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  1. A young patriot hums an ancient tune on the road to Metz, heart beating with pride at the reunion of two once disparate states as one once again. As his feet fall upon the cobbles he happily sings the song - the ambition expressed by it still burning within him. "Vive Rex Augustus..."
  2. A young rebel comments on the news:
  3. IC Name: Theodore Service: I desire to serve in the clergy, as a priest. Why do you wish to assist the Church?: My father instilled in me faith, and with his passing I need purpose. Anything else?: No. OOC Minecraft Name: stigwig Skype Name: I'm in the chat
  4. He shows a remarkably persistent desire to uncover the darkest corners of anime on the internet. I know he can bring this dedication to the FM team.
  5. Following the return of the Grandmaster from his pilgrimage, the Brotherhood is recruiting once more.