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    Establishment of the Burgh of Thorhelm

    Svarr Grimlee would summon his banners to assist in the garrisoning of Thorhelm under the Arden Chief, riding out for the bulwark.
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    The Writ of Clan Arden

    Svarr Grimlee would congratulate Kjartan
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    The Path To Hope

    Svarr Grimlee would begin preparing his tuxedo, tying his father's shoes for him.
  4. Through the course of my playing this server, I met Deanobambino back in Athera when I had created an edgy covenant guild that ran around with assassin creed hoodies on and took up our group into his own. He taught me most of what I know about Role-Play from the get-go and helped me grow as a new player when we finally created our dream which was Norland on Vailor. He will do nothing but wonders for our team and despite it may seemingly be bias when I say we need him on our team, he's just as good if not better in every regard as myself in Role-Play, new player interaction and just being a genuinely good human being. Let's get him onboard. +1
  5. I can throw my support behind this player. He has exhibited nothing but quality in everything I've witnessed him role-play since I've known him. He is tactful with his responses to hard situations, his skill set will be an asset to our team. +1
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    A Warning to all that will listen.

    "Beneath the waves, Northward they slumber.." (Dominion, Nordengrad, Haelunor) "Sealed within ice, down South they await.." (Fenn, Halsworthy, Rivia & Haense) "Slain before the flames, his corpse torn asunder.." (Firelands) "The Prince and The Vaeyl can save you no longer..." (Cloud Temple, Holm, Bogrin, Empire) These whispers can be heard by anyone in the respective regions if your madness permits you listen.
  7. I knew Keening from Day 1 of his playing on the server and I can say without reason for doubt he would do wonder for the Game Moderation team. He has always put others before himself and that sort of selfless dedication is crucial to the team he's applying for, which is direct service to the community, for the community. He's a good guy whose going to help bring this server to a higher standard than it was held previously, is a +1 from me.
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    The Glorious Blaze: First light

    Svarr Grimlee would place his hands at the side, his eyes alit at the sight of the burning magnificence. "Ullric told me the stories.. nothing quite compares to this however.." he would state blankly to the gathering, in deep contemplation.
  9. EVENT TEAM Management Update: Credit Xarkly for picture Greetings Lord of the Craft, Malgonious here with updates regarding my team and the progress we’ve made thus far this mid-September. As you may or may not be aware, our team has received two new ET Managers, myself and @Treatycole. We’re still settling into the job, but feel free to approach us with any concerns or suggestions you may have. That being said I’d like to take the time to welcome our new ET Builders to the team! Delfato Caesar__Salad Eteriani Please congratulate these individuals if you see them online for their new role in the community! We expect great things from them and already in the short period of time they’ve been with us they have begun the process of proving themselves. Delfato has currently been working on one of our newest projects, “Event Zones,” of which progress has been coming along at a rapid pace. His contribution has been to the main corridor of which we call, “The Inner Sanctum,” a hub for the other conjoining passages under the Crypts of Nordengrad Caesar__Salad has also been working on the “Event Zone” project. His contribution has been more of the floral life and the underground river-system that is included in the build, along with everything behind the waterfall. Eteriani is our most recently on-boarded ET Builder and we expect great things to come from him as he gets into the hang of things. As I stated above, the sky's the limit with these new recruits it’s just a matter of if they can fully dedicate themselves to bettering this community as our team sets out to do everyday. Now that introductions are out of the way its onto my first project as Event Manager: What is an Event Zone? An Event Zone is a specified region where building is NOT permitted unless given authority to do so by the supervising ET/ET Builder. Within this zone is a player-friendly (or not so friendly) environment where we’ve created as many interactable features as we could think up. Something frustrating for me as a New Player was finding this amazing world with fantastic builds.. but no sort of context to it. Everything I saw was just surface designs with no sort of opportunity for exploration or interaction. With this new system, we’re aiming for at minimum 100 interactables per Event Zone. Interactables is a loosely defined term that can mean an item, an event, or some sort of dialogue between you and the Zone, it's something you as a player can affect and/or see in-game. How Event Zones will function? If you’re part of the Event Team and are just now reading this, you may have some questions that need answered regarding this new project. I would ask you direct these towards a Private Message or in our Team Discussion chat on Discord. This is the basic idea however: A Player enters the Event Zone and finds something he/she would like to interact with. At this stage if no ET is overseeing this particular player, than an /etreq will be made at the [!] Interaction Sign. At the bottom of every Interaction Sign is a code that will be next to each data entry we have in the GDOC for that particular Event Zone. The ET that corresponds with the Player will want to check the code and the data provided, and run the interaction based off of that data listed in the Event Zone’s Google Doc. This is just a generalized idea of what the ET /could/ do, I don’t want this system to take away from the creativity aspect from this team, but at the very least there’s going to be more for you the Player to interact and do in these regions. I hope this will make it less stressful for the ET running the interaction with giving you a basis to work your event from, rather than just a player making an ETReq saying “Want to do a hunt,” or “Want an event ran.” Where are Event Zones? I'm glad you asked! This project is still currently being worked on by the ET so that means we are open to new suggestion(s)! Below are the Event Zones with their locations listed beside it of where we aim to implement this exciting new feature to the Lord of the Craft world. The Old Caverns (Work in Progress) - All around the Cloud Temple are ancient caverns and passages, during the excavation period of Nordengrad’s Crypt, a part of their excavation process caved inward, revealing the Inner Sanctum, an access point to these mysterious areas of the world. Behind sealed puzzles and locked doors lie the unknown for the brave to explore and discover. The Firelands (Work in Progress) - The molten region near Halsworthy & Rivia, these lands have been the sight of many events however due to player grief we will need to completely revamp this zone and add in the interactables. Progress on this zone may take an extended period of time, but stay tuned for updates! The Yatl Wasteland (Not Yet Started) - Inhabited by horrible creatures of the Void, vicious bloodthirsty yeti, and all different kinds of danger that dwells along the border of the Great Wall. (more coming soon…!) That concludes my Management Update for our team! I hope you’re excited about our new project and as always any feedback, comments or suggestions can be done in a reply to this thread, directly via a Discord PM at Malgonious#9566, or through a Forum PM by clicking the envelope next to my name. Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone!
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    Rangers of the Northemarch

