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  1. The Order of the Blazing Sun

    Both applicants receive a letter within a couple days, delivered by a young boy. "Accepted. Report to the County of Bar to be inducted, Proselytes." Jules receives a response within the day. "Deliver yourself to the County of Bar for recruitment."
  2. THE ORDER OF THE BLAZING SUN Bannermen of House Ashford de Bar; Warriors of the Heartland Est. 1627 “There is no greater sin than to blot out Humanity’s light.” The words of Olivier de Savoie, Duke of Savoy, upon the murder of the King Andrik Vydra by elven dissidents. Guy de Bar prepares for the Rape of Brelus | August of Aldersberg The roots of militancy run deep in the tradition of the Savoyardic folk -- a dozen different military orders have served the lords of Ashford, both holy and secular. Men from Savoy have engaged in crusades, internecine war, foreign conquests and the duty of guarding royalty, yet for past years there has been so singular force of Savoyard soldiers; not since the time of the late Jon Renault has there been an order capable of representing the lands of Savoy or Lotharingia properly. With such facts in mind, and the legacy of his forefathers - the vast majority of them men of command who shaped history for good and ill - heavy upon his heart, the Lord Pepin Ashford de Bar, heir to the legacy of St. Lucien, has decreed that there must be some such order of men again. Capable men, soldiers without fear and loyal to their cause, able to serve as bannermen of the House of Ashford. Although such men do not share the same goal of holy orders past they still retain a zealotry rarely seen outside such armigers - a devotion to both the Lord and and their commanders. Currently based in the County of Bar, the Order of the Blazing Sun - taking their name from the sigil upon their, and their ancestor’s, armour - stands ready to defend the House and purge away impurities. RANKS [COMMAND] Grandmaster The supreme authority within the order of men, his word is law to all the armigers beneath him. An experienced warrior and commander he oversees both the day-to-day issues of running the company and guides it over the longer period of time, The current Grandmaster is Arthur de Bar [_Stigwig], father to the Count of Bar and a grizzled tactician. Lieutenant The Lieutenants are chosen directly by the Grandmaster to serve as his right-hand men; granted large jurisdiction over the Order they perform sensitive tasks and work closely with the Grandmaster to administer the group. They are always warriors of consummate skill who have proven themselves many times over. [OFFICERS] Decurion The highest rank that many footmen could hope to ever attain, Captains represent the ordinary soldiers and watch over them. Entrusted with bringing any serious issues to the Grandmaster’s attention they also hold the responsibility for discipline and leading larger sorties in battle. Sergeant Sergeants are the lowest rank of officers, able to command all of the Enlisted yet not quite as skilled in matters of warfare as their superiors. Often tasked with leading small missions of reconnaissance or guarding distant outposts, the Sergeant reports to all other officers and is expected to carry out his orders without question. [ENLISTED] Men-At-Arms The Men-At-Arms are the most experienced warriors that the force has, soldiers who have spent decades in service to the House as spearmen and proved both their loyalty and skill in battle. Blessed with the opportunity to wield a blade in full battle, it is a remarkable honour for an enlisted soldier to reach this rank and is often viewed as the culmination of their career. Brother The vast majority of the Order serve as Brothers - soldiers who have proved their commitment to the cause and gone through training, yet are still not veterans. Given their name due to the respect held for any who shed blood in the name of such a noble cause, they form the core of the regiment’s troops; fighters who would risk their lives for the cause. Proselyte Recruits who have not yet experienced battle, the Proselytes are spearmen in training. Treated as newcomers, these green soldiers are expected to train with and follow the example of spearmen and men-at-arms before they prove themselves. [IMMUNES] Ensign The most prestigious of all the immunes - the specialised ranks - the Ensign carries the group’s banner during battles. Providing a focal point for the men to rally during battle, the holder of this rank carries both a great deal of responsibility, to lose the banner is a disgrace, and represents the spirit of the Order. The holder of the post is also tasked with organising monster hunts and purges for the Order. Physician The physicians are healers and medics who for whatever reason have avoided frontline service to help tend to soldier’s wounds and ailments. Although not directly involved in service they are invaluable bannermen whose service has saved scores of lives already. RECRUITMENT King Olivier de Savoie addresses the men of Oren before the infamous Battle of the Forest, date unknown Any man of fighting age may join the bannermen, either by travelling to the County of Bar - there is a cart at the Tahn docks - and speaking to a soldier present or sending an application to the Grandmaster [_Stigwig] from a distance. APPLICATION: OOC: Skype Name: Username: IC: Name: Age: Experience:
  3. Land charter (Cart): Island: Tahn Point A: Tahn Docks [tahnhub] Exact co-ordinates of Point A: x554, z-92 Point B: County of Bar [bar1] Exact co-ordinates of Point B: x3730, z157
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  5. Chaotikal's Re-app

    A fine young man!
  6. "Sometimes, the Lion needs to show the Jackals who he is."

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  11. How to Serve or Join the Church

    IC Name: Theodore Service: I desire to serve in the clergy, as a priest. Why do you wish to assist the Church?: My father instilled in me faith, and with his passing I need purpose. Anything else?: No. OOC Minecraft Name: stigwig Skype Name: I'm in the chat
  12. [Accepted] Harrison's (possibly hopeless) FM app.

    He shows a remarkably persistent desire to uncover the darkest corners of anime on the internet. I know he can bring this dedication to the FM team.
  13. The Brotherhood of the Golden Crozier

    Following the return of the Grandmaster from his pilgrimage, the Brotherhood is recruiting once more.
  14. [Denied]Nolan's Trial GM App

    He is able to think sensibly and beyond the parameters of a rulebook; displays initiative and intelligence, as every GM should.