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  1. lol the fact that staff is still so against anything grounded in mechanics is so embarassing... I've honestly been trying to find the root cause of why there is such a hard divide between mechanics and roleplay on the server and why it is not one in the same for years. I think, ultimately, the issue is the desire to "adultify" lotc by distancing mechanics from roleplay as the age of the player base increases. A 13 year old might be really into minecraft itself but someone who is older might be attracted solely because of the roleplay. I hypothesize that the need to adultify LoTC stems from the fact that as one grows up, they feel inferior due to the fact that they are playing on a minecraft server, and also the fact that many players derive a significant amount of social interaction from playing. People who are feeling inferior want to feel better about themselves, so they try to create a lot of arbitrary rules around the game to build a wall of separation. It's easier to justify spending 30 hours a week playing a kids game when you pretend to not be playing the game. "No, this is not Minecraft, this is an advanced political socio-economic medieval simulation community mom!!" It's easy to see how that thought process might evolve into the situation we have now. Children and people secure in themselves desparate to play the game they signed up for and others who want to take away the fun in exchange for a safety blanket that hides them from all their inesecurities. There's people who can accept and embrace the fact that this is indeed Minecraft, and there's those who feel the need to feel better about themselves. And, what obviously follows is that 1.) This is Minecraft 2.) People that join the server probably do want to play a little Minecraft at the very least, since owning Minecraft and seeking out a server on the game is a requirement to find LoTC in most cases. 3.) Trying to distance the server from Minecraft when the server is on Minecraft and most new players want to play Minecraft is a recipe for self destruction. And also consider players who are older are more likely to leave the server (because after all, this is Minecraft, and they have a real life to live). If one considers this, it is clear that catering to these people is simply a bad administrative decision. I consider the node system to be a symptom of this as well. The Road to 500 is a dead dream if the staff team cannot even come to terms with the fact that we are playing on Minecraft, that it's a game, and that people want to play it.
  2. the abresi bridge has been taken down by boomsteel nuclear payloads please stayinside your homes

  3. yeah so any map where theres no building and you cant open chests is a fail thats the post mortem here... believe it or not some people want to play minecraft lol crazy take...
  4. stop (this is a slur to me and if you say it again this is a violation of my rights as PER the lord of the craft tos). IF you say it again you wlll be permanently terminated from lordofthecraft.net thank you
  5. u can find a new horse and rp it as its your old horse fam this is a rp server everything operates the way it does because of suspension of disbelief for all intents and purposes any mechanical horse can be your horse
  6. shiftnative banned me permanently for disagreeing with him on one of his twitch streams, it was bullshit and everyone agreed with me, but it taught me how to write ban appeals. came in handy for the next 10 years as i got permanently banned on every other rp server i played on too lol the craft is life i have played the same dwarf the entire time but i have had maybe two or three other characters that received collectively less than 50 hours of playtime 1.)charles the bald 2.) me 3.) dreek ireheart (recruited me to lotc) 4.) lefty bojengles 5.) charles grimlie 6.) zezimus fimlin josh3738 kowaman arockstar28 and everyone else is on line 6 congratulations #yemekars balance
  7. hi class you know my name, ive been on minecraft roleplay since 2011 and lotc since 2013 please ask me all your important questions
  8. kind of like how runesmithing existed b4 the current rendition of blood magic lol but look how thats turning out could water evo always create ice? frost witches have existed for almost 10 years no? at this point they gonna try to gatekeep what they got as hard as possible sorry to say it but thats reality of modern day lotc im just being realistic its going to be harder to get this passed with ice in the lore. might it still make it through, maybe, ultimately i wouldnt be surprised if it gets denied bc theres ice in it
  9. needs specific guidelines so it dont step on toes or be overpowered just cuz its noncombat doesnt mean u should be able to just do whatever u want with water it should be easy to tell if someone powergaming or not based on skimming the lore 1 time u need to control for the most worst faith user bc they WILL get ahold of your magic literally cant see this magic getting accepted unless you remove all ice from the lore the frost witches gonna block u in lore review cuz theyre all st buddy lol
  10. When they make me a developer I will make all your pain go away sweet child.... I will make all your problems go away. Spam @Llirharder
