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  1. Hello Lord of the Craft, I wanted to state here that I am stepping down as ET Manager and am going to be taking a significant break from LoTC as well as my duties as an Event Team member (feel free to remove pex). I’ve been trying for a good deal of my time, the better part of half a year to bring about change in the community, but I never came to a concise vision as to how to do this. I’ve also tried different ways to bring about change in others, but all and all I’ve found I can really only change myself. This server has meant a great deal to me and I know it will continue to do so, the lessons I’ve learned and taken into real life have been overwhelming.. the people you meet and form real bonds with.. I believe I’ve done all I can as one person and at times faced backlash and reprimand from the community and the staff team because of it. My reasoning for this has nothing to do with the events that have transpired as of late rather a culmination of my own personal IRL issues, issues I cannot solve on my own team, and problems this community faces that I have decidedly seen that wont change. I wish all the best to the community, the Event Team, and everyone that cares enough to respond to this thread. I hope you’re able to look back fondly on events I’ve ran for this server, rather than negatively. It’s been real, keep in touch and don’t be a stranger. I’m sorry. -malg
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    The Firelands Campaign: Missive

    The Firelands Campaign As we progress through the Firelands Campaign, I would like for those participating to fill out below a small table detailing their character and their involvement in the event so far. You will be reached out to for future interactions with the campaign and be given credit for the Role-Play you perform in my events because you are an active role in the campaign. I aim to highlight player contribution & inclusion, doing so will just make it easier to manage when I write summarized posts and continuance with planning the events to follow the series. Back-Story summarized for those not currently caught up is already made in a forum-post here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/178177-the-firelands-campaign-pt-1-2/ BUT if you would like the ultra-sparknotes of the Campaign as it stands, that is detailed below in this spoiler. Call to Arms: Missive This will reserve you a spot in the coming event(s). IGN: Character Name: Nation/Group Representing: Are you a leader of this group (If Yes, please list your discord information below): Cause for joining the Campaign: Previously Interacted RP (Malevolence - Firelands p3): https://discord.gg/JsDG238 Events beginning week-long 12/17/2018 - 12/21/2018 Monday – 7:30 pm est Beyond the Winter-Seal [30-Man Raid]
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    As one of my true friends from LoTC I can say we’ve made a great deal of memories together, and I know we’ll be able to look back on them for years and years to come. I got your back, call me if you need to. All love man.
  4. Firelands Event @ 7:30 PM EST.  Sign-up under the Event Sub-forum to reserve your spot! [20 Slots remaining.]

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    The Firelands Campaign pt 1 & 2

