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  1. Porphyre Nicéphore races to proclaim himself Count of Northmark and Southmark before Marcelius can claim those too.
  2. before the fringe era if you got in an rp fight and the other guy disagreed with you there would be a 4 hour argument and a ban report also there were usually gms (and admins) online they were just erping most of the time take the nostalgia goggles off
  3. “An act of desperation.” A laconic young man raised his shoulders.
  4. This is all well and good but can we get rid of bandit roleplay before we do this
  5. Disagree with this conceit – it’s not that “compromise and working together” doesn’t work, it’s that “compromise and working together” aren’t a replacement for a moderation team. Ever since Punisher there’s been a slow dialing back of mod team responsibilities. Exactly the opposite of what needed to happen when we got rid of a bunch of rules. A system based on compromise would work if someone was there to actually arbitrate these disputes. This requires putting some faith in the moderators and their decisions (and maybe giving the Moderation team some authority instead of railroading them into these ridiculous Chairman decisions?)
  6. FULL NAME: Porphyre Nicéphore AGE: 22 RACE: Human RELIGION: Canonism REGIMENT OF CHOICE: First ((MC name)): MonkeyPoacher ((Time zone)): CST
  7. There’s also the fact that ban reports encourage reprisals instead of solutions. I have been here for years; I can count the number of times a ban report has improved a situation on my fingers. The one upside to actually going in and moderating as situations happen is you can present a real solution. In silly pvp disputes a ban doesn’t satisfy the aggrieved party and it doesn’t teach the offender anything.
  8. “conflict moderator” shouldn’t be a thing. the word “moderator” literally means someone who arbitrates conflict. what is an “RP mod” and what are these people smoking
  9. heavy lies the crown... Seriously though, now what’s going to happen is conflicts will boil over for hours with no resolution. They’ll end in reports that stew for weeks longer where players get banned over issues that could have been resolved by a 30 minute moderator decision. I can’t imagine why we’d pressure the community to be more litigious than it already is. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.
  10. we used to have people called global moderators who resolved player conflicts
  11. whatever boats his or her float
  12. Hey there. I hope everyone’s doing good tonight! I have a simple request for one member of the community in particular: Sometime this last week, you broke into my character’s house with the /smash command and stole a bunch of ****, including some rp items from an unlocked chest. Normally I have zero problem with people taking my pixels, but these happened to include some books friend @Phersephatta spent 3 hours of her time writing, for her recently PK’d character to give closure to her partner and their children. You have them, and I never got to read any of them. They’re super important to me and Pherse, and I’d love it if you could just give them back. In return, I will unlock all the chests in my much larger, more well-stocked player home and let you go to town. There’s like a half a stack of iron blocks, some renamed weapons, pvp food, and building materials that are yours for the taking. If this sounds nice to you, hit me up @carp#1818 or with a forum PM. No hard feelings, I’d just like to get our RP books back. If this person is not you, then thanks for reading – and I’d appreciate it if you shared this to relevant LoTC discords. It’d be a huge help! But uhh anyways good night. -carp#1818 / MonkeyPoacher
  13. You just said the same thing he said but in different words. “Means to an end to the character’s journey” == “meant to expand on your character”
  14. you guys just have to split up warclaims now. ppl suggested this like 3 years ago during the duke’s war and it was ignored. the server can’t handle >100 people in one spot all clicking and shooting arrows

    1. punished_calabreeni


      could split it up into various stages i.e.


      skirmishing phase w/ bows and cav

      then actual siege ****


      idk, make it a round system or like battlefield or some ****

    2. YPJgamer1999


      divide every warclaim up into flanks of no more than 30 players total fighting at the same time. put these flanks outside of render distance of each other and stagger the fights. delicious lag-free warclaims at the small cost of not having huge blob fights


      edit: or yeah that sounds fun

    3. shoahinsnowyfields


      Splitting it into stages just means the same 30 or whatever people on each side get to fight every time and everyone else never does. 


      Staggered flanks better imo. 

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