  11. Hello, my fellow Lord of the Craft roleplayers! A problem that has been brought up by many people lately is the presence of "activity checks" in the community. Naturally, the administration team wants to make sure settlements are active so that activity is not spread out nonsensically across the map. In contrast, players are sickened by activity checks that make them have to AFK to maintain their region status. My solution: Only allow people to live and build within large racial tiles. Remove settlements altogether. My reasoning: Random settlements across the map decentralizes roleplay and makes it harder for players to seek roleplay, and makes it harder for roleplay to occur organically. Activity checks are a detriment to player experience and if everyone lived on the same few tiles, both problems would dissappear. Now, there is a few problems with this. First, I'll address a few of the main criticisms people may have: "Price, what about Renatus, Kingdom of Oren, and the 10 other human nations. How could we simply coexist on one big tile?" Now, I'm not necessarily disavowing multiple nations of the same race. I'm not saying we should not have interracial politics. What I am advocating here is all racial cities should be on one tile (naturally larger than tiles that exist now, but not absolutely massive). We shouldn't have Norland completely across the map from Oren, and a million other human nations across the map. The new player experience would be much better if a new Human player could simply start in a racial hub and then, within a relatively small amount of blocks, travel to any human settlement. Not only would this centralize roleplay, it would allow settlements to compete for activity moreso than now, allowing for natural activity boosting rather than artificial afk players trying to game activity checks. If you don't want everyone flocking to another human city from Oren, you better ensure your city is actually a center of activity! "Price, how can we manage regions when everything is on one huge tile! It's going to be a mess" This is controversial, but my suggestion here is every player of a race be automatically granted region permissions to the whole racial tile. Take it as "freebuild lite". No, you can't run across the map and build a house in the middle of nowhere, but you can build a house within the tile itself. In general, if there's an empty area of space and you're not griefing someone elses build, you should be allowed to build as you please. Yes, maybe this detracts from national agency, but it greatly increases player agency at the expense of a relative few players royal mindgames fantasies. "W-what if I'm an elf who wants to live on the human racial tile?" My suggestion here is to either allow players to optionally choose which tile they want region perms on upon character creation (So yes, you can be a Elf who is culturally an orc and lives in the Orc region, but you need to commit to that at some point). You should be able to switch which tile you want region access to, but you shouldn't be able to constantly swap it out or have access to multiple tiles for the sake of the system. Should be based on per character and not per player, so if you want to be an active citizen of multiple tiles with build access, you need to do it across multiple characters. "Price, what about taxes! How can i tax everyone if they're not all on muh region, how can i pay for war! How can i get money for my nation" My suggestion is remove the importance of mina for nations and switch the focus over to resource based economies. Players themselves should be able to rely on the mina for their personal transactions, but a nation should not have to rely on minas to go to war or pay upkeep or anything like that -- upkeep is largely unneeded since the system itself seeks to centralize roleplay. Taxes should be an optional system for players, with nations having to worry more about how much iron and building materials they have to enhance their own cities and garrisons. You can live in a nation built house and pay a tax on it per week or buy it outright, but they can't just say "This house YOU built? You must PAY me to live there." Subject to further analysis and criticism but it seems more activity encouraging for players to be encouraged to contribute to nation on their own accord. "How do wars work if all of humanity is on the same tile?" Warclaims on settlements and taking over entire builds / annexation generally kills the settlement and decreases activity. So, you can't just warclaim someone and take over their build. Plain and simple. Conquest as a war goal would be removed in exchange for heist war goals, razing small areas, more raids, and maybe nation leader pks replacing them. This would seemingly encourage more diplomacy RP since you can't just run in and take tiles away from your enemy, you need to work with them if you want access to an area they've already claimed via their occupation. Again more deliberation may be required but this seems much more favorable to whatever convoluted system we have now. "what about the rest of the map" Well, the rest of the map should be left to exploration, events, and resource gathering, and whatever else. You can walk around and say "Map pretty", you can go find whatever rare alchemy stuff you want, rare resources, fight the antag, but in general the main appeal of the server should be to stay within the racial tiles if you want to roleplay. That way, we don't have people who DO want to roleplay distributed across the map being unable to find it. Overall, I think any step towards a system like this would be by far a better system than whatever we have now. The amount of OOC toxicity and petty arguments over the current regions system could be fixed largely by a large systems change.
  12. unironically writing ban appeals on a block game and garrys mod taught me more than the u.s public education system ever did so take that as you will if your nation cant get 2 people on for 24 hours maybe its time to consider moving under the umbrella of another nation. why is it that everyone thinks they should be privileged to a tile or region of their own when they barely have any people? it's drawing away from the activity of hubs that should be the centers of roleplay. We should not have inactive zones that cater to small groups of people roleplaying in isolation because that is not conducive to a cohesive narrative or story, or group roleplaying. It's like in DnD if you went off your own while the rest of your party is in the city doing something. It detracts from everyone elses experience by you and 5 other people (maybe sometimes 12+ once in a blue moon!!!11!) being able to sit in your own build in a random area of the map, especially when there's 5-10 other groups of people doing the same thing.
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