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  1. A Kharajyr Druid grips the poster tightly in both hands, his facial expression contorting into a scowl, his brow furrowing as his gaze drifts over the poster. "Ha'ow fawking stupid. Leaving da mothawr circle to start yawr own circle becawrse yew don't like someone? Boo hoo. Grow up. Babies, dawt's wawt yew all awre. Something mawst be done about this fawking garbage." He crumbles the poster into a ball, tossing it onto his desk before he moving to wander out of his home.
  2. A Kharajyr Druid breathes heavily as all the new circles start to pop up. "Dis cawlls fawr a Druidic Inquisition."
  3. A black-furred Kharajyr rests his back against the trunk of a great oak tree, his eyes shut tight for the moment. A pleasant breeze flowed calmly through the forest, which caused the branches of the trees to lightly shake and rustle. The Kharajyr's eyes soon fluttered open, a quiet sigh escaping him. He stretched his hand out towards the staff, his digits curling around the dark-oaken body of the staff. The Kharajyr grunted quietly as he slowly rose to his feet, a soft creaking escaping his body as he does so. The Kharajyr began to slowly walk, his staff tapping against the earth below with every few steps or so. The Kharajyr slowly walks onwards, a frown present upon his face as he kept moving straight ahead. The Kharajyr's head tilts upwards slightly, his gaze shifting towards the sky above, though most of the sky was obscured by the canopies of the great oak trees. A sound was heard from deep within the Kharajyr's throat as he continued to walk. "Hrmmm..." He paused for a moment before his lips began to fully move. "Perhaps... Za should have tried to make peace with him..." The Kharajyr halted his walk suddenly, his grip tightening upon the staff as his facial expression contorted into a scowl, his teeth gritting together as this occurred. "No... Such heinous acts committed against Za's family cannot be forgiven... He hurt them... He blasphemed the sacred teachings of our Order..." The Kharajyr pauses once more, his face relaxing as he moved to lean against his staff, a soft sigh escaping him as he did so. "And yet... It was not entirely him... His foolish acts led up to the whole conflict, but it was not truly him who committed such acts... Everybody makes mistakes... Some a bit more than others... Za supposes he should know about that..." The Kharajyr lets out a dry chuckle as he utters these words. "A grudge against a dead man is a silly thing. Such distaste should be held for the people which still currently walk the realm..." The Kharajyr moved to stand up straight before beginning to walk once again. The Kharajyr continued to walk for some time before stopping once again. A stream flowed before him, the gentle trickle of water heard from it. The Kharajyr shuffled forwards towards the stream before kneeling down upon its banks. The Kharajyr placed his staff to the side before stretching both hands out towards the water. The Kharajyr's fingers lightly brushed against the running water of the stream, his head bowing forwards as he does so. "Oliver... You did wrong during your time alive, and Za doesn't believe those actions can be so easily forgiven... Yet... Za feels like he cannot hold a grudge against you still..." The Kharajyr's fingers slowly trailed through the water as he sat there, his eyes fluttering shut for a moment. "Let such hatred be gone from Za... Let it float away on the waters of this stream..." The Kharajyr took a deep breath before exhaling, his eyes fluttering open as he moved to sit up straight. "Sorry about everything, Oliver. Za hopes that you can find peace." The Kharajyr sat there for a good long while, simply staring at the flowing water as he did. Eventually, he moved to rise to his feet with a creaking of his limbs, his digits curling back around his staff. The Kharajyr lightly tapped his staff against the ground before moving to turn himself around to wander away.
  4. You're a good person to be doing this, Squirt. We all need people to be there for us to give us support. Tell K0llu that I hope he's doing well with life, and that I hope he's happy with it. Tell him that his friends are here to support him if times ever get rough or difficult for him. Thank you.
  5. A Kharajyr Druid scowls as he reads the notice, his brows furrowing. "Hrmmph. Za daws approve of da Druidic Chawllawnge. Ha'owever, Za dawsn't see why et haws to be named using elven words! Keep dis collywobble elven shite to da Naelurir!"
