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  1. Saarty1

    1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Reserve for Selijuk tribes.
  2. Get out of our city, gray-skin! This is Nord land!

  3. Go back to Morrowind, Dark Elf maggots! You're not welcome here!

  4. Saarty1

    The Republic of Vrakai

    Władysław curls his lips into a delicate smirk upon reading the message. The young poet and lute player prepares to immigrate!
  5. Saarty1

    Pasnian Culture

    The Pasnian nation shall return...
  6. Minecraft IGN(s): Anhalt Ban Reason: Player Involved: Not known to me. Details: Well, my comments in the OOC chat were meant to be said as joke, an impression of Southern uneducated rednecks, intended to mock them - a detail which I should have clarified. A joke which indeed appears to have entertained several members who actually read them when they were posted afterwards in the forums. When I said these words, I was by no means driven by any racist agenda, and I have no ill sentiments towards any ethnic group in Planet Earth. Hence I would like to personally apologise before any member of our dear community who were offended by my comments. In addition, I understand the consquences of my actions and that my words were a violation of the law and hence I would like to express my regret for such deeds. Moreover, I believe that the last time that I've written anything of the like was not after October 2017 which is approximately a few weeks before I was banned. I would like to think that perhaps the period of three months of not having logged into the server have made me think throughly about the consquences of my actions, but to state that I am no longer permitted to appeal for such minor errors is nothing but injustice. I know I may have not been the best member of the community, but I certainly wasn't the worst: I have never engaged in ERP, I did not mass murder people nor did I ever consider to steal other people's property which many members did and still do and manage to get away with it. To clarify, should you take my ban appeal in consideration, I shall make my own personal commitment as an adult, to play responsibly in your server and behave professionally as to not allow any further violations of the law occur again. Thank you. Additional Media: None.
  7. What's your discord my dude?

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      sorry im a skype masterrace

  8. Yeah, banned for racism.

    Edited by Saarty1
    1. james2k


      space of aids may be out to get us, but no matter how hopeless the odds or how dirty his tactics, we shall not surrender until the forums are purged of the red menance

    2. Saarty1
  9. Saarty1

    [Hiring!] Natural Philosopher Union

    IGN: Gallicus IRP NAME: Flavius Caecius Faustillus JOB: [Job you want] Head of Department for the study of Political Science and War Strategy. QUALIFICATIONS: [What have you done previously that makes you think you are knowledgeable enough for the position?] "My life has been dedicated to the study and research of the State and its affairs. I live and breath the tales of great men who ruled the world with wisdom, and virtue.. But more than virtue, they ruled with great efficiency. Those who had the ability to maintain peace and stability within a realm's borders, and secure their frontiers.. And the question that has always intrigued me regarded what makes a great ruler; what traits are preferable, and what are frowned upon? I must admit that an adequate answer might never be provided, but principles remain persistent."
  10. Saarty1

    [✓] Saarty1's Ban Appeal

    It's been five days, so I bump the thread.
  11. Guess who's back...

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      Back a-again,

      Shady's back.

      Tell a Friend.

  12. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Saarty1. Ban Reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) "Verbal Harrasement, Forum Disturbance - Threathening to Dox, Stalk and Harass GMs in order to get unbanned." Individuals Involved: (Include anyone who was a witness, or directly involved in the situation) Tahmas, arockstar, myself. Event Details: (Explain what happened and why you did what you did) To explain the situation briefly, I got mad at the staff for banning me, and said some mean words to them, and got banned for a longer period of time. Why should you be unbanned?: (Why should we unban you?) In several weeks after the incident I began to understand the consequences of my actions, and later apologised before Tahmas for my actions and acknowledged that they were wrong, as I do now. In addition, I feel that I matured over the several months which I spent out of the server, and now understand that importance of laws and the reason that you have to follow them, as well as respect the authority of the staff. As much as "severe" as were the laws that I violated, I want to note that my actions were merely words written on the internet, rather than actual actions. I believe that I deserve forgiveness, especially due to the fact that I acknowledge that what I did was wrong, and agree to follow the rules and respect the authority of staff members in the community. Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable)
  13. Saarty1

    [Skin Shop] Vagran & Co Tailors

    The Magnate of Pasnia smirks upon seeing the flier. His city truly is turning into a prestigious center of art and culture.