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  1. Another Corpse for the Tree

    Ser Hakon wraps his arm around Avalon, sitting beside him in the Hall of Valkyria high above.
  2. big dog goes home

    Goodbye, many reasons to leave but I had my fun last little go at it when I still had spare time. Things aren't the same as they were, and that's great change is a good thing and definitely the way forward for this server. I just know it's about time I stopped. So much of my life at one point in time was dedicated to this server, it's frightening looking back at it, but I dont regret it. I met so many different people, in roleplay or OOC, this servers really diverse and something you probably wont ever experience anywhere else. I appreciated that break from life lotc had to offer for the longest.. But times change, and lifes gotta go on. To all my friends, you know who you are in the end, I hope to still keep in touch with you all. You're the big reason I kept playing for as long as I have. To anyone else, thanks for the experience you all had had to offer. It was unforgettable. Malgonious, doopnoot, Tonkanut, Villian_Prodigy. (etc..alts.....) [athera - axios] [Zagoth, Vorne, Malgunuz, Bjorn, Hakon, Jyor, Adalwulf]
  3. Siege of Vjorhelm

    Good fight man.
  4. Mordskov; Conjunction of Worlds

    Adalwulf would make his way towards Mordskov, the voidsteel blade once belonged to Caius Horen now drawn and ready as the lone soldier marches towards the twilight of the world...

    1. Fuze


      Ghostemane is nice. you heard Death by Dishonor?

  6. Adalwulf would simply stare at the inferno, his Turkin brothers and loyal bannerforce at his back. "My heart and mind are concluded.. Arthas, you will die by my hands for this transgression against your kin." His back would turn but a single word would utter from across his lips, "Snake."
  7. An evening at Turkin horde

    Adalwulf would stand with his Turkin brothers and sisters, proud of the strength and resilience of the clans arriving. "The Tugan Clan, and all other Turkin shall see what belies their fate upon the Great Journey, glory be the name Turkin once more, alight the banners of war, TENGRI BIZ MENEN!"
  8. Renatus x Norland

    Good fight.
  9. Holy Hearth Writ of Consecration

    A lone horen would stand before the flames in the once dim, now everbright halls of the temple. "Praise be the light of dawn to this holy temple. Father guide us."

    Its about to get sweaty.

    1. BL0ATM4X


      @Stimpay no it isnt going to be sweaty.

