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  1. Dork117

    [Recruiting] The Order Of Azeron

    OOC: MC name: Dork117 Active hours: Varies. 1-7 hours or so. How come you want to join?: Just need a place with active RP MCly good at? (Building, Archery, etc): Not exactly sure. Archery I guess. IC: RP name: Jon Wheat Gender: Male Strengths: Farmer and good with animals. Besides all this I have a few questions. First off, what exactly is the orders goal or is just some community like order. Secondly I want to know if there is some discord or skype.
  2. Dork117

    The Riders Of The Mark

    Minecraft Name: Dork117 Age: 20 OOC Information: I like memes Do you have discord and teamspeak?: Yes Character Name: Oliver Race: Human Profession: Lumberjack (Main) / Fisher (Second) Is this character your primary character?: Sorta Past PvP/Military Experience: PVP: Decent IC experience: None OOC leadership: a little
  3. Dork117

    [Denied]rd. 2

    I am not some mindless anti oren/anti Pyro dude here to slander. I am simply stating what I have seen so far. Like I said, he has been a nice dude and I am sure he can RP well. I simply think he won't make a good GM because of the bias during the war he showed.
  4. Dork117

    [Denied]rd. 2

    I know little about Pyro but I do not think he should be GM, not yet at least. He has been nice to me so far but during the great war he has shown great bias and salt. I think that is simply not GM behavior and have to say this.
  5. Dork117

    [✓] Pasnia Charter Application

    Patryk Belinsky signs the petition.
  6. Dork117

    [Complete]Buying lumber and misc. items

    "Greetings, Are you still in need of lumber and branches? If so then I am interested to help out. -Dane Lester"
  7. Dork117

    The Brotherhood of the Golden Crozier

    OOC: Skype name: I think you have it but to be sure. jordydeK Username: Dork117 IC: Name: Dane Lester Reasons for applying: Dane is the third son of a farmer and thus doesn't inherit any of his father's lands. Once he reached the age of manhood he set out to search his own fortune. He served quite a few lords and fought in many battles yet now wishes to serve a lord that doesn't die and leave him. He now wishes to serve the lord of all men, god. Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: Yup. Already died at your hands once XD
  8. I love the new forums! :D
    So much easier to navigate and keep track of new threads. My time as a proper forum can now begin.

    P.S: I have not found the glitches/bugs everyone speaks of :/

  9. Dork117

    Marb121's At Application

    It's pretty good, as tip for the next time try to add a little more. (You can also edit it) Still really good though +1