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  1. Introduction As someone who has partook in quite a lot of combat role-play on this server, I'd like to finally address a point that has bothered me since late-Athera, and I'm sure it's an issue that has troubled many of you who are in a similar boat as I. The issue is this: There currently exists no effective and RP-Friendly way to halt people. The best way I've seen to halt people was an old rule that existed at one point but has seemingly vanished. That methodology was the following; Y-Player sights someone he wishes to engage or RP with. Y-Player could halt that persona from moving with a, "Halt," and that would engage that standard Role-play Mechanics. Now, should the player cease movement, the rp would go accordingly, defaults would be decided, countdown, etc etc. Should someone decide they did not want to stop at the, "Halt!" then it would follow as such; X-Player continues mechanics-based movement after a Halt. Y-Player may follow accordingly and pursue with mechanics and proceed to down the player should he catch them, and revive them, forcing RP. (This served as essentially a capture, as your escape was cut off.) As you can probably assume, this method of handling combat has some flaws. People 1-Emoting Halt, Harassment of RP'ers, etc, all were problems that plagued Athera due to this mechanic, and as such I believe it's relevance eventually faded to that of our current existing method: You may not Role-Play someone without their consent. Now I understand you're probably thinking, "Hm, well I think you can basically force RP?" Currently there exists no rule that states you may do any of the following of what I stated. Typically a GM will eventually force-RP, but there exists no 'legal' way to force a RP encounter. It's entirely up-to both parties if they want to engage, and more often than not the aggresed party does NOT want to partake, so they'll just ignore you and should you proceed to do any of the following... technically you're breaking rule..., as are they by ignoring RP, but that's irrelevant. The point to be made is such: There must be a cohesive rule to handle Encounters between players. The Proposal Requries: Minor Dev Coding In my time frequenting this server, I've sort've pieced together in my mind what the ideal interaction between the community would be, to handle this problem. My suggestions is as follows; X-Player spots someone he wishes to engage in RP with, X-Player will type the command /int player (radius 8), which essentially will allow the Y- player to choose to [RP] or [Flee]. Should Y-Player choose to [RP], then the menu will be closed, and the encounter can proceed (With a log of the RP Button happening). Should Y-Player choose to [Flee], then the following will occur: Both players will be given slowness IV, a countdown will be done as usual, and then the [Flee] will be attempted, allowing both X & Y Players to move once more from their original positions immediate following the end of the Flee countdown. Following a Flee, Y-Player should be given Weakness II, as with this mechanic they shouldn't be fighting back and in full retreat. Should X-Player down Y-Player during the Flee, then they're able to revive them and continue RP, choosing a mechanic, etc etc. Should Y-Player escape X-Player, then after 60secs their Weakness II will just wear off. At no point may someone who has chosen the [Flee] engage in mechanics combat against X-Player. While this would be the most ideal method I could see for the replace of the "Halt!" shitfest that has come to dominate RP, it does require Dev Interaction. Until then, that's all I got. Just a suggestion. Even if my proposal isn't considered, I'd like to just raise awareness for this issue in the staff department so we can start to see some positive change with this influx of activity our little community has seen as of late.
  2. Teal was always my favorite.

