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  1. helo? 5
  2. do urself a favor leave the server youre one of the few good chaps on here dont come back

  3. if youre so displeased with the staff and map just quit the server like any sane person (me)
  4. *whips out his flintlock and lights it up, shooting you in the head and killing ya!


    1. Esterlen


      *dies "god save you steve"

  5. please dont watch japanese cartoons if they arouse you
  6. haha fake ban reports, hilarious!
  7. jimmy two-shoes is happy max escaped because no one was going to bid on his freedom
  8. ross the boss 21 i got one two three four five six seven MILLS in my bank account.
  9. vitallius the bastard rolls in his grave!!! he was the one that knighted berengar and handed him the moniker 'the white'!
  10. made fun of my third leg, wouldnt recommend them on any staff team
  11. Has more than once offered strigas 10,000 minas (OOCly, mind you) to turn him, and when I turned it down alongside the others, he lashed out and called us biased. He has a terrible attitude, and the tendency to just brutally power-game. A huge no from me.
  12. opinion on me? will you ever play a genuine human character that doesnt dabble in shitty magic? thoughts on doomfist? thoughts on my doomfist potg?