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  1. "I came, I saw, I conquered, I shot you down." - Ser Rakim Yar, circa 1598. The Ghost of the Westerlands, Ser Baldric, did not ascend to the Seven Skies. He was damned to the Nether, rambling pathetically about his precious locks and disbanded Kingsguard, but for what? He greatly regretted what he had done, for he had crippled a close friend and just ruler, and condemned himself to clean places in the Nether as grimy as Little Adunia. The two had built a humble place for non-humans to live in, Quarryville, the happiest place on earth, and Baldric had vouched to reclaim it alongside his former brothers of the West - Brave souls, ready to hurl themselves at the undead menace with powerful litanies and excellent skill when it came to weapons. "Goobie giveth, and goobie taketh." - Haskill the Smith, circa 1602. Quarryville had suffered tragedies, one where it was scratched from the world, and the other where the revenant hordes layed placed a beacon by the esteemed Well of Flesh - Tainting the grass and dirt, terrorizing its' citizens.
  2. you're not real



  3. OOC: MC Name: Gucko. Do you have skype?: yeah you have it. Do you have Teamspeak?: yes i have a soundboard too and im not afraid to use it. Are you a GM alt spying on us?: yes. IC: Name: Madman Florian. Place of Residence: Pistol Poppin' Poppy Street. How many fruit carts do you squat?: Sixty-three. Do you have battle experience?: yeah yeah yeah!! Do you pledge yourself to the Captain, so long as he is fit to lead?: absolutely! ((note ill prob only be active on weekends in the evening my time, thanks))
  4. Doesn't seem he has learned anything. Nor did I spam him. I spammed the server chat, I did not spam him personally.
  5. now that im free i can shitpost as i please



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      You and me both...

  6. Vitallius welcomes his long lost friend to the Seven Skies with a warm smile.
  7. Vitallius welcomes his brother into the Seven Skies.
  8. lotc really needs an official snapchat to highlight the biggest pvp and rp moments!

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      Okay I can get behind this.

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      Sir K Andruske

      I wouldn't trust any of you with snapchat.


  9. yeah sid was a good trial gm and actually did **** for me
  10. Baldric Crast patiently pops a zit as he looks into the mirror.
  11. hope courland wins, the sons of IVAN are not my friends.