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  1. count me in honestly, i got blacklisted for killing joey with rp reasoning and for calling fitermon a stupid n-word
  2. You are staff members, damnit, grow up and start acting like one.

    1. mitto


      get lost

    2. Gucko


      You're breaking protocol, stop this instance, I say!

    3. mitto


      oh **** sorry im schleep

  3. So are other people on there, doesn't mean he wasn't gassed for a lone comment. How about you check your facts?
  4. I don't think you're thinking rationally. Maybe a good kick in the head will help?


    Sincerely, Guck!




  5. dw we'll go after the gm's when this goes thru
  6. ((pour the henny 2 show respek The pompous men of the shitposter brigade stormed into the chambers of Joey's hideout, tired and weary of the malicious oppression they were met with for harmless tomfoolery. After a conversation that got straight to the point, they came to a conclusion that there was no other choice but war, and that they'd take back what was theirs; the right to publicly express themselves. WARCLAIM Tier Chosen: 1st Type of battle: Siege Date And Time: 6th May, 4PM EST Side A: The Shitposting Brigade. Side B: The Forum Moderation Team. Location and boundaries: Direct Area: + Coords are; x: **** you snake, z: snakes are venomous creatures but the mongoose is always victorious.
  7. Rebecca, resign.

  8. *spits spits spits angrely!!
  9. can anyone spare some rep for a cucked player of the community

    1. Rael
    2. Hero_Prodigy


      what if you don't deserve it

  10. Cannot tackle any critisism whatsoever, rash, irrational and prone to blabbering on when he shouldn't. I fully oppose this candidate and consider him unfit for the position.
  11. here u go man : )ddddddddd !!! xDDD

  12. A snarky individual that generally can't keep her cool and holds grudges over the littlest things. No thanks!
  13. read his recent status update you silly pickle.
  14. hes beautiful!
  15. He would make an interesting choice! No one should dare screech about how he will abuse his PEX because there are none related to this position. If they do, I will grant them an immediate death.