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  1. Well lets see... Probably my most memorable one is either when Tek came to my characters house and started torturing him in his basement, or when my character had become a cannibal randomly. Or! Pigaloc running from RP and PVP for like 20 minutes when it was his first day.
  2. no, TO WHOM! ;) This is the best I could do
  3. Oh ****... Well I guess I gotta do it now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to
  4. Knock Knock?
  5. "I wonder if they need Tinkers..." A young tinker mutters under his breath hearing of the city.
  6. Of course I am, do you not remember how much I prayed to you, Telanir! All those taters, twenty bucks worth!
  7. Cousin, nephews, the usual!
  8. Well I have reached 500 Posts, I just wanted to say thank you to everybody! I have really been posting a bit now... Haven't I? Haha.
  9. ((Minecraft Name:)) Kinslayer ((Skype:)) Gatekeeperoflife Name: 'Hoodsie' What are your current voidal talents? - Fire Evoker. Do you accept any and all consequences of participating in a relatively unknown and untested voidal craft?((Simple yes or no)) Yessir-ee
  10. get a gm
  11. MC Name: KinslayerRP Name: NazoreanWhich field(s) do you wish to specialize in?: TinkeringWhat is your level in your aligned profession(s)?: PromisingSkype name (Pm me this if you don’t want to share publicly): GatekeeperoflifeHow long have you been playing LOTC?: March 3, 2015How many hours both week and weekend are you available?: Usually after 3pm CST, I'll be active.What is your timezone?: America, CSTWhat is your experience in redstone, if any?: nope.
  12. MC Name: Kinslayer Character's Name: Zealot Character's Age: Twenty-Seven Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Human Transformed form: Sorvian Creator's MC Name: KnghtArtorias Creator's RP Name: Avenel Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Brief Description: Sorvians are creatures who are formed by rituals to the being known as 'Javex' these rituals transform them into what is known as a blank slate. These blank slated creatures are still mortal and still do feel pain but at a lesser extent. Sorvians are known as blank states because, they have the memories of their last life essentially wiped away from them. They seek to serve an ideology, though, this ideology be grounded and stable, they will not go off and fight for something which has had no real roots (I.e a military order). These Sorvians will serve religions and deitys, like Tahariae, Xan, The Aspects, or The Church of the Canon. These creatures, still mortal though, are timeless and are essentially immortal. They do not hate bias towards one thing or the other, they may drift to a darker and more evil side or a more aengulic side. Their whole self, is their ideology and they will serve it until that ideology has no basis. They have no signs of what they were in their actual life. These creatures are now eroded down simple mortals, they have no phsyical features, but mouths, eyes, ears, and a nose. Though most Sorvians do not actually have their face beheld to others, they wear masks that represent their ideology, and when that ideology is up their masks will still reflect their previous 'beliefs'. These things do have a personality and are hollow, the personality part comes from who or what they serve, they might start to develop a zealout-ness to themselves, which may have them seem less hollow than they were before. They are as the lore says, a canvas, waiting to be drawn on by the beliefs and idelologys of men. They are in a limbo in life, they are simply and easily timeless. They do value their immortality or mortality for that matter because they have no use for it, for the fealing of wanting to live is for men and not those who are timeless. These things are not undead creatures, or even the creatures of the Aenguls. They are simple 'creations' of the being Javex, who has no bias and is the reason for the ways of man. They will go forth to any idelogoly they grip unto and will hold unto that way until it falls and has no basis. Sorvians have a high tolerance to pain, even in amputations, and do have a way to 'bring' back their limbs. This way being collecting these items and fixing themselves up alone, though, this process is very painful for the thing. Pros: The pros for theses beings are as follows: 1. Sorvians will keep on trekking with their ideology for a very long time, they are basically machines in this sense, they will only stop when the wires have been cut. They can keep on going for days without tiring, they will keep preaching or helping out with what they believe in through thick and thing, ups and downs of that ideology either, they have no sense of abandon for it. 2. As mentioned before, they are highly tollerant to pain, and can be a great soilder in this purpose. They are only able to be a solider in the martial sense, for they are no good in the magic department (More to be mentioned in the cons section!) They will never really grow tired from their cause or phsyically, they themselves have no sense of many things like this. They will also be very immune to things like temperature, not getting as hurt or degraded by things like frostbite or burnings! 3. Sorvians can go either way in what they believe in, it does not matter if that belief is dark or it is 'holy' in the eyes of many other, it still will just follow an ideology and stick with it, it will not be more biased towards one than the other, or that would was to mean that they were not true in their form. They are unmatched in their neutralness to things when they are in their 'nomadic' ways. They will not be corrupted. They are immune to gold, because in their true form, they are godless, and such are immune to things like this. Cons: 1. They will no longer be organically mortal, still being mortal nonetheless, the regular bits and bobs that are fun and come with being mortal will be taken from these things, such as being able to enjoy life or really much of anything for that matter, their primary focus is to stick to a way and keep on going with it. They cannot do anything sexually, and will not have any real morals, allowing them to execute anything for their cause. 2. These things react as ghouls do to gold with arcane magic. As such, hearing this, you should come to the conclusion that Sorvians will not be able to perform magic. They are completely incapable and are completely martial creatures. They will be instantly caught alight if they are ever burnt with a voidal flame, or instantly given frostbite if ever hit by voidal summoned ice. As they are as timeless as the void itself, and it interferes with their own timelessness. They will very weak to things summoned by voidal plane in sum. 3. They must *always* have a way to serve, they will be like nomads without it. They are extremely extremely disabled when they do not have something to follow, this will give them the inability to speak, fight, or do anything at all really. They will only act for something if it is within the will of their way.. They will be nomads searching for a cause otherwise. They do not have any bias in this form, and will not take into consideration what the ideology is, only searching for one to serve, they have no resrevations for what they want, or opinions in this state. 4. Though they are less resistent to pain, they still are not the strongest beings, as you might remember in my description, they are eroded mortals, which have simply gone down into being a creature of mortaility, not or morals or strength. They will be able to keep on basic and light things, nothing of heavy platemail or large zhweihanders. They still mortal and have the strength of something basic. Redlines (you may want to refer to the Pros And Cons aswell): * They will not be effected by Holy magic, Or gold, because they are godless and hold no bias. * They have no personality, and can be inflicited upon with most worshipable things. * Whatever curse they had in their descendant life, is now barely there, along with their lives form. * They are neutral and were willing to become one of these things, they are not trapped souls. * They only express with masks, they will not have facial expressions or their face shown. * Blood Mages can not absorb Genus, because their lifeforce is effectively preserved inside of their bodys, to keep them timeless. Their Lifeforce will not be drained. * They will not remember things from their past lives. * Race = Necrotyle, though they are not undead creatures! * Will act machine like and without tire. * Very weak to arcane magic, and will be torn apart by some uses of it. And greatly effected by others (see pros and cons for more information) * They will not have a corpse, but when they are 'killed' they are merely in a state of inactivity, and will reform elsewhere. * (Check pros and cons, it may have some not listed here!) Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yessir Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes I consent Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app Nopie
  13. Smiles as recalls the bounty, glancing to his wall, where the head of the beast was nailed. He sipped a glass of ale as he sat, remembering it once more.
  14. you're welcome ~ your 100 repper
  15. honestly, I've talked to him not too much, but when I have he was really nice to me and my friends when we did events, he was really flexible and let us pick the times and everything. I really like the guy and hope he can help out others. :)