    The Firelands Campaign By: Malgonious Prelude A Fire Spirit known as, “Alexandros,” had come to Cloud Temple seeking aide from any of those present that would assist him in an assault on the Hellsworn of the Firelands. Controlled by a single entity the hordes of the Firelands once more have begun assembling enmasse, under command of an entity known as Scaldris. Scaldris, the Hellsworn Scaldris was a Greater Pyre, an elemental-human of vast influence over the hellscape that had been sealed long ago by the Winter Frontier after their defeat of the Beasts of Malevolence. Scaldris, once known as, “Soren of Halsworthy,” Having fallen in the battle against Mau’drozom into the Volcanic Peak and being twisted, warped, and mutilated by the scorching flames that sundered his soul vulnerable, he was left behind to his fate. His anger raged across the Firelands, inviting creatures of varying strength to his position.. Only to be assimilated with his newfound power gained from the corpse of the defeated Mau’drozom, left behind after their departure and the instatement of the Winter Seal, effectively blockading any escape of the Deadwind Valley Entrance. As his horde and influence grew over decades of planning and thwarting his opponents, “Scaldris,” as he would come to be known by his servants, began effectively defeating the Greater Elementals & Beasts that dominated the Pools of Agony, their ceaseless patrol and wandering finally brought to a halt by his followers. Upon their death, he would bind them to his will, and further his horde. Balefas the Watcher As Scaldris became more and more known across the Firelands, a Pyre known as Balefas the Watcher. Scaldris approached this man who suffered a similar fate to his own, having saw the Rivian fall into the same pools of agony, seeing his corpse burn to ash, tormented by the scorching heat.. He understood the pain this man suffered. “You were left behind, same as I, Pyre.. You are alone no longer..” Scaldris would extend a hand to the wary individual.. Effectively persuading yet more power into his horde at the bequest of assemblance. Balefas came into his service upon the conquest of the Deadwind Plateau.. Long had he been the protector of the steppe before the assault of the Winter Frontier, having lost much renown upon his failure to stop their advance into Mau’drozom’s domain, he was considered weak and worthless in a valley that valued strength above all, the will to dominate having long since left this creature. When it became apparent Scaldris was on the verge of total dominance of the Firelands, Balefas questioned his intentions.. Scaldris replied with they were to break the Winter Seal, allowing the rampancy of the creatures sealed within the valley to be unleashed upon the world.. Still holding affection for the descendants of his past life, his fellow Rivians.. His fellow men.. Balefas decided he would act. Upon the night prior to the assault on the waning Winter Seal through his own domain, Balefas approached Scaldris while he commanded his horde against the Magma Giants who still refused to obey the command of a mortal.. Mid-battle, he stole an orb from the clutches of Scaldris, and ran to the Volcanic Peak that was the seat of Scaldris’ power. Using the power of the orb, he would see the Volcano reactivate, erupting into the atmosphere, spilling a plume of ash, molten rock, and sulphur into the sky above.. The eruption launched his persona high into the air.. He had been propulsed out of the barrier that contained his valley, and held a weapon that Scaldris long valued above all else. The Fire Spirit, “Alexandros.” Having circled the valley, he came upon the forgotten outpost of the Winter Frontier, “Dorestad.” From this small cottage-fortress, the Winter Seal was kept beneath the sprucewood floorboards. He summoned Alexandros forward and gave him a mission, the eruption still taking place, weakening the seal even further. “Get the aid of the descendants North.. They are the only ones who can protect the seal.” And so, Alexandros set onward. Alexandros’ Plea Alexandros the Fire-Spirit Having convinced a party of descendants to aid his master Southward, Alexandros led the assembly into enemy territory. They would descend south past the Ebon Blockade, a gathering of nefarious undead, void-beings, and other creatures of damnation spewing forth from the Ebon Gate.. These creatures, soon to launch an assault on the Imperial Heartlands, more specifically the Capital of Haense, as it stood between them and further advancement North. A skillful navigation of a supposed, “Hole,” in the blockade forseen by the Fire Spirit would have them face only two patrols of Mindless Undead. The men readied themselves for what would be an easily won battle as the first