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  1. Hey that’s some pretty cool profile picture art you got there.

  2. A young farfolk came across the flier, stopping immediately to read it. He rubbed his chin in thought and snatched the paper from its resting place, saying, “Looks interesting. I wonder what it’ll be like...” Name: Quincy Race: Farfolk Age: 17 Discord#: funnay981#8612
  3. aye hmu Trinn I want that good good art Quincy - dark skinned - 18/19 years old - bard (always has an instrument with him) - black afro - 5'10" - usually in a happy mood - brown eyes - average body frame - wears whatever a traveler/bard wears (EX: Dandelion from Witcher)
  4. Name: Maeduil ((MC Name)): AerielsVanguard Age: I've lost track. Race: Mali'thill Are you interested in becoming Scribe, or a Sentinel?: A scribe would best suit me. Published Works (Scribe Only): I would like to send my work personally. Perhaps when we meet. (Hit me up on Discord.) Combat Experience(Sentinel Only): Allegiance: Haelun'or. Enchantry. Did Someone Recruit you to the Guild? If so, please state their name: Not applicable. What amount of time can you dedicate to the Remembrance Guild? ((How active are you, on a scale from 1-10? Please state timezone as well)): ((Hard to say, with school rolling in.)) A decent amount. Discord: funnay981#8612
  5. MC-Name: AerielsVanguard Character Name: Ravondir Torena Age: ??? Race: Ascended Hometown: ??? Possible Goals to achieve: To go back to my roots as a seafarer and explore the seas of Atlas and lands beyond. Wanted Role/Job: Sailor Discord: funnay981#8612
  6. Yeah, can this glowing effect be utilized by other magic users or will it just be limited to the Druids?
  7. A certain Easterner finds himself nodding in agreement with the sign.
  8. >gets into serious RP
    >finishes intricate emote
    >server dies and removes all progess

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    2. InactiveAccount


      yeah dude pVP is OBVioSLy the MAstERraCe

    3. devvy


      "serious RP" .. never heard of her??

    4. funnayyyyy


      legit RP*******

  9. Just for when you're doing skins again.
  10. shiiiiiiiiiiiiid i was finna hit you up until i saw that real life money had to be paid. i'm broke as hell
  11. +1 if you want links in character descriptions to work again

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