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  1. IC Name: Oliver Age: 14 Race [Human/Elf]: Human Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, etc): Commoner Place of Residence: Aleksandria Martial Knowledge (if any): Little to none Skills: Little to none OOC MC Name: Dork117 Skype: You have it
  2. I am not some mindless anti oren/anti Pyro dude here to slander. I am simply stating what I have seen so far. Like I said, he has been a nice dude and I am sure he can RP well. I simply think he won't make a good GM because of the bias during the war he showed.
  3. I know little about Pyro but I do not think he should be GM, not yet at least. He has been nice to me so far but during the great war he has shown great bias and salt. I think that is simply not GM behavior and have to say this.
  4. Patryk Belinsky signs the petition.
  5. IC Name: Patryk Belinsky Race: Human Service: (Nun, Monk, Priest, Holy Knight, Vicar Bannerman, Charity Worker, other) Priest Why do you wish to assist the Church?: To assists the church in spreading the faith as well as getting closer to God through the means of prayer and study. A single man can only go so far in his studies, perhaps with the backing of the church and its vast collection of books and holy scolls I may continue this all. Anything else?: Nothing but my Vow to serve God and the high pontiff himself. OOC Minecraft Name: Dork117 Skype Name: Jordydek
  6. "Greetings, Are you still in need of lumber and branches? If so then I am interested to help out. -Dane Lester"