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  1. "In front of my ******* house?" Nazorean exclaimed!
  2. what the **** did you just say
  3. you are my love of life of me

    you will go to prom with me

    yes no


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    2. Tox


      wtf whos playing dnd with out me 

    3. Amordrin


      everyone :)

    4. Tox
  4. "I never should have introduced Dael to anybody ever." He muttered, scornfully.
  5. "You still put your **** in a spook." Nazorean chuckled.
  6. he's really nice, even in OOC
  7. Well, how worse can the GM team get? +1
  8. "I hope he betters himself... I don't even speak to spooks, and I get mad women." Nazorean says.
  9. Nazorean read the leaflet, his eyes scanning over all the subject. He shook his head almost all way through, chuckling to himself when he had finished. He folded up the leaflet, extending a finger and charring the paper and burning into a flame before saying to himself, ranting almost. "This is what you all get for speaking to spooks, I told them all of this, nobody listens to me, and even the ascended themselves make their personal lives vunerable with the spooks. This is because of the spooks nature - even with their veiled emotion, and fake feelings, they still manipulate us. They take our most sensitive feelings, and abuse them. The Izkuthii should be trusted the least, but as the case with Fi' Mages, we keep them around because we think they are people. They are not people... Even two people I know very well, Azoth and Dael, I tried to tell them of this, even after finding out what the harlot was like... There is no sympathy from me. They need to understand that spooks will never be good to you. Never. They try to say now, to go against an Izkuthii they should have been going against for ages now. They seem to not notice that the men who have to suck emotions for their own, are still taking emotions, and what that means for them. It's not a matter of people to keep these parasites alive, especially those who should be killing the spooks, not helping them."
  10. do it you won't prove it please
  11. co cks gun