  11. -=Sutica Raid=-

  12. Adalwulf Horen found himself surrounded in the blizzard that had enveloped the ruins of the heartland of Johan.. on this particular day upon the snowfields however.. A fur-cloaked soldier along with a sparse assembly of bannermen with him, slowly began to approach the the rocky ruin of humanity. “Missur, how much further must we heft into dis’ wastelan’? O’im not too fond of the cold!” A servant would bark, hefting many quivers of arrows over his shoulders. “Raheem! Stop yer whinin’ and git movin!” William would shout over the few men separating them in the assembly. “Buh ees cold! O’im real sore, my toes.. They ache with this weird blue snow.. Ees pretteh ‘ard too..” Adalwulf would slowly turn to his men, raising his hand for them to stop behind him.. He would continue walking. “I tell you this, not to frighten you all.. Nor to discourage. But you may turn around if you wish. I know not how much further I must tread.. But I am resolved. Where I go.. is further. Into the heart of this cold hell.. I intend to see what was left behind of my people.. What they fought and fell for.. That is my path forward into this pain and agony..” Adalwulf would continue, walking further into the blizzard. His entire bannerforce followed suit, not a soul turned back around to leave their leader behind. And so.. They tread on. *** Adalwulf slowly approached the crater of Johannesburg.. He could feel the thanium-dust in the air begin to thicken, his breath becoming short and brief..The fall of his father’s empire.. His passion, hopes and dreams all lied in the hole that appeared to open and expand evermore into his visage. “Men.. hold.” the young leader would bark with a concern upon his tone. Adalwulf would slowly walk further, the crater below would be described as follows “A pit of what was lost, what could have been, and what will never be.” Black Legion and coalition forces seconds after the thanium explosion of Johannesburg The fallen of the Fifth Empire of Oren lay beneath the crater.. The surrounding Black Legion had encircled the city as the barrage of dwarven artillery shells began to rock the city and landscape already into a wasteland. The blackened armor of those defenders, along with coalition armed berserkers, legionnaires, and courlandic infantrymen would be seen beneath the iced crater-side, their ruination etched into the icy block of solid thanium frozen into the rock and soil. Crumbled stonework and decayed palisade would dot the thanium-drift, blown heavily around the crater of what would then appear in the visage to be the heart of the fallen empire, the Capital of Johannesburg. The redbrick had stained a deep-blue.. Their scattering about the landscape would be ever-evident, along with massive amount of scorched stones and cobbles. Black and purple would be evidently a strong color, as the frayed wool would sometimes appear strong, perhaps to the banners below that were incinerated in the frozen air. *** Adalwulf began to slow his pace, feeling his knee fall and slowly touch to the ground. The dulled violet cape that he had dawned wrapped around his figure, cradling him as his arm began to sift through the snowdrift, pressing the thanium dust aside to reveal the permafrost that had overtaken the grasses below.. Scorched and burned were the small green speckles beneath the icy block. Adalwulf closed his eyes, taking up a small pinch of the dust into his hands, and letting it fall back down the earth. He slowly raised his knee once more, his figure outstretched and observant of what was before him.. “The past of my people.. My past. All these stories of heroism, of bravery.. Those who stood firm to their final breath. They lie before me, before us..” he would turn to the small collective behind him, a look of determination upon his face. "I can’t let their sacrifice be for nothing.. I owe this to them.. To my father." His hands would grip around his cloak, tearing it from his shoulders, tying it to a scorched fencepost nearby, letting it wave in the frozen winds that whipped the crater. “I pledge this to you, my people.. Father! This does not end with you.” The few men that weren't busy shivering in the cold, and coughing gave a half-hearted cheer to their commander. The enclave of soldiers and their aspirant leader would be seen leaving the blast site.. The dulled violet cape slowly blew in the wind, the sigil on the front being that of the Black Legion.. of renewed hope for a brighter day to come for the descendants of Horen.
  13. @Murlocs unban axeman

    1. Jaeden


      I mean I think the guy is awesome for his American pride, but cmon.


      I'd even accept it if he made the dress blues more medieval with some discolouring and edits here and there

    2. _Jandy_


      That and this was not the first time he was told not to wear the skin.

  14. If you aren't making money, it's time to stop playing Minecraft.

  15. [Denied]Malgonious GM Application

    (calming reading music!) IGN(s): Malgonious, Villain_Prodigy Age: 18 (but thats still older than cakefool.) Timezone: EST Discord: Malgonious#9566 What map did you join during?: Athera Do you have access to a microphone?: I circled Yes Average daily playing time?: 2-3 and a half hours Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Event team twice, for about 3 month periods both times. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I'd like the chance to dedicate some of my time back to the server whom I've been a part of for a good chunk of my life. For what its worth, despite being banned I always found myself coming back to this server and there is a real reason. I really do care about this server and all the goons on it, I really think I can get along with just about anyone on the team and off, and for that reason I want to bring the voice of the people to the GM team, the infamous malgonious will hang up his toilet paper cape for a badge to help the people! Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: dont think so. Anything else you want to tell us?: Pick me, I'm number one and you wont regret it.
  16. [Denied]Malgonious GM Application

    I'm sorry I'm an abuser Norlander scum
  17. [Denied]Malgonious GM Application

    i mean at least i could make a event line that wasnt absolute garbo lol, thanks for the feedback. it kinda hurts me on an emotional level : (
  18. [Accepted] [Trial]Stigwig's GM App Mk 2

    Stigwig and I would do great things together on the; Game Moderation Team +1
  19. Fullscreen, Cacti-Green and watch:


  20. @Tsuyose

    I get less worried about the orenian menace everyday.  how the f*** do you lose a 1v1 to fate?

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    2. grubgoth_wud
    3. Hero_Prodigy
    4. Hyena


      Oren is like the hemangioma on the side of my hand. Got it surgically removed but it keeps coming back.

  21. L0rdT0mas is the Forest Gump of Norland

  22. Oh boy, Lhindir's MT app

    Give him the good good, +1