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    Hughes I
  1. i'll put my name in
  2. all my friends are dead

    1. Mj.


      *cuts deeper into wrist 

    2. Jonificus


      got kicked in the head

  3. NUMBER ONE BABY https://gyazo.com/51f30a03e2ce19ea84191bc480c346b0 https://namemc.com/skin/493e54dd2c556fc9
  4. Hughes I smiles the Sun's Smile - good King Odo's work would not be for naught.
  5. A MISSIVE TO ODO D’AMAURY “But my golden fields! My golden fields of wheat!” Revolving prism-like mind tore from the letter afore him and sought solace in a nearby expanse of rolling amber - the golden fields of his family’s history. Steel of his quill plunged thrice in hot, pitch ink - tip set to parchment. Reply was short to arrive thereafter, heralded by steam shed from swift destriers in sweltering summer air. A letter, closed and clad with d’Amaury heraldry - penned by the thoughtful hand of one young King Hughes. My beloved cousin and compatriot, Pray, forgive the brash manner of entrance into mine own hall; history has dictated that in matters such as this men are not unlikely to find themselves in a den of jackals upon their return - hot, eager tongues yearning to be slaked by blood wrought out of pitiless ambition. Wrong was I, indeed, in this illation. Quite on the contrary, you have proven yourself possessive of naught but pure intent - why, what a kinsman is this, whom in times of tumult pursues benevolence in the face of stark adversity! I seek not to set the beating heart of this realm afire, nay, for such is the gravest crime a righteous man aneath the Creator’s Seven may commit. We as proud sons of man are charged by God-given providence to uphold the antiquity of our fatherland and to - within the utmost capacity of our mortal being - foster its futurity. Thus it is that I shall so tirelessly seek solidarity in this noble hegemony, both in rapture and repose. Await my arrival to Ostwick; for, whatever the weather, I would let darting wind be slow to my hasting. Glory to humanity and glory to this God-given Kingdom. Signed, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Hughes I Pierre d’Amaury, King of Lotharingia, Prince of Savoy and Metz, Archduke of Lorraine, Margrave of Kaedrin, Count of Amaury, Lord of the Goldfields, Defender of the Heartlanders and Warden of the South

    where'd you go? i miss you so.. seems like its been forever since you've been gone

  7. why do you do this to yourself
  8. @joey calabreeni the tyrant dies and his rule ends, the martyr dies and his rule begins 

    1. Arygon


      *tries to not cringe* *cringes a lot* *claps* *apoligizes*

  9. @Gucko seems you've an admirer
  10. "If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity." - President Joey Calabreeni, circa 1989

    1. Gucko


      Take me by the hand, Mitch.

  12. Within the dark, decrepit recesses of a certain fair-haired individual's study a candle was lit - for the fire, although snuffed out in one, did yet burn on in those it touched in life.
  13. "FUARK" says lothar