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  1. why r u warclaiming ur own territory?? i am from northern axios treaty organization alliance dont remove
  2. Harren cleared his throat as he signaled for his turn to speak to the Duma, "We already have a majority voting for Stephen Barbanov, so I would advise that all you others who have yet to issue their decision to do so in favor of the young Barbanov. It would do us no good if we were already disfranchised upon uniting together under a new Nation because your claimant was not elected." He'd pause temporarily as he allowed those present to process in their mind what he had just said, resuming with his usual calm demeanor as he spoke, "I would therefore urge all those present who have yet to vote, to do so in favor of Stephen Barbanov, may House Barbanov lead us to glory once more." Harren shifted in his seat after finishing his statement, his eyes appearing to curiously observe the crowd of Lords held before him.
  3. is it possible to get an updated dynamap

  4. Nicely made video, captures the big pvp that happened in the warclaim
  5. i dont think this was worth 7k-courlander

  6. im no expert but i dont think these are eligible anymore https://gyazo.com/f165f996f7aa5b9454ff6f8bc9ee47b1

    1. Vaynth


      Looks to me like those were appealed a while ago, and deducted. 

  7. "Hrm, despite my current hostile relation with these other Nations, I feel obligated to face the forces of Mordring in battle. I shall put down my blade against Courland temporarily, and pick up a new against the Undead." states a Ruthern diplomat.
  8. "I feel inspired, somehow.."
  9. "We'd like to note that these two are PRISONERS OF WAR. Regardless of their gender, they hold a political position that is of high value. Courland Must Die, and so we employ whatever tactic we can. The Infestation of Courats must be exterminated from the face of Mankind." states a Ruthern representative.
  10. hippity hoppity get off my property dwarves

  11. "I'm sure there are some interested and curious bidders if they arent ransomed by the Courlandic Crown. Either way, we benefit."
  12. "Hmmmmmmmmm."