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  1. A young patriot hums an ancient tune on the road to Metz, heart beating with pride at the reunion of two once disparate states as one once again. As his feet fall upon the cobbles he happily sings the song - the ambition expressed by it still burning within him. "Vive Rex Augustus..."
  2. A young rebel comments on the news:
  3. Father Theodore rises after a moment's hesitation, ponderously and laboriously casting his vote for Georgiy Nikovich. After a few second's pause he takes his seat again. "Deo confidimus." The priest whispers softly.
  4. "A close-minded, shallow, short-reaching Church will not allow the faithful to spread the Lord's light far. We must open our arms to convert more and save those who have not seen the light of our Faith." Theodore mutters after reading the thesis in the pews of the Felsenic cathedral, pausing in thought for a moment before continuing on with his prayers.
  5. "I agree," intones Theodore.
  6. THE NEED FOR AN ELECTORAL SYNOD The very nature of a synod, whether it be a triarchy, pentarchy or septarchy, involves multiple cardinals - multiple bishops, priests and clergymen joined together in counsel to pilot the Faith. These voices of many, all ordained and shepherds of our holy flock, are guidance to the Vicar of GOD, counselling him and, should he be sick, ill, absent, or deceased - presiding over the Church’s future path so that we do not stray from God’s chosen path. By operating in this manner, whether it be to preside over a regency in the High Pontiff’s absence or when he is in good health, the synod can balance his power and check him, should he lose the full extent of his mind, or should he simply be seized by factionalism. Should the High Pontiff fall to corruption (rarely as it has happened) and attempt to seize the Church, a synod comprised of many with power can halt such an action. In this way the synod is the Church’s greatest protector, powerful and weak, proud and humble - capable of great joys. This latest move to revoke powers of the synod in the appointment of a future High Pontiff is, I believe, a great bound down a long and awful path to the erosion of all our Church stands for. If a High Pontiff is able to appoint his own heir, what is to stop him appointing his own son? What is to stop him retaining such a position within his own house - to choose someone simply because of their sycophantic tendencies? With a synod of many - with many views raised - this horrible corruption can be stopped before such blight spreads further into the house of our Lord. With an electoral college made up of many a better High Pontiff can be elected, more representative of the views of all the Faith, more pleasing to all of the clergy rather than to the ailing and dying High Pontiff. What if a High Pontiff should be killed? What then. What if he should fall ill, and unable to elect a successor? What then. Through a synod of many competing voices, factionalism can be rooted out and kept down by a balanced discussion. However, should a single High Pontiff be risen up and profess himself to a sect, then there is nothing to stop that sect seizing control of the Church for a hundred years as Vicar names Vicar after him from the same narrow, false, school of thought. If we are to forbid all priests from voting on the appointment of a High Pontiff, and limit it to the college of cardinals, to our synod; then we should at least aim for a septarchy. With a larger college, more voices are combined in elections and guiding the Vicar of God. Yet, for all of this, there remains one presiding reason for the maintenance of a synod as it was. The High Pontiff swore to maintain the Tradition left to him, and there is little of the Church that has lasted for as long through these last turbulent years as a synod. By assuming this power, power that lies on a long route to the complete centralisation of the Church, I fear that Daniel III hoped to become more than simply the Vicar of GOD. THEODORE DE LYON, Acolyte
  7. The young acolyte crosses his chest at the news, head lowered, having recently met the young Georgiy and revelled in the story of his meteoric rise through the ranks of the Church. "May this restore the Church," he mutters quietly.
  8. IC Name: Theodore Service: I desire to serve in the clergy, as a priest. Why do you wish to assist the Church?: My father instilled in me faith, and with his passing I need purpose. Anything else?: No. OOC Minecraft Name: stigwig Skype Name: I'm in the chat
  9. He shows a remarkably persistent desire to uncover the darkest corners of anime on the internet. I know he can bring this dedication to the FM team.
  10. Following the return of the Grandmaster from his pilgrimage, the Brotherhood is recruiting once more.
  11. He is able to think sensibly and beyond the parameters of a rulebook; displays initiative and intelligence, as every GM should.
  12. A letter reaches the applicant, whether via raven or messenger boy, crisp paper sealed by the plain Ashford seal. "Report to Peremont to be inducted, Brother."
  13. He would do great.
  14. Excellent builder, did very well on the team before.
  15. A letter reaches the applicant, whether via raven or messenger boy, crisp paper sealed by the plain Ashford seal. "Report to Peremont to be inducted, Brother."