patrol approached their position. Alexandros lured their commandant over to their position, the mindless following with haste into the woods as they were suddenly cut down with vicious ferocity, the descendants slaughtering them like lamb as they approached their position, hidden among the hills they fired arrow after arrow, sword-blow after sword-blow until they finally decapitated the brute that led them forward North. Alexandros led them onward, stopping to recover at Carolustadt to receive reinforcements. Pushing onward, they would encounter another patrol of mindless undead.. This time however they would find themselves ambushed at the Crossing, the ruins of the old Reiver Fortress spawning nearly a hundred Shriekers, massive undead bats with archers of ghoul-origin upon their backs, which pelted their forces. Facing this trap was the skillful Captain of the Legion, ordering their forces back into the woods which lured the Mindless forward and gave them cover from the Shriekers above. With the mass of undead cut down, the archers of the gathered descendants took shots at the swarming bat-horde, with Alexandros himself rushing forward through a hellstorm of arrow-fire to personally drive their mounts to the ground, spawning flaming bolts of fire all across the sky to aid the descendants. Having defeated the trap laid for them, along with the second patrol between them and the blockade, the forces of the descendants once more emerged victorious. Alexandros led the winded party further South toward the final barrier between them and free-movement towards the Firelands. It was a flesh-behemoth known as Tarcacosa, a servant brought forth from the Ebon Gate. Facing an increasingly harrowing force of undead at the bequest of Tarcacosa, the descendants fought on long and hard until after hacking and slashing away until there was nothing remaining but rotted flesh and bone from the giant who had fell apart at the seams due to their assault. The patrols and the defendant slain, they now could proceed into the Yatl Wasteland. Their long journey had finally come to a close. Alexandros had brought them to the Winter Frontier’s outpost of Dorestad. Proceeding inward they saw the Pyre known as, “Balefas,” who had summoned them there for aid against the incoming horde of Scaldris. With just a short bit of time to prepare as they had already begun their march upon learning of Alexandros’ disappearance, the descendants began to get into formation, blockading the farmstead’s small garden-gate, along with the windows and doors that allowed entry into the small outpost. The night came with haste as Scaldris approached, his image floated above as he surveyed the defense of the descendants that had come to defend the traitor among his ranks. “Balefas, you have returned. You are Exile.. Your presence is no longer welcome in my domain, not even these rats can save you now.” He would float backward, leading the first charge against Dorestad. *** The assault would come to a close, Scaldris having suffered significant damage at the hands of the descendants and nearly breaking the seal upon the arrival of the Ebon Watch and their shriekers to aid in his assault.. And yet still he retreated back into the Firelands, defeated at the hands of Balefas, Alexandros, and the descendants who championed their cause. It became ever-apparent they would need to further campaign into the Firelands to ensure Scaldris did not attempt another assault, Balefas began preparations as Alexandros led them back to their Cloud Temple safely. Some time had past… Alexandros led another detachment of legionnaires forth from Carolustadt into the dangers that was the South. He has lost communion with Balefas who held the position they had secured the day prior.. It would unfortunately be for naught as they were ambushed by Ghoul Champions of the Ebon Watch after chasing a trickster Imp from the Reiver Fortress ruins into a trap laid by the Ebon Watch after learning of the defeat of the flesh-behemoth Tarcacosa. The legionnaires would see their companion’s orb be taken, along with themselves subdued and chained as they were taken through a strange ritual site just South of Haense.. From this gateway they arrived far.. Far South. They arrived to the Ebon Gate, and it was there this detachment save for one legionnaire who was transported away with the last reserve power of Alexandros, all faltered to the Ghouls who further subdued them, and tossed them into the gateway, one by one... There the Orb of Alexandros stood, cracked and the light from its surface fading. The massive pillars of Ebony that sprung forth would seem to cast a shadow upon the small dot of light before the Maw of the Ebon Gate.
  6. The Ebon Watch pt.2 – Wednesday continuance 12/12 – 6pm est