    A strange creature would begin following the Rangers as they range towards Northemarch.. a low growl uttered as they finally return home after their first mission...
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    yessir make a feedback thread pls ill +1
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    [Story] Karren's Ether

    "That is the question," retorts Smile the Gnome.
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    The Declaration of The Kadarsi Caliphate

    Belgor Ireheart requests a meeting with the newly announced Caliphate.
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    Legion of Urguan -Reformation-

    Belgor Ireheart assists two Grandaxes in felling horrors from the South who had wandered north.. “In an age when war among kin is so common, I relish in the thought of people such as yer own existing tuh uphold the true path of the Brathmordakin. Truly yer people are a friend of Dungrimm’s Folk…” (2nd of Sun’s Smile, 1680) Axios Long ago in a land known as Axios, Belgor Ireheart once stood proudly among his kinsmen as their Marshal. Rallying the hordes of proud Urguanite legionnaires to the banner of orange and black, his green cloak dragging against the coarse stones that dotted the Kingdom of Urguan. “Prepare yourselves men! THEY COME!” Belgor would draw the bronze Shield of Ireheart and hold it upward as his men followed suit, raising tall and proud The Wall of Urguan. There they stood facing down a horde of insects and beasts of nightmare that came from the deep roads to siege their beloved cavern city... Hard fought was the battle to follow… but victorious the Sons of Urguan would emerge, their legion unfaltering and defiant against the sheer overwhelming numbers that came across the bridge into their home, the Broodmother N’hara being brutally wounded and escaping back to her lair in the Darkways.. Belgor Ireheart beamed with pride in his kin, their fight was one well fought and rest was deserved to his men.. Upon his hand dangled the shield of his forefathers.. In his right-hand a warhammer acquired from the Legion Barracks.. *** Belgor Ireheart stood on the shores of Atlas, hefting onto his shoulders an old oak shield and a warhammer taken from the Legion Barracks in Axios.. All he had on his mortal possession he could carry on his back. The warm crisp air of Sun’s Smile entered his hairy nostrils as he strode along the path towards the Kal’Bogrin, there he would meet a life-long friend. After a battle ensued shortly after his arrival, he would find the descendants of the Grandaxe clan all in good spirits and faith as they stood brother and brother, arm and arm, against the evils that seemed to plague these lands. He had heard of another group of dwed who held hatred in their hearts for their fellow dwarf… Inspired by his fellow kin’s example, Belgor took it upon himself to remake this image of comradery and faith in one’s own people. From his bag he pulled forth an old furreled banner. Word would spread quickly across Atlas of like-minded dwed to rally to the banner of Belgor Ireheart, former marshal of the fallen Kingdom of Urguan. The Legion of Urguan stood once more. (This page will be updated with RP & Application/Information as Role-Play is performed.)
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    The Reformation of Clan Grimlee

