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  1. 'Energy' Removal?

    and look how the community's opinion of nexus crafting has changed!
  2. Except the update makes it easier to produce diamond sets?
  3. 'Energy' Removal?

    Why should we "get used to" sudden updates that nobody asked for? Do we really need to give the tech team the benefit of the doubt when they consistently disappoint us and ignore our feedback? The community wants Nexus to be removed. Rather than listen to us or even dignify our feedback with a response, the tech team keeps pushing unwanted updates to "fix" something that the community wants removed.
  4. Oh, brilliant, so you've just changed the items everyone uses to grind xp. What a revolutionary change that definitely isn't a weak attempt to appease a community that wants to get rid of your product! You only added the 'energy system' because you realized that once you removed craft timers, the idea of having MMORPG levels attached to which minecraft items you can craft collapses in on itself. Gating minecraft mechanics behind arbitrary timers and progress bars doesn't add to minecraft in any tangible way. Adding percentages to weapons doesn't make PvP more fun, it just serves as a reason for Nexus-Crafting to exist. All of these features are bundled with stupid **** like cooldowns for changing your character. Everything about the system - from the 300 minute timer for changing your RP name to the lame crafting system that forces you to craft hundreds of leather boots - is just an inconvenience that gets in the way of people actually having fun. It adds absolutely nothing when compared to vanilla minecraft, and turns LoTC into a repetitive, mindless chore that rewards people for wasting their ******* time.
  5. This doesn't actually change the fact that you're limiting the number of items I can craft to the number of hour intervals I can log on the server in a given day, since I can only craft 100 energy's worth of whatever I'm trying to craft, and energy doesn't regenerate over 100. Rather than listening to the community and removing the skinner box mechanics, you just made them require more time and effort, while rewarding the people who exploit them the most. It's the exact opposite of what the server needs.
  6. Yes, but at the same time, it means that if I picked a profession like leatherworker, which depends mostly on crafting stacks of items, I'm shafted. I can't start a stack of leather, leave for class, then come back and collect the leather, I have to hop on every hour or so. You're creating a perverse incentive for players to just AFK on the server so they can regenerate their persona energies, bloating the player count and creating the illusion of activity. How does this system even work for high-end crafts like golden apples, diamond armor, etc. ? Do these items now have a one hour craft time?
  7. **** off with your Farmville bullshit. This is possibly the worst change you could have implemented. When people are going back to school, you cannot force them to get online. "Crafting energy" adds absolutely nothing of value and forces people to idle on the server more, or pay you money. Is the server bleeding funds so bad that you lot really have to resort to freemium iphone game tactics, or is this another untransparent cash grab at our community's expense? I never thought I'd have to say this, but pack your bags, take your plugins, and leave. This community has expressed loudly and clearly for the past year that they do not want you. You must have balls of wrought iron to think it's going to tolerate this move. edit: the timer replenishes after an hour, so I guess you can't gouge people for recharges like in farmville. This is still a really bad change.
  8. Unoticed Detail in 6.0

    i hope we walk into 6.0 through it so we can transfer maps without boats for once
  9. Annelisae Cyredaer

  10. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    new players leave because lotc is ******* boring. there's no rp, nowhere to build, and even mining and clicking wheat are gated behind awful skinner box mechanics. If you're new you get **** on, if you try to start something new you get **** on, our entire community is built around saying "no" to any novel idea imaginable. You join LoTC, wander around for a bit, and then realize there's nothing at all to do and most of the people online are nowhere to be found. So you leave. Maybe our leprous community has something to do with it, maybe it doesn't, but I can guarantee that there is nothing appealing about this server.
  11. Kinslayer's LT App: A Boy You Can Trust

    you know what I want to see on the LT? another person who does nothing but votes on magic lore changes. you have my full support : )

    csaba dons his hijab.
  13. What the Hell Does a Mina Look Like?

    since the mina is a currency backed by parrot eggs
  14. redflag1.jpg.5efa3be1bd70c4688caa8f240e4fca42.jpg

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