    Put him in coach. +11
  3. Current Username: Malgonious/Villain_Prodigy Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Malgonious#9566 Timezone(s) you mainly play: Est What group/nation do you consider to be your main?: I've been a part of many nations, Norland for about two and a half years, Orcs for a year, and random factions for another two-three years. Have you held a staff position before?: Yes, Event Team Twice Do you currently hold a staff position?: Nae Do you plan on applying for other staff positions?: There's no other staff team worth applying for to be honest. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason?: Yes, all of them can be found in the archives of ban apples. What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.): I enjoy Random Encounter events the most out of any form listed here. The idea of making the world feel dynamic, like it's actually alive aside from the players that are inhabiting it has always been my goal as an Event Team member. That was the only area I always felt was severely lacking in the team, so I focused the majority of my time flying around, thinking up new ideas for areas around the world that people could stumble into, and have an enjoyable experience because they took the time to explore our world. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them: As an Event Team member, you must always look to see how you can manipulate a planned event, and change it to those that choose to participate. You dont want to force someone into an encounter you know they're not going to enjoy. That defeats the whole purpose of the event, and you're wasting not only the players time, but your own. As an Event Team member, you really should ask what you can do differently from those who came before you. Talk to players, and see what they liked/disliked from events you've done in the past, and work to better yourself as a Roleplayer from that feedback. One of the best parts of being an ET is that you get a much wider range of roleplay capabilities because well, you're trusted enough to handle them, follow the lore, and expand the player's experience. As an Event Team member, you should actively work to make the most rewarding experience possible for not just yourself, but everyone participating. Look to what these players are capable of, add in little things that would make them feel like not only are they experiencing something unique, but growing themselves in RP because of this experience that their character is being put through. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why?: Skylez, he's always been a quality event team member and I've never encountered one of his events that I didn't enjoy. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: Upon Salt and Sea The waves were calm.. the thick mist of sea-salt and fresh air bounded against the vessel docked in the quaint harbor, small barnacles placing themselves on the base of the large merchant vessel's belly. In the distance, you could hear what would be an sailing expedition about to set sail, a Captain and his companions preparing for a trip South of where they'd been docked. As the sails were let loose and the vessel began it's course, Giant Crabs on the rocky shore had to be cleared as they were going to be an interference to the sailing expedition. The sailors all gathered their weapons, jumped from the ropes tied promply to the side of the ship, and went down to slay the Giant Crabs on the rocky shores. Now with some meat gathered and their path clear, the ship would leave the harbor it docked upon, sailing into the night. It would however, suddenly change upon an saint hour's time of sailing.. the calm waves suddenly whipped with energy and life, bounding against the vessels underside. The Captain, kept his stellar demeanor as the sailors began to feel uneasy. His rallying cry set them once more against the now tirade of sea and salt that whipped their vessel back and fro, As the expedition continued, a mass of bubbling and sudden calmness appeared before their vessel.. an aquatic dragon rising from beneath the cursed waters they had sailed into, its eyes a pale amber. A webbed claw went to swipe at the ship, breaking some of the starboard front, and then crashing into the waves once more, it's figure massive and shadowy as it swam beneath the waves. The crew, frightened at this point, began to take aim with their ballistae positioned on the center of the ship, aiming it just ahead of the shadow, letting loose a massive bolt that plunged into the waves, sinking the shadow far into the depth with a sudden jolt of it's body, then.. a stillness. The ship would arrive with minor hull damages in the next town over, taking time to repair and recover from their tumultuous expedition. A Witch's Curse Deep within the bogs of Norland, rumor began to circulate of a Witch unnamed that inhabited the deep swamp and would assail the merchants that would travel far to the distant city of Nyrkrag. An expedition is planned and set a-course as they trugged through the thick bogs onto where the last merchant reported his cart being attacked, overturned, and ransacked by descendants of this Witch. As the expedition neared, they saw a sudden motion in the far-left bog, a Flesh-Worm lunging towards them, clearly its mind warped and altered as it ravenously attacked the group, killing one of the vanguards assigned to the task. Upon defeat of the Flesh-Worm, they find strange crystals lodged all over its body, clearly the act of some sort of manipulation from afar.. they begin to follow the direction the creature had attacked from. Upon further trudging through the bog, a black mist began to perpetuate the air. A sudden mass of fleshy tentacles is seen as they continued, springing to life and attacking the expedition. One of the men here had recalled seeing such before in his time as a Marked Man, calling it a Fleugal. A battle would ensue with much tactics involved, the party eventually being triumphant against the massive beast and culling it as they had done to the Flesh Worm they faced prior... such a wide arsenal of deadly beasts.. they must be getting close to the Witch. The black mist a thick haze at this point, the men tired and weary of the travel.. a small straw shack would be seen in the distance, sitting upon a rocky hill. The part would silently make their way up the rocks, using stealth to their advantage. They would set the straw hut ablaze with the Red Priest who accompanied them, hearing a blood-curling scream from within as the Witch burned alive. The party merrily set their travel back home, satisfied with their efforts and expertise with dealing in the unknown and unnatural. ((I am to include an old Quest Board I drafted up before I had become an ET to show an example of how I could run different events rather than just random encounters for my final event as well.)) Scouting: The number of Undead inside the crypts is currently unknown. The commanders have decided that a rough number is required, to better prepare a battle plan and a possible expedition. Difficulty: Medium People required: 2-3 Objective: Explore as many layers of the catacombs as possible without getting detected, while taking notes on the type, position and number of Undead. Stealth is a /necessity/, thus people won’t go inside heavily armed. Highly advised to avoid combat. If in danger, run. Side Objective: Draw a rough map of the Catacombs that pinpoints the best spots where to withdraw in case of a fight, and other interesting locations. Thin their numbers: No matter the amount of the Undead, the hordes must be kept in control lest they burst forth from beneath the Ashtree and swarm the Krag from the inside. It is crucial that their numbers be diminished. Bring polearms to keep the Undead at bay. Difficulty: Hard People required: 4-6 Objective: A heavily armed group must go inside and kill as many Undead as they can. The group’s size must be limited as the Catacombs are a cramped and enclosed space, and too many men would be an obstacle to each other. Stay alive. Side Objective: Relics important to the Red Faith have already been recovered from fallen Undead. Be on the lookout for such relics, but do not risk your life or that of your comrades’ to retrieve them. They must not rise again: Even when destroyed, the foul magic that animates the Undead’s bodies pulls them back together, and the wretches will keep on fighting once more. It is imperative that the bodies be cremated with special oil blessed by the Keeper, to prevent the Undead from plaguing the land for eternity. Difficulty: Medium People required: 2-4 Objective: Gather together as many corpses as you can, then pour the [[Keeper’s Oil]] on them. After reciting a prayer, set fire to the pile. Repeat as long as there’s a supply of [[Keeper’s Oil]]. Be careful, as some Undead may rise again when you touch them. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member?: Being an ET gave me a connection to this community I never had prior. I was able to meet so many different people and experience their characters for the first time without any sort of preconceived disposition. It was something truly inspiring. What strengths would you bring to the team?: I'm very passionate about this community and the people on it. I care about it, there's no other reason for an adult to be on a Minecraft Roleplaying server if they didnt have some sort of attachment to it. I've made friends I never can replace on this server, and I would bring a friendly approach to running events, not wanting to enforce my own will on people but rather further their own enjoyment of the server. What are your weaknesses?: I can be brash and confrontational when it is not necessarily the time to do so. I'll keep it in check as a responsible member of the team, and stick to my duties. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future?: 2-6 hours a day.
  4. Hey guys, Harold back again with the two-time.  I promise, you're gunna love this one.

