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  1. A Druid screeches loudly about Druidic neutrality. No Empress of the Forums but Cerridwen.
  2. Just don't ask what the wine is made out of.
  3. I believe that Jollyb is very well-suited to the position of MT. She has an extensive knowledge on the magic of Druidism. She is one of the oldest active druids around at the very moment. She would do a great job on the team. Her knowledge and experience would certainly provide assistance to those who have any questions about Druidism. It's a +1 from me.
  4. The Shark Druid Za'Kabar signs the charter.
  5. A Kharajyr discovers all the bottles, a soft laugh from him. "Yew only hawd thirty? Bah! Child's play."
  6. Sky certainly knows his stuff. +1
  7. "Za daws nawt think bathing in blood es very hygienic." The Kharajyr huffs as he reads the pamphlet, giving his head a little shake.
  8. Updated.
  9. "Dawt's pretty scary. Actuawlly, no et es nawt." The Kharajyr shrugs his shoulders as he takes another swig from his ale. "Still, wouldn't wawnt to hawve a pillow fight with those guys. Pillows hurt."
  10. "Hey, as lawng as we awll don't get murdered." Za'Kabar shrugs his shoulders.
  11. Za'Kabar stares at the shady hooded man, blinking a bit before turning to sprint off at full speed, while at the same time he screams: "STRAWNGER DANGER, STRAWNGER DANGER."
  12. Za'Kabar blinks a little bit as he reads the notice. "Uh. Cawn yew please leave us da fawk alone."