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  1. cman64

    (4.0) Ghouls - Playable Zombies

    MC name: cman64 Timezone:EST Skype: DrPotato45 Why do you want to play a Ghoul: The idea of roleplaying as something as interesting as a ghoul! It presents many different opportunities for roleplay and different roles a single ghoul could play. I have seen the lore when it was being accepted and have always stumbled upon it from time to time. So Now I think is a good time to try playing as one :D Also, seeing the new perks, it would be great to see how they work in PVP and in general. Ghoul Description: This ghoul is no creature to take lightly. He is rather small, smaller than an average human. But his skin has been flayed off, leaving only muscle and some bone. The creature himself is savage-like, as well as somewhat agile in his movements. If you are not quick to turn, he will attack unnoticed. He, however large a threat, is dim from his exposed brain. often picking at it, his memories of his past life either are lost forever, or take over as his own reality. This causes the creature confusion as it will often try to act 'normal' in a sense when such memories flood back. But these episodes only last several minutes, returning the hazed memory back into the savage ghoul he is. He often can 'attempt to' speak his own name in these hazes, but it comes out broken. So he is often called "m...ooolllg..." (Molg), as it is what most tend to hear from him. Do you understand & agree to uphold the rules: Yes.
  2. cman64

    (4.0) Ghouls - Playable Zombies

    ((Can we still apply here, or should we go to the applications section now? Also, it says we must have a creator, if so, oocly where are all the necromancers xD))
  3. what's the lord of Adria's forum name? ooc of course

  4. cman64

    The Harvest Militant

    Dill Shellwater hides in his small sandcastle-burrow. "t'ey wunt get through 'ere!" He shouts, raising Pepe, the rarest crab, in his arms. "Viva La Pepe!" He quickly builds a small moat and a drawbridge to guard against the invaders.
  5. cman64

    (Creature Lord) Children Of The Damned

    gruesome and could work...but wouldn't it be easier to just have it as ghosts or a sub-type of spooks? Some condensed energy driven by emotion specifically, or powered by it? A lot could come of it and if you go that route pm me for help ;) but in all honesty, it would be better as an event with ghosts
  6. cman64

    [Playable Race] [Wip] Lycanthropy

    Honestly, I support it, and I do feel that the idea of denying anything similar to the classic monsters we all love (This specifically) is counterproductive. In fantasy, these monsters are just as relevant as any other original one (i.e frost witches). Players will be players and some will be one(Play as a werewolf) regardless if it is regulated like the dread knights. But that shouldn't stop the lore being accepted. like i said, players will be players and i'd hate to see another good post get denied for this reason +1
  7. cman64

    The Marked Men - School Of The Stag.

