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  1. I'd pick him for the job. Plus one from me.
  2. I'm the primary region owner of Metz - he's got my approval.
  3. Do you intend on making the fast travels both ways?
  4. His hand forced, Lothar d'Amaury sees to it that the fledgling rebellion is promptly thwarted - the head of the former Baron brought before him.
  5. Tom Terrific...
  6. He's an easy pick.
  7. Chaotikal harbors a vast, surprisingly extensive pool of knowledge in regards to the lore of the server; not to mention he's one of the most diligent people I know when he puts his mind to something. I'd pick him for the position.
  8. I'll PM you my skype - I'm not ranked.
  9. Bro! It's been too long.
  10. A good-hearted dude.
  11. ((I like it!
  12. "They ask us what's true, and here it is." Offered Rhydderch as he scanned over the document. "As Canonists we've a duty to uproot malice and dissenters."
  13. Never mind.
  14. "At long last."
  15. MC Name: EnragedPiglet. RP Name: Yazarek Doomforged. Reasoning for Applying: Looking to try something new - the vast majority of the role-play I've done has revolved and Oren and humanity. Do you accept to follow the rules of playing a Doomforged? Of course. Bloodline: Arkhomir; Dormin's line. Parents (Optional, only if you are playing a current member's child): Dormin.