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  5. How many times can you use Administrative Level in a post without it becoming blatantly obvious you're doing whatever the **** you want and everyone else can suck it

  6. Im glad things are decided on an administrative level, good to know the circlejerk is alive and as detached from the community as ever

  7. No dewper - Keeps

    nice song!
  8. @Dewper dont ever come near my profile again you brown noser

  9. Marna's walls aient so tall

    Pretty sure it was 1v1 and your friend tried to save you..but it just didn't work out. Good fight!
  10. Second Battle of Stallion's Hill - Victory upon Egar Cliffs

    Jasper Smalltower would slowly approach the steep cliffside, sitting his armored rear upon a rather stout stone situated in the tall grasses. A deep sigh of relief would escape his lips, his gaze fixated on the dawning sun upon the horizon.
  11. @drfate786 should be in charge of religion wiki page make it happen lotc!

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       the most reasonable option!

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      I feel Canonists know how to do their wiki page and make it look amazing, and I do wish Narthok would have been able to do the Red Faith's page. However, I'm unaware of the other pages, but if he asks a WT member to make him an account he can work on the pages whether or not he's wiki team. I think drfate did an amazing job as an ET builder too, so there is that.

    4. drfate786


      If I were in-charge of the religion wiki pages, the Canonism wiki page would just be a copy pasted Wiki article on medieval Catholicism. To be frank, I'm pretty sure I have a wiki account and could press that shiny edit button but why should I? The wiki team is useless anyway.

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  13. This is a recurring thing whenever someone has gone up against DPM and co, you make every attempt to try and lash out and berate the appeal because the sentencing you wanted went through, and now you're going to shill to keep it on. Rather than **** all over Mograine, you can post some constructive questions and half-way decent feedback instead of slamming your head on the keyboard over and over in rage that someone you got banned for 'hacking' might be back, cool? Mograine has served his time, guilty or not of the actions accused, you cannot truly prove or disprove it with the original evidence provided. We all know the server is susceptible to lag, DDOS'rs, and other glitches that may cause presumptions of hacking, but to be so quick to ban over so little evidence, it's truly disparaging. Unban my good friend, he brings great turkin value to the server and I'd for one very much enjoy to see a kind face around again.
  14. Another Corpse for the Tree

    Ser Hakon wraps his arm around Avalon, sitting beside him in the Hall of Valkyria high above.
  15. Siege of Vjorhelm

    Good fight man.
  16. Mordskov; Conjunction of Worlds

    Adalwulf would make his way towards Mordskov, the voidsteel blade once belonged to Caius Horen now drawn and ready as the lone soldier marches towards the twilight of the world...

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      Ghostemane is nice. you heard Death by Dishonor?

  18. Renatus x Norland

    Good fight.
  19. Holy Hearth Writ of Consecration

    A lone horen would stand before the flames in the once dim, now everbright halls of the temple. "Praise be the light of dawn to this holy temple. Father guide us."

    Its about to get sweaty.

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      @Stimpay no it isnt going to be sweaty.