    Application Format MC Name: cman64 IC Name: Yosi Te'vel Age: 34 Race: Human (No specific) Minor Backstory: A young farmer who has kept to himself for most of his life, his ambitions are unknown to most. He has specialized his skills for more productive was of actions, using the strength of his work to drive his one sword. Being a conjurer, his understanding of creatures if ever increasing, as well as his books for research that he has taken upon himself to write. His mind is strictly his own, and his knowledge is ever growing for a mere commoner.
  8. ((This is mainly for those who may want to kill off a character or wish to give them a motive to find "immortality'. Yosi will contract the disease as the first subject once he begins using the magic more often, the written lore (by him IC) is to give the lore more structure)) *A new book lies within the mage’s library, a copy sitting on their desks after being delivered by a red hawk* The Conjurer’s Bane My name is Yosi Te’vel, the first of very few who have contracted the Voidal parasite. The parasite itself is very rare to ever leave the void, but will have unnerving effects to those it comes into contact with. Over the time I have spent learning this magic, i have concluded that there is more within the void than we can see. What little I have studied with these parasites, is that there are various species living in oblivion, all only sums of mana and elements that have yet to manifest themselves. This has lead to their powers and effects upon the conjurer’s mind, body, and soul. Contracting the Parasite: The Conjurer’s bane begins as a cluster of mana and elements, microscopic in scale. They can only fully manifest themselves once their matter is drawn by the conjurer. This, however, will usually kill the parasite with the mass amount of energy created in the conjuring process, causing for such events in its forthcoming to become a rarity. It is unknown how often this may occur, but i have concluded that the conjuration process is the only way to kill off the creatures, and has caused them to become few in number. However, their presence is still there. The Parasite, it is does survive the conjuration process and is drawn into our plane of existence, the creature you summon will glow a sickly yellow upon its entrance into our world. this will die out, and turn into a blueish hue that reaches towards the conjurer. Once this has been done, the lights disperse, and the Conjurer feels no change….Yet. Parasite’s Influence: After Contacting the Parasite, its uncontrolled and chaotic form has no definite structure. The creature is more so an aura surrounding your own. The creature’s sickly yellow aura will show in your eyes, rimming your pupils. this is the first sign that you have the parasite.(1-2 days) The second sign of the parasite is a growing weakness in the mind and consciousness. You will often times feel nauseated, unbalanced, and weak. with this, your magic will deteriorate slowly, since the creature feeds on your mana within your body. (3-4 weeks) The Third sign of the parasite is your mental aging. The mana in your body decreases more and more, bringing your mind to believe that this decrease is due to age, or a slower flow of the mana. With this change, your body will age rapidly, causing the loss of hair and teeth.(2-3 months) What comes After: I am still alive, but i fear not for long. i have reached the third sign of the parasite, and conclude that I will die soon. that is the final sign of the Parasite, death, as it drains the body of all mana and ultimately, lifesource. The parasite may die from starvation, or may return to the void upon my own death. I do not know as far as my own research has gone, but in my death I hope that this creature will never see our world and learn to reproduce at uncontrollable rates. For now, this ends my research, The Conjurer’s Bane. Rundown of lore: This creature has only been documented to affect conjurers when they summon creatures specifically. It is unknown if it can be summoned through other magics from the void, and Yosi is the only documented case. that means there may or may not have been other cases of the parasite. This is little known of this parasite since it is a creature of the void. Also, it does not affect the conjurations, but the conjurer him/herself. Thier capability to summon is weakened greatly from mana loss. (Lore) pros: -Great RP for magic users/ conjurers -something to fear when using magic -events to try and cure said conjurer -events to research said parasite cons: -may not be used as often due to rarity -may cause for arguments during rp fights with magic (parasite) Strengths: -no definite form -feeds on mana -no known cure Weaknesses: -Dies easily in conjuration process -can starve if mana supply is gone -is a short-lived parasite after victim dies ((This parasite is to add a more intricate background for Yosi, who will eventually give his teachings to an arcimali that will serve as his legacy. That is why this parasite is so rare, so it can happen to others, but for now to only one victim))
  9. I keep crashing-_- might be mpm beta

  10. do these orenian conquests make them the antag? 0.o

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    2. cman64


      cant wait for it to become a fullout war between everyone, might happen and could be really cool

    3. Ser Paul Ryan

      Ser Paul Ryan

      >brutally and unjustifiably assassinate a king

      >Call it an aggressive conquest

      In all fairness this high elf-human conflict has been really awesome so far from both sides

    4. Abeam


      yeah we high elves are having a good time, if a beard shows up ill kill it

  11. cman64

    [Playable Creations] Living Dolls - Repost

    The dolls are underpowered, but I feel that this would give an extra nudge on the spooky scale. LOTC has evil and darkness, but they dont have much creepy. Look at Skyrim. some of the creatures you find are EXTREMELY creepy and can pop out of nowhere. I think the server needs some more creeps instead of ghosts, ghouls, and the cliche creatures. While there has been some tries at spooky rp (myself included with the court of souls/fallen shadows) the server itself doesnt fully accept these kinds of forms of rp. You still have my +1 and I hope there is more lore to come like this so LOTC can be friendly, fun, spooky, creepy, and more ! :D
  12. Grotzli'Rax smiles as he minces some vegetable, ready to catch falling birds "Dis Grub gunna be guuud" He frowns, and notices that he is missing firewood. He roars, readying his axe to chop down the trees
  13. why don't goblins get the hardy stomach perk or is it just the wikki?

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    2. hellfiazz


      they should get it, but they don't

    3. cman64
    4. ShameJax


      Its being added in 1.8, at least according to Telanir.

  14. hen do halelings usually get on these days?

  15. while the server is down, any conjurers interested in creating a Arscimali?http://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/Arscimali I would be more than happy to play as one and PM me if you're interested

    1. cman64


      *while the server is NOT down