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    The Ebon Watch pt.1

    The Ebon Watch (Part 1): A Prophet’s Request A man known only as, “The Prophet,” had called out to any willing to assist him at the Cloud Temple square. A startling earthquake in the Southern Region of the Yatl caused harsh winds to rip and bellow once more northward. He offered those assembled a solution.. A chance to stop the cold. Prophet: “It will be no easy task.. The enemy you face has gathered and will march soon on Haense. Rivia and Halsworthy.. They have both fallen.” The crowd would nod, listening as this man explained the situation. Many were skeptical of his whereabouts or who he may even be.. But some chose to trust what he said. Prophet: Your Wall.. part of it has cracked, and from this opening, the Ebongate has thrived. The Sundering of the Yatl has taken place.. Large cracks in the earth bring forth beings of damnation and chaos. From this battlefield to come, we can only do so much as individuals. In an old hamlet.. I have hidden three treasures from my past life. I will take us back to that place, past their barricade and into an old barn I had once inhabited. Auriel: “What is the Ebongate?” Prophet: “This is a gateway into the Void, a channel of energy for those who choose to wield it against you. It partly along with the Vaeyl influence, has fueled the continued rampage of this cold weather into your realms, churning the storms and ice forthward. The crowd continues to listen. Prophet: “Should you aide me in this task.. I will need what is sealed in this hamlet. Three of my old trunks all remain untouched. Tethered to a dimension unknown to the monstrosities that lurk within. I have heard of vile beast-men inhabiting the village, using it as an outpost as they move forward to Haense, their next target.” A majority of the group would be concluded to help this strange man, some would turn and leave his stories too tall a tale to take down. Prophet: “To those who remain… sit with me. Cross your legs like so, and place your hands outward.” As the group of twenty-two sat down, they all raised their palms as a small orb would leave the baggage of the Prophet, humming louder and louder as the air would suddenly pop and burst, transporting them a short distance away. The group would find themselves tucked away inside an aging barn, the sound of a soft rain pouring down upon the creaking roof. Gabriel: “What is this place? Where are we?” Prophet: “An old abandoned village.. From where I came from, right behind the barricade forming before Haense, just up the path.” The group slowly peeks out the barn, looking about for any sign of movement or commotion. “I hear something in the watch-tower,” remarked one of the soldiers. “I also heard something.. Back by the tavern,” an elf would state. “This is not good, the Prophet said aloud,” he would urge them all back within the barn, closing the door as the sound of movement became apparent, loud crashes and hustled feet outside. The two beast-men would walk forth, their appearances twisted and malformed into barbarous cretins. Darius: “Do you smell that, Gallen?” The dog-like snout of the man would flare as he let his claws scrape the side of the wooden barn, peering around the corner, leaping back onto a tree afterward. Gallen: “It's a stench I haven’t smelled for a bit of time, Darius.. Warm Meat.” The chops of the latter creature would lick, himself following the motion of Darius, leaping about the barn. The Prophet: “Stay quiet and hushed.. We must fight them from a position of superiority.” Suddenly at the conclusion of this sentence, a projectile strikes the side of the barn, light beginning to pelt the sides of the old wooden structure.. Leon: “What was that!?” Prophet: “Fire.” The two beast-men began slinging a fiery material against the walls of the barn, slowly catching the walls ablaze, the hay roof especially burning quickly. Some time passes as they plan out what to do, one of them had been wounded by an arrow shot by Darius. As they decide to move locations, the roof suddenly collapses due to the extended period of time taken to come to a decision. Ten of those within the group are now trapped under a burning roof as the others tried to wrestle them loose. The two beast-men stood watching from afar at the watch-tower, firing arrows at the wounded as they’re pulled from the rubbage. At this point in time a blue orc arrives by the name of Grukku, having heard of their departure he rode his war-boar as fast as he could to the settlement. With the wounded all freed, some had indeed died due to the collapse. The Prophet urged a small force of their weakened and wounded to the tavern nearby while the orcish Rex and the Elven leader engaged the two archers who continued to pelt them with black arrows, the orc taking one in the shoulder-blade as he fell in the heated conflict. The Prophet had finally gotten all of their wounded safely up the cliffside into an abandoned tavern, having the old man who accompanied them watch-over and treat the likes of Gabriel, and the other wounded. The Prophet then left, taking four of those who could still fight back around into the collapse barn-structure to try and pincer the two beasts who had been engaged with their remaining forces at the barn’s entrance. At the departure of the Prophet’s detachment back to the barn, a loud crash is heard atop the roof of the tavern, walking slowly toward the entrance. Those within hushed their frantic voices and prepared themselves for something to happen.. A beast with white eyes gazed at the battle by the barn. “Seems Darius and Gallen are having their fun with these toys…” A wicked