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  1. Moose Re re re coming back to GM

    I remember trying to find your skype nobody would give it to me lul
  2. Political Compass thread

    @Space what do you think
  3. Political Compass thread

    too real
  4. Can you tell why you have been so sad?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kinslayer


      I heard of Clairo before, a couple months back

      I don't really like her 

      Shes one of those singer girls who all the cuck boys fall head overheels for.

    3. neopsychedelia


      arent you a bit young to be talking like that

    4. Kinslayer
  5. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    this is good
  6. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    you look like a gay childish gambino and its only because you're also black and ofc all black people look the same totally the only reason yea
  7. A Cowboy Rides Away

    I feel you
  8. Post your playlist

    does this mean i'm a liberal now
  9. Post your playlist

    My jinji is really good also female singers make me GROSSED OUT!!1!!
  10. Post your playlist

    @Ford what do you think?

    do you like me or not what is your honest opinion of me harrrison
  12. Inquisitoners' Application for LM

    dont think this individual is suited for any staff position on the server
  13. Kinslayer Needs YOU

    Its your friendly neigborhood banned player swooping by to try and get your help because I have no social ties in real life to anybody, or at least not enough people. I am doing a project for my science class where I have to get answers of a server from a lot of people, and if any of you would be so kind as to fill it out, that would just be excellent. I'll drop the link below, and some information about the actual project. The Project: The project is more of a research thing than a science thing. I have to collect responses from people's birthdays and their birth months, and then see how the probability of two people having the same birthday increases as I increase the number of people I survey. This is known as the birthday paradox. Best regards, Kinslayer. Survey: