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  1. I vouch for this man. He's competent, energetic, and is always striving to get things done. I feel like currently we've too many new people that are GMs and we sorely lack veterans on the team that have an understanding of how the server functioned back in the day.
  2. Nakhudô adûn, ayad nûlad

    Azgarâdmâ ugrua

    Anadûnê, nardur nitî irnê

    Irîd ‘ngarda, khôa ‘nbithri bethri agan

    1. Manatee


      whats this

  3. Lulu's great and is definitely what the team needs at the moment since it's crumbling like a ginger bread house after a child takes a sloppy bite. Toss her on the team and I guarantee you that she'll bring quality builds and events.
  4. yung gucko why you trap so hard?

  5. azogs preparing their revenge on the turncoat....



  6. *only wants marie therese freed
  7. John Frederick overhears and wonders who Quinn is and if he is at all relevant!
  8. I love your banner


    1. Gucko


      then why'd u remove urs!

    2. Luv 🐰

      Luv 🐰

      I will change it back


  9. sigil 9 thanks