laugh would emerge from the throat of the creature. “My young pups, perhaps I shall join you… after..” he would cock his head below, jumping down from the top and turning his back to the dark entrance of the tavern. He would slowly tilt his snout upward, smelling the air, a grin across his face as he began walking inside. A young Eric, a wounded soldier, attempted a thrust at the back of the head of the beast as it entered the darkened hall, he would feel his hand gripped tightly by a claw as he was now being held into the air. A laugh would once more emerge from the creature, rearing back his left-claw about to slaughter the man when a crossbolt hit the back of his now turned skull.. Shot by the wounded Gabriel. Upon his persona would be a strange clock, acquired by Tikka. A mental mage would be drawn to it.. *** As the group fought the two beasts, Darius was finally felled by the Rex, the wounded Goblin and another Uruk while Gallen suffered much longer at the hands of a larger force of the descendants, finally being felled by the now combined forces. The Prophet however, had been shot with a black arrow, his color fading as he proclaimed: “These arrows.. They are cursed!” The shock would spread in the group.. Any who had casted magic now had their link severed, inability to further practice their art. The Prophet it would seem, relied on mana to live as he felt his body fail in the arms of one of the descendants clutching him tight. “I have seen.. A darkness coming here. They know of our presence.. We must flee.” The Prophet once more gripped his orb, calling everyone over to him as the adversaries had been defeated. He held it up with his remaining strength, the air once more burst and popped.. This time however not powered by the Prophet’s own abilities.. But something else. A bright yellow light erupted across the village as their personas faded. With the touch of the orb held now within the hands of a descendant, the dying Prophet propelled those who surrounded him into a dimension of pure ecstasy. As they slammed upon the ancient crystalline structure that fastened itself into the center of the room, the group stood up in amazement. Those who had been weakened felt their wounds slowly begin to take the process of healing, those who had fought felt their energy return to their personas.. Prophet: “It is here, that I came from descendants. This is within the Great Crystal, floating just outside the reach of this land, high above the clouds.” A particular descendant seemed quite worried at returning to such a place. Leon: “We must go quickly! I have been here before!” The alarm was quickly spread among the group, inquiring as to where they were in such a foreign place. Leon: “The defenses.. They will activate! The Stone.. We should not be here!” Prophet: “He is right.. This place is not kind to intruders.. But we had no option. The Great Hungerer was coming.. And with our losses suffered.. I had no choice.” The dying prophet, the cursed arrow still deeply embedded within him, began to walk to the center-most spire, a massive humming crystal of pure white hanging overhead. He would place his hand upon its bottom, a stream of mana shooting up into the crystal as he felt his last breath take place. Prophet: “Go now.. Ascend the Southern Spire.. And leave this accursed realm.. I am sorry.” Leon would lead those gathered up the spire in a panic, observing as the other spires began to awaken, golden light shooting through their centers as small divots in their sides began to slowly open, the smell of brimstone filling the air. As the group gathered atop the Southern Spire, they saw the bridge was slowly manifesting, piece by piece. A voice would boom across the dimension as they all gathered upon the top platform. “You were not invited here.. Ah, I see one of my younger children led you here.. For what purpose?” Leon: “We must hurry! The portal is opening across the way, in the central spire! As soon as the bridge opens, go forth!” A blinding light would burst forward from the main spire, the portal opened. Before them they could see the faint image of the Cloud Temple, a gathering of descendants peering back out of the other side. A swarm of fire elementals of pure golden flame would begin bolting them with defensive projectiles as they attempted to make the jump from the failing bridge created by the last energies of the Prophet. Some fell to their untimely end, one in particular, Tikka, fell unto a bridge below, wounding his leg. Auriel: “All of you through the portal! Now! I will retrieve those who failed to make the jump!” The Elf would descend, accompanied by another, down to the bottom platform. Arrow after arrow as launched from his bow as he narrowly dodged flaming bolts of light propelled forth toward his location. Finding Tikka at the bottom of the spire, he pulled him up over his shoulder, carrying him up the platform’s ascent and across the very narrow bridge now. A particular bolt of golden light nearly struck, deflected off the back of his shield upon his shoulders. As he threw Tikka through the portal, Leon offered a hand for the Elf, and the portal closed.. With all but one making it out alive through the dimension. The group stood gathered in the Cloud Temple, taking time to recollect what had just occured. A particular Tikka felt a hole in his pant pocket.. The Golden Clock of Rivia.. He had dropped it back in that strange place. Leon: “The Entertainer’s Stone. That is the only way back… and I know who has it.” Event Close. (Big thanks to @Bluee & @0000Gae_Frogs for their assistance in running this event.)
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    The Ebon Watch pt.1

