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  1. Yeah. He's got knowledge of various magics, and he's an experienced staff member who has held positions before this one. Plus, he's just a really nice bloke. I think he'll do great on the team. +1 from me.
  2. DJ Duke Scuba

    Good stuff.
  3. Larry Shortoak

    wood boi
  4. The Truth on Satyrs

    A Kharajyr Druid snorts loudly as he reads the poster. "Insulting our Ordawr ees a great way to make friends. Fawking idiots. Their hawrns mawst dig into their brains or something."
  5. A Kharajyr stares up at the sky, his head tilting to the side a bit as his gaze locks upon the blazing skeletal head up amongst the clouds. "Woah. Luuks like Hallow's Seed ees coming soon. Et mawst be pawrt of da celebrations."
  6. Writers at Play! [IC contest]

    "Yeah, Za would rawthawr nawt get drained while reciting his poem."
  7. omae wa mou shindeiru

  8. Protest against devs!

    Please stop.
  9. The Destruction of the Grove

    A Kharajyr Druid yawns.
  10. [Druids] Herd be wary of your bull.

    A Khararjyr Druid walks around the Wandering Grove, humming quietly to himself as he enjoys his stroll. However, his previously neutral facial expression contorts and twists into a scowl once his eyes spot a bit of parchment which rests upon the grass. He kneels down to pluck the parchment from the ground before rising to his feet. His eyes drift over the parchment, an annoyed grunt heard from him as he reads the contents of the message. "Awlright. Firstly, Za ees sick of people leaving fawking bits of paper around da groves. Et ees nawt environmentally friendly. Secondly, this haws to be da most utterly brainless attempt at trying to stir up da Ordawr against someone." He shakes his head a bit, huffing as he scrunches the paper up into a ball before depositing it into his bag. "Information frawm unnamed sources. Bah! A pathetic excuse to make yawr lies seem real. Any person with a prawpawr mind awnd brain would know dawt this shite ees very fake awnd made-up information. Aspects, ef we go by this information, we'll stawrt accusing children of being a draoi." He lets out a snort as he moves to wander away, shaking his head as he does so.