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  1. Quests from the King!

    "By God, Haense truly is a frontier province." Aeternius remarks somewhat aghast at the amount of things troubling the Haensetian Kingdom.
  2. A New Era

    Imperial Field Marshal Aeternius begins to prepare mock war plans.
  3. "County of Bar ruled by House de Bar, County of Savoie ruled by House de Savoie. Creative Savoyards." remarks Aeternius

    Aeternius leans in closer to one of his agents, "He knows too much. You know what to do."
  5. Rebuke the Canonist Cross

  6. pax orenia = yemekars balance?

  7. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    why does pvp have to be complicated, just make it fun and easy instead of having it to be a stupid grind for the best gear
  8. Patch 5.2.3a

    great work but i'd think the pvp aspects of lotc are the things needing the most attention when it comes to nexus
  9. Aeternius is seen rubbing his hands together, for no apparent reasoning.
  10. He Will Bach No More

    Aeternius watched on as a no-named Norlander caused trouble within the Capital of Humanity and eventually was dealt with by the party of Lord Guillaume Ashford De Savoie. "Another fine day in Adelburg." he says rather nonchalantly as he sipped from his tea, flipping through various Imperial Documents.
  11. The Outlawing of Aerial, 1627

    "Aeriel Delenda Est, indeed!" says the one and only Imperial Archchancellor.
  12. sweet, we got ourselves a new punching bag for today 

  13. 1626 Lancefeldic Knight Reconstruction

    "If only the rest could act in the same manner." Aeternius says, after getting word of Berengar Helvets' letter to the Grand Knight.