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    yes :^)
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    i remember when you turned 18
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    Microsoft Version

    You cannot, the way you can play on the PC properly is to get a java version. It's pretty expensive, if you need help hit me up, I have a unused alternate accounts I never migrated that you can have if you want.
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    Culture of Gods and Vice

  5. Karimir

    Culture of Gods and Vice

    To dull the pain of emptiness. Seeing on a purely emotional and passionate driven level, there is a cycle. There is a cycle of drive, passion, defeat, emptiness. Defeat does not mean failure, there will always be a defeat even when the passion is given to a win. To life there is death, to games their is the end. To all things there will be an end, and to all ideas there will be an end. There will be emptiness and there must be something to fill it. To fill these moments, to dull the pain. Dulling the pain is the focus, and we all know we are doing it on some level. The most abstract form of addiction one can have is the one they do not know they have. Loose definitions for a distraction that supplies one with the satisfaction of comfort. This translucent tie that binds many is the construction of a comforting factor. This comforting factor I will define as something that 1) distracts from something else. 2) gives some form of pleasure. 3) Flawless in complete concept, or perfect in execution. This role of abstract comfort can be applied to many figures, concepts, and things. Deities are a form of subtle addiction, for it gives you comfort constantly. Perhaps this is the greatest form of addiction, as it is constant, infallible. For this specific idea is why we have the clause in our third part of the definition of an abstract comforter. It is flawless in complete concept to those who will join along with the more detailed parts of this. This is still true for what might be considered the inverse of believing in something, nothing. To believe in nothing is also to form a concept of comfort in completeness of opinion - This is still the same as what is deific. This can also be applied to concepts, hence why we have our second clause in our third section of our definition of comfort. It is perfect in execution, but can still be seen as flawed. There is more danger here and the effect of multiple ties to these is what ties us down. Entertainment brings joy, but distracts, most of what is done is for entertainment of some sort. Some sort of enjoyment, some sort of ability to feel that boredom and emptiness leave. That still is on the same level as these other concepts, even more so on a general scale, this is everybody. This is also the same for drugs and things such as that. These are seen on the same level of application as a deity, entertainment, or unbelief. Drugs are still to numb, to take away at what lingers and spreads most. From all this we can draw the conclusion that to hold a belief is to have a tie that binds. To break a tie is to relieve that emptiness, to break all ties would to have consumption of self. To believe in the emptiness is to still have a tie, the binding tie. If you reach this state, there is nothing to build upon but character. But if you realize that this state also requires a belief and idea you begin to understand this was all for comfort, for entertainment, for some form of prying away of that feeling of emptiness. Self awareness is hard, and to see that I am not being self-aware of myself completely ever Faster and faster, and go farther. The distance between you and it grows, but the end will draw you close. To a kiss one must share. There is some feeling of fakery to it all. Nobody feels right when they feel warm.
  6. MC Username: Karimir What you would be interested in? (Select one option): Profile Picture Favoured Contact Method: Discord Contact Username: Jasper#2288 Number of Personas to be Requested: One Race of Character(s): Adunian Background Preferences (Select one option): Complex Your Donation (Optional): A pocket GM and 5 bucks
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    [Bounty] Missing Child (Easy)

    Talar shakes his head, somewhere up on a mountain, paying penance.
  8. Karimir

    Upon Dead Sands

    A soft feeling tugged upon a weathered soul. His gaze to nothingness about him. Unmoving still, but there was change. He marched ever forth towards his unreachable fate. And upon the endless tides of eternity, a light was seen. Banished. "Hello brother." A weary thought, a weary voice. He kept on.
  9. Karimir

    [✓] [Server] jetboydan Ban Appeal

    I think that you are being genuine. Please next time think more and read the rules. I know you are here to have fun, but others are too. You and your alt will be unbanned, don't mess up again.
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Changed Status to Under Review You have been accepted to Lord of The Craft, congratulations. Please join the New Player Discord for more help, or message me on Discord. My only clarification is that at the moment Krugmar is being destroyed / owned by the wood elves. https://discord.gg/qcqgvhR Jasper#2288
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Changed Status to Under Review You have been accepted to Lord of The Craft, congratulations. Please join the New Player Discord for more help, or message me on Discord. https://discord.gg/qcqgvhR Jasper#2288
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    Changed Status to Denied
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    Changed Status to Under Review This application has been denied, you will be required to make a new application to try again. The reasons for your denial will be listed below. Reasons: This is a good application, unfortunately, you are on a guest account. I wish for you to make a forum account and re-apply with a weakness for your character in your character's interesting facts. Please join the New Player Discord if you have any questions, or message me on Discord. https://discord.gg/qcqgvhR Jasper#2288