    Hakon and Uther Grimlee would share a drink in the Halls of Valkyria, smiling down upon their descendants and the deeds they have sewn. "We did good, Uther. We did good."
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    Legion of Urguan -Reformation-

    To the Usurper-Queen of Kaz'Ulrah, You are given 24 days ((OOC Hours)) to comply with the follow demands upon your false Kingdom. Renounce all claim to the name Urguan and surrender any usage or affiliation thereof. Renounce the claimant to a throne higher than that of Urguan, the one and true father of All. Halt all aggression against your fellow mountain-kin. Your war-mongering among your own blood is repulsive and heretical and shall not be tolerated further. Halt all aggression against the fellow races of Atlas. You aim to disrupt Yemekar's Balance, and for this Dungrimm strike you down Banshee-Queen. Recluse you and your kin to the mountain from which you spew your lies and deceit, serpents under rocks you shall stay. The remains of every dwarf you have slain in the name of Kaz'Ulrah returned to their respective clan holdings for proper burial among their own brothers and sisters. Failure to comply will be considered a denounciation of the Kingdom of Urguan and her Legion. Consequences will be had for you and you alone. As ordered by Grand Marshal of Urguan, Belgor Ireheart
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    Malevolence: Event-Item Thread

    (Common, Rare, and Legendary Rarities) Malevolence: Event-Item Thread As the Malevolence Event-line draws to a close, those who participated are asked to log their items obtained from the events so that proper interaction can be made when interaction is needed for your item(s). These items will have relevance and use in future event-lines ran by me, and gives me a good idea of who has what and what does what. Thank you all for your participation in this Event-Line, there will be a follow-up event for Arbor, Haense, Fenn and Halsworthy to conclude this particular story. Once again, thank you for your participation in my first actual event-line! Name of Item: Rarity: Interactable: (Y/N) Obtained from event:
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    The Ironwood Armada

  20. Malgonious

    Humans - ET Plot-lines?

    I would be willing to run a three-part eventline for you this month if we can arrange it. Add me on discord: Malgonious#9566
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    Legion of Urguan -Reformation-

    A return letter is penned to Fili Grandaxe's residence: Tuh Fili Grandaxe, Ah would beh honored tuh foite alongside 'un of me ilk, through flesh and faith weh beh reunited in ah pivituhl moment fer Urguan's history. Would yeh please pen me ah location tuh meet ye, tales of yer valor and dedication tuh Urguan are well-known and highly praised by Gror and Thorrak alike. Blessed beh dis day! Dungrimm's Blessings, Belgor Ireheart, Marshal of the Old Legion of Urguan
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    Legion of Urguan -Reformation-

    Belgor Ireheart would wrap his arms around his forefathers a reunion of the century and a smile across his face. "Dis will beh guud o'im sure."
  23. The Legion of Urguan is now accepting new dwarf applicants!  if you're interested in some good Dwarf RP/Warfare, shoot me a PM!

    1. Medvekoma


      Why can't you just let it stay dead.

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      What is dead may never die

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    The Dwedhattan Project

    Belgor Ireheart closes the cockpit of his Urguanite F-15 nicknamed, "The Bald." "Dis will beh ah guud foite, o'im sure!"
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    PSC: Pantheon Slaving Company [RAGUK WARBAND]

    Malgunuz'Raguk smiles at his fellow clan members making the big moves. "Hozh."