    @Vilebranch@Bluee@Auriel_@Leon <Need to organize a time with you to continue this event line.>
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    Malevolence: Event-Item Thread

    (Common, Rare, and Legendary Rarities) Malevolence: Event-Item Thread As the Malevolence Event-line draws to a close, those who participated are asked to log their items obtained from the events so that proper interaction can be made when interaction is needed for your item(s). These items will have relevance and use in future event-lines ran by me, and gives me a good idea of who has what and what does what. Thank you all for your participation in this Event-Line, there will be a follow-up event for Arbor, Haense, Fenn and Halsworthy to conclude this particular story. Once again, thank you for your participation in my first actual event-line! Name of Item: Rarity: Interactable: (Y/N) Obtained from event:
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    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    You just rejoined the Event Team less than a few weeks ago and I have yet to see any big contributions on that end. You have history of bailing out on your duties/teams and I ask you focus on your own team first before you start bogging yourself down with work on others, but you’re your own man. If you can handle that I’m not going to object.
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    Sleep Now, Sons of Urguan: Your Honor Has Left You

    Belgor Ireheart would scoff at this, “The’r cannae beh peace fer our kin until Urguan ha’ reformed.. the Empoire will continuh tuh rule da weak Dwed who ‘arr happeh tuh beh ‘ard gnomes fer da land o’ Oren.”
  12. EVENT TEAM Management Update: Credit Xarkly for picture Greetings Lord of the Craft, Malgonious here with updates regarding my team and the progress we’ve made thus far this mid-September. As you may or may not be aware, our team has received two new ET Managers, myself and @Treatycole. We’re still settling into the job, but feel free to approach us with any concerns or suggestions you may have. That being said I’d like to take the time to welcome our new ET Builders to the team! Delfato Caesar__Salad Eteriani Please congratulate these individuals if you see them online for their new role in the community! We expect great things from them and already in the short period of time they’ve been with us they have begun the process of proving themselves. Delfato has currently been working on one of our newest projects, “Event Zones,” of which progress has been coming along at a rapid pace. His contribution has been to the main corridor of which we call, “The Inner Sanctum,” a hub for the other conjoining passages under the Crypts of Nordengrad Caesar__Salad has also been working on the “Event Zone” project. His contribution has been more of the floral life and the underground river-system that is included in the build, along with everything behind the waterfall. Eteriani is our most recently on-boarded ET Builder and we expect great things to come from him as he gets into the hang of things. As I stated above, the sky's the limit with these new recruits it’s just a matter of if they can fully dedicate themselves to bettering this community as our team sets out to do everyday. Now that introductions are out of the way its onto my first project as Event Manager: What is an Event Zone? An Event Zone is a specified region where building is NOT permitted unless given authority to do so by the supervising ET/ET Builder. Within this zone is a player-friendly (or not so friendly) environment where we’ve created as many interactable features as we could think up. Something frustrating for me as a New Player was finding this amazing world with fantastic builds.. but no sort of context to it. Everything I saw was just surface designs with no sort of opportunity for exploration or interaction. With this new system, we’re aiming for at minimum 100 interactables per Event Zone. Interactables is a loosely defined term that can mean an item, an event, or some sort of dialogue between you and the Zone, it's something you as a player can affect and/or see in-game. How Event Zones will function? If you’re part of the Event Team and are just now reading this, you may have some questions that need answered regarding this new project. I would ask you direct these towards a Private Message or in our Team Discussion chat on Discord. This is the basic idea however: A Player enters the Event Zone and finds something he/she would like to interact with. At this stage if no ET is overseeing this particular player, than an /etreq will be made at the [!] Interaction Sign. At the bottom of every Interaction Sign is a code that will be next to each data entry we have in the GDOC for that particular Event Zone. The ET that corresponds with the Player will want to check the code and the data provided, and run the interaction based off of that data listed in the Event Zone’s Google Doc. This is just a generalized idea of what the ET /could/ do, I don’t want this system to take away from the creativity aspect from this team, but at the very least there’s going to be more for you the Player to interact and do in these regions. I hope this will make it less stressful for the ET running the interaction with giving you a basis to work your event from, rather than just a player making an ETReq saying “Want to do a hunt,” or “Want an event ran.” Where are Event Zones? I'm glad you asked! This project is still currently being worked on by the ET so that means we are open to new suggestion(s)! Below are the Event Zones with their locations listed beside it of where we aim to implement this exciting new feature to the Lord of the Craft world. The Old Caverns (Work in Progress) - All around the Cloud Temple are ancient caverns and passages, during the excavation period of Nordengrad’s Crypt, a part of their excavation process caved inward, revealing the Inner Sanctum, an access point to these mysterious areas of the world. Behind sealed puzzles and locked doors lie the unknown for the brave to explore and discover. The Firelands (Work in Progress) - The molten region near Halsworthy & Rivia, these lands have been the sight of many events however due to player grief we will need to completely revamp this zone and add in the interactables. Progress on this zone may take an extended period of time, but stay tuned for updates! The Yatl Wasteland (Not Yet Started) - Inhabited by horrible creatures of the Void, vicious bloodthirsty yeti, and all different kinds of danger that dwells along the border of the Great Wall. (more coming soon…!) That concludes my Management Update for our team! I hope you’re excited about our new project and as always any feedback, comments or suggestions can be done in a reply to this thread, directly via a Discord PM at Malgonious#9566, or through a Forum PM by clicking the envelope next to my name. Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone!
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    A missive to Rex Gurukk