  6. The Druidic Summer Festival [!] The heat of Summer makes itself known across the Isles of Axios. As the sun's warmth washes across the lands, the Druids of the Wandering Grove invite the Descendants to attend the Druidic Festival of Summer. Come feast and celebrate the heat which Summer brings to the lands. Like the Spring Festival, the Summer Festival shall will have plenty of food, drink, music, dancing, games and joyful times. The theme for the clothing that you should wear is tropical, though it's not enforced at all! Wear whatever you wish. Events of the Festival The Grand Feast There will be plenty of delicious food and drink at the festival. Like always, we'll have our best chefs working hard to prepare the finest meals for the festivals. Make sure to pick up some beverages to quench a hot Summer's day thirst! The Summer Shogging The Shogging tournament once again makes a return! Challenge your friends to the famous Halfling game of Shogging! The champion of the tournament shall receive a prize. Coconut Drinking Contest Another favourite from the previous festival. The drinking contest makes a return. However, it is a little bit different this time around. Drink from as many coconuts as you can in a limited amount of time. The winner shall of course receive a prize. The Wrestling Pit How tough are yeh? Come and find out at the wrestling pit! Wrestle other tough people, and see who comes out on top! The winner shall receive a prize. Sand Castle Building Contest Fancy yourself a sand architect? Then maybe you have what it takes to win the sand castle building contest! Participants will compete against each other to see who can build the most amazing sand castle! Judges shall decide on the best sand castle. Winner receives a prize! ((Sand castles shall be drawn through MS Paint, and then shown to the judges)) The Obstacle Course Make your way through an obstacle course! Many difficult obstacles to overcome lay ahead. The obstacle involves land and sea, so don't be afraid to get wet! The Underwater Scavenger Hunt Delve into the depths to seek out hidden objects in the underwater scavenger hunt! Just remember to come to the surface for air. Dead men tell no tales of wealth and treasure! The Dance of the Summer Dance the day away to the beautiful songs of some of the most talented bards of Axios! Fortune Telling and Card Readings Wish to know what fate has in store for you? Seek out the fortune teller. They shall provide you with insight into the future! Druidic Stalls The stalls once again make a return! They shall hold many trinkets if you wish to buy some! So come and celebrate the Summer with the Druids! ((Friday 7pm est))
  7. A Kharajyr Druid's facial expression contorts into a scowl as the news of such a guild reaches his ears. He mumbles underneath his breath for a moment as he lightly taps his staff against the ground. He gives his head a shake, a growl heard deep from within his throat as he does so. "Ha'ow absawlutely stupeed. Et nevawr ceases to amaze Za ha'ow utterly brain-dead Descendents cawn be." His grip tightens around his staff now, his teeth gritting together. "Ha'ow fuulish dawt dey seek to mastawr forces which will tear them limb frawm limb. Da judgement awnd fury of da Aspects shawll be quick upon dis group of fools. In da end, these 'people' awre only guud fawr being used as compost."
  8. Probably one of the only people I'd say is qualified for the position at the current moment. Jolly would certainly be a fine addition to the MT. She is quite knowledgeable on the topic on Druidism, due to the fact that she's currently the oldest Druid who is active at the moment. Definitely a +1 from me.
  9. Good bloke. He'll do well.
  10. Adios amigo o7
  11. yuh : )
  12. ^ This I agree with the others that have posted on this thread. Gallic is a great roleplayer. However, he is unable to take criticism very well. Thus, I cannot support this app.
  13. A Kharajyr Druid tilts his head to the side slightly as he glances over the notice. "Za cawn smith."
  14. A Druid's eye twitches as he reads the notice. "Bah, holding a dog fawr ransom? Ha'ow shameful." He reaches into his robe, plucking out a sack of mina. "1150 minas fawr da dog."
  15. Jaeden is a wonderful person to have on the ET. He's very friendly, and he's got experience with the position. I think that he'll do well. It's a +1 from me.