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  1. Haensetian Rose Festival

    Haensetian Rose Festival On the morning of the 11th of Malin’s Welcome 1646, the air in the city of Markev and neighboring lands would be echoing with the cries and shouts of town criers and courier boys as they spread the news of the upcoming Haensetian Rose Festival. A winded messenger would quickly stop long enough to hand prospective attendees the following flier before dashing off: His Majesty, Otto III Stephen and Her Majesty Ingrid Katerina, hereby issue an invitation to all Haensetians and all others who wish to attend a celebratory gathering at the Red Square of Markev to celebrate with the Royal Family in this most joyous occasion: the celebration of the birth and baptism of Her Highness, Princess Rosalie Natalia Barbanov! ~ Baptism Ceremony ~ We hereby welcome guests near and far to commemorate the most solemn occasion of sacramental baptism upon Princess Rosalie Natalia Barbanov at the Cathedral of Saints Otto and Karl presided by His Excellency, Archbishop Elphias ~ Feast ~ After the ceremony concludes the festivities will proceed to the red square where the palace staff will bring forth a grand feast in celebration for those in attendance to enjoy. During the feast, for those who take pride in their gullet, there will be an eating competition where the competitor who lasts the longest will win a pot of two hundred and fifty (250) mina. The contest will feature an assortment of pies and other goods each round, only those of the highest caliber will succeed in this contest of willpower! ~ Tournament ~ Following the feast, the men of the Royal Army and other aspiring Haensetians will compete in a small tournament in the Red Square for the entertainment of our festival goers. Witness the finest, upcoming, aspiring, and even the worst of Haense combatants as they clash in the ring in a one bracket knockout tournament. The winner shall receive a sum of five hundred (500) mina, a commemorative rose blade, and conferred the honorary title of Princess Protectorate should they so accept to conclude the festivities. OOC: Date: Saturday, January 13th 2018 Time: 5PM EST Location: Markev Red Square, Kingdom of Haense Please no trolling! **If you are a member of Haense and wish to sign up for the tournament contact TarreBear**
  2. When you try to build but the server rolls back all your progress.... 

  3.  The lag is killing me 

  4. Can there render distance not be so short..

  5. Why is the server being poop

  6. I don't know what patience is 

  7. I think diamonds and emeralds both could be used for rp items. You can make them one of the rare spawns or something of the sort. That could give them a rp value. I also think that we should keep the different types of food that can be crafted. Will there be a headshop for those head hoarders such as myself?
  8. [Denied]Lil' T's GM app

    +1 Definitely would make the best gm. I don't see a flaw!
  9. [Denied]Pureimp10's GM Application

    I've known Kevin for quite some time now and I thoroughly believe that he would make an amazing addition to the GM team without a doubt. He is a very diligent worker and is easy to get along with. In addition, I've first handily witnessed him work with many different groups to complete tasks or resolve issues. He's a great pick and very deserving of the position+1
  10. New Player Assistance

    Volunteer format MC Name: TarreBear Nation(s)/Faction you belong to IC: Kingdom of Haense Time Zone: EST Skype (if applicable): tarrebear Discord (if applicable): Forum Account Link: Preferred Method of Contact: Skype How will you go about assisting new players?: Remembering back to when I first joined this server, it was during the map change to Athera and the event had already begun. I had absolutely no help or clue how to roleplay or where to go or what even was going on. People wouldn't let me on their ships either, therefore I got angry and didn't log back onto the server for about 3 weeks. I do not wish to see that happen to new players and I feel like it would be best for player retention if they had someone to teach them how to roleplay and emote properly, show them around, inform them on the various groups and the different cultures so they aren't clueless. In addition, I would teach them about professions and how to acquire things on this server because it can be a confusing system for newer players. Lastly, I would attempt to get them started off and introduce them to others in roleplay so they can get acquainted with other players on the server. Overall I wish to make them feel apart and accepted in our community.
  11. [Denied] [Actor] Eandyil's first application

    Ean is honestly a wonderful individual in-game and out. On top of his charisma and friendly approach towards others, he is an excellent roleplayer. He never excludes other players from roleplay and is very creative. Ean has always been helpful towards myself and other players I've seen him come in contact with. Overall, he would be a great addition to this team and any team for the most part! +1
  12. [Denied]rd. 2

    I've know Pyro for awhile now and can say that he has a good work ethic. His more level-headedness and relaxed nature makes him approachable towards other players. In addition, he is very easy to communicate with. I've seen him to be unbiased and not afraid to address issues when one arise which in my opinion we need more of. His friendliness and drive to succeed make him an overall great addition to the GM team. +1
  13. [Accepted] [Pending]DizPanda's ET Application [Actor]

    I have had nothing but good roleplay experiences with Diz. She is extremely kind and is very well versed in the way she roleplays. I think she would be a great addition to the team! +1
  14. I never really post on these types of things but I had to show sky some support. I believe he would be a fantastic addition to the GM team. As Zhulik said, there really isn't anything to criticize about him. He is honest, hardworking, helpful, supportive, and overall has a great head on his shoulders. Seeing that he is already ET lead and doing well shows that he is capable of such responsibilities and he excels in most positions he is given. I don't see why not. He gets my +1 ( :
  15. What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: TarreBear What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: TarreBearx3 (Was hacked) Do you agree to follow the rules on your new account?: Yes Do you understand you cannot be on both of these accounts at once? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yes Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yes How long have you been on LotC?: 2 years How many accounts do you currently have whitelisted (including main)?: 1