    Malgunuz’Raguk would shake his head as he turned to the Rex, “Lat am nub niid tuh guh *** wid da twiggie humpburr, hi am thyief ub Krug’z will.. nub hozh! HI WYTEWAZH ZKUM” would snarl, recalling the time the Uruk left his son to die against the human hordes despite his plea for help just to teach wood elves shamanism instead.
  14. thanks to everyone that stayed up late to finish out that event, you’re the real ones.

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      @Dewper i will always love u no matter what you post on my status updates ❤️

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      but I’m just saying I had fun...

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      Thanks my dude! It was a fun event. Can't wait to see when I'll be dragged off and all for the second part even!

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    Rule Proposal

  16. How to make LoTC Great Again: A three-step program Be less anal with your moderation. Instead of placing such harsh bans on repeat offenders, just give them a 2-4 week ban with a villiany blacklist when they return that is extended dependent on if they show change. Let’s face it here, Minecraft as a game isn’t really showing growth which in turn means our community will see the same effect. While people don’t necessarily play LoTC for Minecraft, it is our base platform and I think further alienating people that actually provide RP OR PvP encounters isn’t the way to go about retaining our base. This applies to all currently banned players. Develop a system for people facing extensive bans to receive a trial period back onto the server to show change. From this trial, either shorten or remove their ban based on their behavior and the RP they provided. If they continue to be a toxic shithead then of course revoke their pass, but if they show legitimate change then let them back on. Look how many times I was banned and how long it took me to actually make any sort of change in who I was in a person, this isn’t because I learned my lesson after my eighth or twenty-second ban this is because I matured as a human being due to real-life experiences and figured out what the community meant to me... that all just takes time and if this server truly doesn’t mean **** to someone whose banned, they wont come back. Put much, MUCH more emphasis on solving issues with Role-play rather than Rule-play. The rules serve as a guide to protect and ensure a friendly-environment but if we truly think down to what they’re actually doing, it kills dynamics to our server. This is a living world that should have a sense of fluidity to allow players to really be or do what they want. This applies to combat, raiding, war, thievery, land, everything that could potentially be something a player could interact with and change due to his/her own actions should not be further infringed on by a set of strict guide-lines that this current staff iteration continues to try and push forward. I cant stress this enough, people say they are reminiscent of this Anthos period or this or that time when things were better.. I’m telling you straight up loosening your noose on the rules will create a more positive experience for the world, not necessarily every player encounter but for the WORLD itself. Not every encounter you face should be fun and entertaining, you login because this is a separate world from your own and you can be affected by it in any way imaginable... the players make the choices and decide what to do.. and that is the true definition of Role-play.
  17. Excellently done application, will be in touch shortly.
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    The problem with the Empire

    Role-play is role-play. The Empire should exist because it’s willed into the world by the people inhabiting it, its a creation of the players. You can say zzz stagnant empire but if that’s really the case then something else will pop up to take it down. If it’s not, then it will continue it’s infinite cycle. The Empire has died before, I’m sure it could, can and will die again. No reason to make an OOC post about a Role-play issue, solve it with Role-play.
  19. Malgonious

