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  1. Kony2020


    dang man, i’m so sorry this happened. I tried playing runescape a bit ago but i don’t know much about it, but I hope you find people to play with and stay happy 🙂
  2. Kony2020

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    You may not like how he acts sometimes out of being a GM, but I can say that even when he did act like a child a bit after his GM stuff (most gms end up acting bad after they quit when the nerves wears off) that Tornado was a really really good GM and I felt really sad when he left the team. +1
  3. Kony2020

    The Plinkett Test

    oh dude i was just watching plinketts reviews of star wars ahahahahah
  4. Kony2020


    😞 rip
  5. Kony2020

    [Denied]knox213's Game Moderator Application

    What? Are you serious? Literally 30 minutes before he left he was in chat talking to GMs and communication, he was definitely driven. Talking and actually doing stuff. This is a flat out lie.
  6. Kony2020

    Seeking an apprentice

    A child sat in the NEW-New Mos le’Harmless Cantina in Carolustadt. He began to write a letter to the woman. It’s written amateurishly at best. “Dear Dr. Zatanaes. Hello. I would like to learn what you have to teach. I like to learn new things, yes.” I would make a good apprentice because I do not know a lot. Thank you miss. Please send me a letter back or find me in the cantina if you pick me. Sincerely, Job.”
  7. Kony2020

    A Strange Character Request

    hewwo miwster i’ll plawy yur waif, pwease add me on discword: ‘sexigurl243#6969’ ;_) see u ther big man

  9. Kony2020

    [✗] [server appeal] charlemagne

    You have alted in the past week, I don’t know why you even posted an appeal. Your ban is extended until July 28th 2019. Low effort appeal.