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  1. hahahahahahahahaha

  2. Writ of Abdication, 1781 We live in chaotic times, when Demons tear through the veil, the world spins on and yet we remain the same. I never wanted nor expected to inherit my position. I wanted for sea, and so in good health and of able mind, I hereby abdicate my title as Duke of Cathalon to my brother; The Rt Hon. Richard Victor Helvets, before taking my leave once more for the open ocean. Signed, HG Robert Castor Helvets
  3. i’ve moved onto heroin because of the server downtime
  4. Gwythyr looks forward to eat Caldo Verde with his token black friend, Duarte.
  5. this lag really immerses me

  6. ((yo this formatting is giving me a ******* aneurysm.. fix this?
  7. You had best bring your powder.

  8. you my chic-fil-a...

  9. meet me behind the arena at midnight est sharp, bring ur flintlock, lets settle this once and for all....

    1. Dummy_Boy02


      leave him alone u ******* inbred barbarian

    2. Esterlen


      You had best prepare your powder.

  10. what an absolute mess this is

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