    [Pending]ScreamingDingo's Lore Master Application

    Most toxic player I’ve met since the flay-playerbase. Will do nothing for this team or any other he applies for, -1 all the way
  20. Malgonious

    Uprising: Rebirth

    Uprising: Rebirth Dark was the day that came upon the Yatl Wasteland. Sorrowful the land was that once churned with spring blossoms and summer dandelions, the cold having taken all that once was, buried beneath a blanket of frost and a sheet of snow. From the bitter cold emerged a collective of figured cloaked in a ever-present shadow, lurking through the ice storm that pelted against their woolen cloaks, freezing them through whatever attempt they had made to keep warm. “How much further must weh heft t’is package, Aragon? Meh stomac’ aches.. This cold.. It has chilled meh tuh the vereh bone!” A walking reanimation of a faceless dwarf would tread forward, his torn green kilt rubbing against the frost-covered snowdrift they strode upon. “Not much further now.. We have entered the bleakest point in our journey, Belgor..” Aragon would state, his blue hazed eyes closing as they walked through an ancient stone archway, proceeding into what would appear to be an old fortress.. Within the possession of the two would be a coffin entwined with twigs and vines strung together with a coarse rope upon a sled, begrudging the reanimation pulled and pulled as they entered an area with a sky as black as could be.. Through a pale stone-gate they strode into.. Walking out into an opening blanket of snow. Aragon stopped as he came into communion with another figure who stood awaiting their arrival, a dwarf whose skin had turned a dark grey, his eyes bleak and filled with sorrow as the two approached him.. The dwarf’s eyes shifted to the coffin, shaking his head. “Another one..” the old dwed would sigh as he turned his back, leading the two onward as the sled continued its trek forward.. Their journey almost coming to a conclusion as the maddening whispers and distant screams could be heard the closer they got to their destination.. Black tendrils would be seen writhing and rumbling as they moved around, blatantly aware of the descendants arrival, almost as if to be leading them forward to what they approached. “For so long.. The descendants have sinned..” a voice would echo across the black sky, the air becoming thicker and clouded as if a thick fog overtook them as they approached… “You shall heed my words.. For they are the truth..” the voice would boom, the three flinching as the coffin would suddenly be ripped into the air, a tendril wrapped around the package, tearing apart the lid of the object. “The Lords and Gods of your kind.. Complete disregard for what you sow..” a living creature would be seen struggling in the tendrils enwrapture, being slammed against the ground as she fought, the ice denting and the fog increasing in thickness.. The ground shook as the voice once more heeded. “If you will not hear the truth, you shall see.. Sunflower of Malin..” The elf would be released from the tendrils grip.. Her tenacity paramount to who she was fundamentally as she stood before what she understood not. “Your hour has come.. The time of rebirth is upon this world.. And you shall be one of my most treasured instruments.” Memories and visions would flicker across her mind as she stood there overwhelmed, the infestation setting root as her eyes slowly lost their light.. A carapace overtaking her figure as she stood there observing what would be her timely end.
  21. Malgonious

    [Denied] Crim_Crim's Event Team Actor application

    +1 from me, you seem to be in good touch with the community and have your base in check. Will be in touch. (Suggestion: Add more depth your event proposals for better results ! )
  22. You would easily be a potential candidate if you put an ounce of effort into your app. try again
  23. Malgonious

    [Accepted] cruzazul8's Event Team Actor application

    100% support this applicant for the team. His dedication to the community and it’s betterment has been evident throughout his years playing this server. Will be in touch.
  24. Malgonious

    [Accepted] JakobiWitness, originally Axlrose4078's Event Team Actor application

    +1 from my end, quality candidate. We'll be in touch sir
  25. Malgonious

    DURBURZ-MAU-ULRAH [Kaz'Ulrah/Krugmar Tourney]

    Malgunuz’Raguk stands beside his kin, his war cleaver in hand. He was ready for one last fight, to protect the future that he couldn’t before. ”...”