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  1. Shady_DaSneak

    [Community Review] Raids

    Section 1.0 Raid Procedure 1.1 To initiate a raid the leader of a raiding party must modreq one hour in advance of the raid The handling GM must then provide a warning regional broadcast to the target. The raid will arrive one hour from the broadcast not from the posting of the modreq. _______________________________________________________________________ Can we stop relying on staff for every little thing? It's a raid, GMs should only be involved when there's rule breaking. GMs take too long to answer Modreqs as is and the server's bureaucracy is making this place boring. Just do 5-7 man raids with a two day cooldown (sufficient time to recover from pvp ptsd) and keep it simple. I think the addition of battering rams to raids would just further complicate stuff and make raids both a tedious and boring affair.
  2. Shady_DaSneak

    House Denhardt

    Grandmaster Rakim smiles upon his second favorite white family from the Seven Skies.
  3. Shady_DaSneak

    [FEEDBACK] Cannons

    Time for a cultural revolution I want to make lotc great again with cannons
  4. idk who could play Caius II better than Caius I. Shoot some commies for me my son

  5. Shady_DaSneak

    Into the Seven

    Grandmaster Rakim embraces his battle brother when he enters the Seven Skies.
  6. Shady_DaSneak


    Commodus nods approvingly. “Make way for business, squatters!”
  7. Shady_DaSneak


    Commodus receives the news upon returning to the Imperial Capital and smiles the sun's smile!
  8. [!] אלטר kisses his son, little צבי, on the forehead and embraces him tightly. The father and son wept tears of joy hearing the proclamation of a new Empire for humanity.




  9. Grand Chamberlain Commodus smiles as word of the new Empire of Man reaches him while he is out of the country. He looked up to the sky during his travels via donkey and said to himself "If only you could have been here, old man." He continues his travels, making his way back home to his wife with plans to return to the capital afterwards to reaffirm vows to the Emperor.
  10. Shady_DaSneak

    Writ of Excommunication

    "Hey Jack, this is kind of ironic huh?" Rakim asks his friend and former high pontiff in the Seven Skies.
  11. Shady_DaSneak

    Royal Letters for the County of Aldenburg, 1676

    Commodus smiles after receiving the news from a little Easterner boy part of his child labor force. Out of the country, he sends several barrels of Waldenian Lager to the Kavietsbys in place of him congratulating Yanalia in person.
  12. I’d be a great admin I know how to win.

  13. vacant position for admin - ur time to shine