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  1. Shady_DaSneak

    WanderingFriend's Lore Moderator Application

    +1 Good rper with good grasp on the lore. Maybe she’ll get yall to do something besides suppress creator clerics you broke ass bums
  2. Shady_DaSneak

    [✗] [Server] Bloomkip Ban Appeal

    I wish I could’ve saved you from the shadow realm back in Brom’krah
  3. Shady_DaSneak


    Commodus chuckles at the fake news. “See you next session, Red Face Rutledge. Heheheh…”
  4. [*[ Fliers are passed around to the various Elven provinces. ”Found my waifu while I was raiding reading. I am completely smitten. If you know her tell her I’m the mali’ame she needs.” [*] A replication of the drawing is printed on the flier.
  5. Shady_DaSneak


    Checkpoint rp was one of my favorite things when i was involved with military stuff. Sucks we can’t protect the new players from the bad people. Hope the staff changes its view so we can help the new people find refuge and they go unmolested!
  6. Shady_DaSneak

    Delayed to Prosperity

    Commodus claps for his kinfolk’s speech. “Tired of the non humans trying to get freebies out of me. Get jobs and pay your taxes you broke bums!”
  7. Shady_DaSneak

    Common Man [CCP - Rutledge]

    “If calling you Priorist LITE and dropping an f-bomb ruffles your feathers, I’ll have a field day with you in parliament Red-Face Rutledge. It’s clear the CCP has no actual platform and exists solely now to counter the Priorists even stooping to use their platform when the citizens of the Empire realized the CCP didn’t have their best interests at heart. Tis no shame in admitting you are now a Priorist though. My nephew is one and I voted for the Priorist candidate in Carolustadt. But it’s a disservice to your prefecture to lie about the other party’s intentions especially when they’ve introduced more legislation than your party and have taken the lead in seeking the well being the Empire’s civilians. The CCP has done squat.” Commodus ponders for a moment before finishing. “Save your Watch job, politics aren’t for you Red-Face Rutledge.”
  8. Shady_DaSneak

    Common Man [CCP - Rutledge]

    “Priorist LITE.” Commodus comments. “Your CCP wants vassal subsidies the small business owners and working man will have to pay out of pocket for. Don’t **** over your own people with fork tongue words your own party disagrees with. There’s enough dishonesty in the world.”
  9. Shady_DaSneak


    Commodus waves his Renatian battle standard. “Obediah for mayor!”
  10. Shady_DaSneak

    Looking for monster parts, magical items, and jewelry

    [!] Commodus reads the notice, then looks over to his shelf which beared two jars filled with liquid preservatives – one with a pair of satyr eyes, and the other with a satyr tongue. “What did Canus say again?” He asks himself, looking over these two jars. “Hrm. These are scaring the children. I’ll see if Zatanaes can use them to cease my receding hairline.”
  11. Shady_DaSneak

    Thread deleted

    [!] A letter is sent to Phillip Fitzgerald requesting him to meet with Commodus Horen in Carolustadt to discuss business.
  12. Shady_DaSneak

    My Wife Has Asked Me To Stop Drinking

    “Trade Completed.”
  13. Shady_DaSneak

    My Wife Has Asked Me To Stop Drinking

    *AN ANONYMOUS FLIER IS PINNED ON A NEARBY NOTICEBOARD, CATCHING YOUR EYE.* “To those who can handle their liquor: My wife has asked me to stop drinking after another one of my “episodes”. She has been gone for awhile now and I suspect she will not return until I have gotten rid of all the alcohol in the household. ((A depiction of the seller’s private alcohol collection.)) I am selling my collection of alcohol collected over years of hard drinking. I have spirits, wines and ales from across the Imperium, the Dwedish Diaspora, Knoxsville and the Homeland. There are only a couple non-alcoholic ciders I’ve kept for cocktail mixing purposes. Please buy my collection so I can bribe my wife to come back to me.” *Space is left below the flier’s message to write offers.*
  14. Shady_DaSneak

    Sowing the Roses- A Candidacy Blossoms

    Commodus tears up as he read the piece for he was filled with STRONG EMOTIONS.
  15. Shady_DaSneak

    [Accepted] JakobiWitness, originally Axlrose4078's Event Team Actor application

    I like him, good rper and he’ll bring victory to ET +1