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  1. the orc skin you asked for let me know how you like it
  2. Sorry you didn't want the skin
  3. Here is the skin without the jacket
  4. Here's a picture of the skin
  5. I sent you a message in skype look there
  6. Hi so I'm making my skin shop again. I am best at orc/goblin skins but can really do anything. If you want a skin please fill this out and comment it on this post. SKYPE (OPTIONAL): MC NAME: EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOU WANT: HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO PAY: HOW FAST YOU NEED THE SKIN: PRICES MAY CHANGE IF IT'S SUPER HARD TO DO ORC/GOBLIN:50 HUMAN:100 DWARF:150 ELF:100 KHA:200 ARMOUR:300 examples: These all are kinda bad examples cuz there small idk how to make them big Requests: 1. N/A 2. N/A 3. N/A