it acceptable? For how well spoken you Imperials are, and how your customs and laws are so refined, you seem to lack the basic ability to conduct diplomacy. At the very least, this is still a blatant lie. Two elders, a servant, and myself were present on the rampart. We had no warriors present, nothing to indicate there was a ‘training exercise’ being held between ourselves and Markev. They came to attack us. Nei, our side of the story was not gathered. We were condemned from the beginning. We were attacked, unprovoked. Why would one wish to serve as a vassal to such dishonorable peoples, who now attempt to handwave it away as a ‘military exercise’.”
  7. Ruari sat pressed against the hearth of his home, his body wrapped tight in a thick fur cloak. He remained still and quiet as his gaze poured over the contents of one of the flyers, his brows furrowed in thought. After a long period of contemplation, he retreated to his workbench to begin writing a response. Several new flyers would be pinned to any existing ones, mostly concentrated around the southern settlements. ”It seems there are those in the Empire capable of compassion and sense. My kinsmen have never found acceptance within the Empire and its many forms, not since the days of Robert Chivay. All simply because we are Pagan, because our traditions seem strange and foreign. Declared a threat before any attempt has ever been made to understand what and who we are. We have been called savages, heathens, and declared subhuman simply because we refuse to bow before the concept of their Canonist God. The options were simple. Convert, renounce beliefs and tradition that have been held and valued for hundreds of years, or die. I have found many within the Empire to be sympathetic, to be accepting and kind, but at its core we are treated as a revulsion. Even the kindest Priest of the Canon has only ever pitied me and made it a mission to save my soul and turn me away from my pagan ways. At their worst, they have declared us abominations and put us to the blade. It is the one constant that we have faced, the only surety, for hundreds of years. My beliefs do not make me any less human than the citizens of the Empire. My people are not evil and corrupt, cult worshipers who practice dark magics or unnatural obsessions. We are as quick to condemn the darkness as any other being. We are a proud and loyal people, who hold close ties to our gods and to our kin. A people who strive to uphold honor and pride and seek to shape themselves in a way which would make their ancestors proud. Time and time again we have been treated as animals, and thus we have taken arms up against these men who would declare it so. We were not given the option of peace, only an existence of fake masks and false conversions. An existence where we must dishonor tradition or simply discard it, all so that we may survive. Thus, we have always fought because there is no other choice. To die standing, with ones pride and honor intact; a far better way to live than one of submission.” - Signed, Ruari Hoarfrost af Orvar, son of Morvan af Orvar Beylund of the Jolfmarr Faith
  8. MajesticOwyn

    Nidr Af Rahdonir

    MC Name: MajesticOwyn Discord: MajesticOwyn#9240 IRP Name: Torleif Urokjall Age: 22 Race: Highlander Social Rank: Clanless
  9. MajesticOwyn


  10. MajesticOwyn

    The Afturkvald Festival

    ”Methinks you lack a brain.” commented Torleif.
  11. MajesticOwyn

    [✗] [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    This is definitely some good feedback and some things I’ve thought of to a great extent already. Allow me to address the “Children of the Forest” comment first, as I’m sure there are several others like you who are worried about it. These spirits have no involvement over nature outside of the realm they exist in. They would not be able to control anything in the mortal realm, nor would the minor spirits themselves likely even be able to manifest within it. They simply exist to give more flavor to the deific realm, and could even be seen as a poor form of imitation by Lagara herself. I will update the synopsis to add this. For the first point, while there is no magic tied in with this lore, there is a standalone submission that has already been posted by Wulfery that seeks to use this as a foundation for it to get accepted. I personally think that even without magic, this lore adds more potential for RP and events and is worth considering. Onto your second and third point, I’ve considered heavily over the years, but I’ll explain to you why I chose not to go that route. One would be the magic itself, which does rely on several of these new deities. The other major reason is the whole afterlife and ancestral approach. Any descendants who worship Lagara and the idols are promised an afterlife in her realm, something that would not be possible if we mixed and matched our gods with existing ones from the different pantheons and cultures on LotC. Living a full and honorable life so that you will be granted entrance into Halvengr is the most important thing to most of the Gorundyr and ancestral worship is pretty far up there. Lagara essentially manipulated these descendants from the beginning in any way that she could so that they developed more inline with her ideals. In the end, I felt that many of the gods didn’t fit well enough with LotC ones, that there was enough unique here to create something standalone. This is just a foundation for even more ideas that seek to appeal to those who like norse mythology and flavor. I wrote it in a way that would not tread upon the toes of already existing groups (Druids, the Orcs with their spirits and ancestral lore) but still capture the spirit of the mythology the culture is based upon.
  12. MajesticOwyn

    [✗] [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    I would think that even in the worst case scenario where someone experienced only one event with this lore, it would have added something to it. Anyone can make a request for an ET to do an event. We’ll agree to disagree on this, because there is a clear interest for this kind of RP. It adds potential for character development and all of the neat RP that comes with interacting with divine beings. It is after-all a fantasy server.
  13. MajesticOwyn

    [✗] [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    As far as I know the populace of Arberrang doesn’t know this and it is only a select few of its inhabitants. The people here don’t worship any spooks, nor does it ever come up in RP. This culture and religion has been around since Thales (the full writeup) so we’ve been role-playing it solely based on faith for a long time. The number one thing people have come to me about is getting actual gods that could add flavor and potential to our RP. For now, this has no magic involved. No powers are gifted. It is just a Deity and some demigods to worship and interact with. It’s the next step, essentially.
  14. MajesticOwyn

    [✗] [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    This post focuses solely on the Deity and how it interacts with the culture. When the word culture is used, religion is often baked in with it. Ones faith and religion is part of their culture, and the Gorundyr worship this deity.
  15. MajesticOwyn

    [✗] [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Unlike a specific guild or faction, the Gorundyr are not an exclusive group. Anyone can be one, it is simply a culture. As written in the lore, this culture grew and developed because of the early influence of Lagara and the Idols. They used their abilities to persuade and manipulate the first descendants they encountered into worshiping them as gods. All of this is written on the document.