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  1. A Kharajyr druid breathes heavily as he reads the 'rightful leader' part of the agreement.
  2. in character

    The old Kharajyr's eyes flutter open after a moment, his gaze slowly drifting over towards the white-furred Kharajyr. He raises his hand upwards to lightly stroke at his chin as he keeps his gaze upon the Kharajyr. "Hrmmmph... Perhaps... Though having white fur doesn't make you a good Tla'... Hrmmm... Mmmm...." He pauses for a moment, his claws lightly tapping against the wood of the staff again. "Only time will tell if he is the right person for the position... Hopefully..." The Kha settled back down into his seat once again, a quiet creak heard from him in response. He reclines back into the seat, his eyes fluttering shut, snoring heard from him once again, though his ears continue to twitch slightly.
  3. in character

    An older Kharajyr with black fur sits by his lonesome. He grips a staff tightly in his right hand. His clothes are ragged and torn. His clothes appear to also be adorned with branches, vines and other natural items. He sits up a bit, a quiet grunt heard from him as he stretches his arms above his head. "Now, now...." He lets out a quiet yawn, his claws tapping against the wood of his staff. His gaze drifts over towards Jakarra, a displeased huff heard from him. "You sound too violent, boy. Too angry. Your hatred for others will not bring the Kharajyr together. Instead, it shall tear us apart." The Kha goes silent for a few moments, his ears twitching slightly as his gaze seems to lose focus on everything around him. He clears his throat after some time passes, his eyes fluttering shut for a moment before fluttering open again. "Sorry, sorry... Anyway.... Za doesn't deny that the leader of the Kharajyr needs strength. However, the leader of the Kharajyr also needs to be empathetic and kind to others. Imagine if we had a leader which seeks violence. Such a leader would ruin the Kharajyr relations with other nations and races." The Kharajyr inhales deeply before exhaling as he sits up a bit straighter, a creaking heard from him as he does. "Here's what the Kharajyr need. We need a strong leader who can keep the Kharajyr people safe. We need a leader which follows the ways of Metzli. We need a leader who holds empathy, kindness and love for the people around him, regardless of who they are. We need a leader who wishes not to shut us out from the rest of Axios, but instead focuses on building strong relations with other nations." The Kharajyr's body sinks down into his seat a bit, his eyes wide and wild as he takes another breath. "...Forgive Za for rambling. It's hard not to do these days." He lets out a dry chuckle. "Keep Za's words in mind, people. The future leader of our people needs to hold these traits. Hopefully he or she shows up here soon..." The Kha lets out a sigh, his eyes fluttering shut as he begins to snore quite loudly.
  4. You're a good lad, Jake.
  5. yuh : )
  6. A certain Kharajyr druid idly shuffles along a path in the Wandering Grove, a bagel held between his teeth. Clearly he's blissfully unaware of any other events occurring at the current moment. He munches on the bagel as he shuffles forward, staff tapping against the ground with every step. He suddenly stops, his gaze drifting downwards. He moves to crouch down, a frown upon his face as he finishes off his bagel. He leans forward, his head growing closer to the ground. "Ahah! Za knows wawt yew awre up to, yew sneaky spy." The druid waggles his finger at a small ant which crawls its way along the dirt. "Za knows dawt yew ants will one day tawke over all of Axios! Yew mawst be reporting intelligence to yawr evil queen right now!" He leans his body forward, as if to get a better look at the ant. Suddenly, he appears to lose balance. His body wobbles and shudders slightly before he falls forward, a screech heard from him as he slams into the ground with a loud 'oof!'. He lays sprawled against the ground, the ant crawling past him as he lays there, a horrified look upon his face. He rolls himself over onto his back, his eyes staring up at the sky. He raises his arm, his hand curling into a fist as he shakes it at the sky. "Mawrk Za's words, Axios! Da ants are rising up! They'll steal all yawr bread!" The Druid rants and rambles for a long while after that, still completely unaware of any other events!
  7. The Druidic Spring Festival [!] As Spring brings new life into the world, the Druids of the Wandering Grove are excited to announce the upcoming Druidic Spring Festival! Come! Feast and celebrate the beauty of Spring with us! There will be plenty of food, drink, music, games, dancing and good times! We recommend wearing some colourful clothes. This would certainly fit the theme of the festival, but it's not compulsory! Events of the Festival The Grand Feast The very best chefs of the Druidic Order have been hard at work to prepare the most delicious foods for the enjoyment of all those who attend the Spring Festival. The tables will be covered in all sorts of delicious food and drink, so go ahead and feast 'till you're full and enjoy the beautiful music provided by some of our talented bards! The Shroom Brew Drinking Contest Do you think you have what it takes to take on the legendary Shroom Brew? Then participate in the drinking contest! Last person standing wins a prize! Flower Dance As the beautiful music of our bards fills the air, why not take to dancing? Grab a partner or simply go at it alone, and dance amongst the ocean of beautiful flowers which surround the festival area. The Shogging! Go ahead and participate in an match of Shogging! Shogging is a Halfling game which features two opponents standing on top of a floating log. Both opponents wear a pumpkin on their heads. They have to attempt to knock each other off the log. The last person standing on the log is the winner of the match! Druidic Stalls Small stalls will be set up near the festival grounds. These stalls will sell trinkets, snacks, drinks and most importantly: flowers! Get some flower crowns for the occasion! So come one and come all! Celebrate the beauty of Spring and the new life it brings to the world! ((Friday 5:30pm est))
  8. ^ This I agree with the others that have posted on this thread. Gallic is a great roleplayer. However, he is unable to take criticism very well. Thus, I cannot support this app.
  9. A Kharajyr Druid tilts his head to the side slightly as he glances over the notice. "Za cawn smith."
  10. A Druid's eye twitches as he reads the notice. "Bah, holding a dog fawr ransom? Ha'ow shameful." He reaches into his robe, plucking out a sack of mina. "1150 minas fawr da dog."
  11. Jaeden is a wonderful person to have on the ET. He's very friendly, and he's got experience with the position. I think that he'll do well. It's a +1 from me.
  12. Looks good. Nice job, Leo.
  13. 13
  14. If I see one more dark arts app, so help me.


  15. oh no my mineman economy.