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  1. alchemy should be free. remove alchemy apps

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    2. Sorcerio


      Muh potionz

    3. JokerLow


      who cares about circlejerks when it comes to alchemy? let people do normal alchemy lol, its common knowledge irp that everyone should be able to use

    4. Unwillingly


      5 hours ago, DISCOLIQUID said:

      Alchemy is an incredibly difficult feat to RP requiring meticulous precision and a natural grace in emoting that most slobbish LotC players are utterly incapable achieving with their inexperienced, chicken-grease covered fingers. Only the truly high class of our server should be allowed to take flexible reagents and combine them with genius and innovation to craft alchemical wonders. Do you really want everyone on the server to have an infinite supply of exploding bottles of death? Unlikely that you have considered the impacts of your foolish presumption that the weak-minded can handle this subject matter, lmao.

      u sound like a copypasta

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