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  1. Hey anyone wanna join a DnD session? We got one NPC worth filling in so if you want PM Murdervish on Discord (Murdervish#2594) ! A bishonen cultist boi needs a player!

    Edited by Croleo676
    1. DarkElfs


      Has said spot been filled yet?


  2. Croleo676

    Niccum Wiki App

    I dunno man...
  3. Thoughts?




    1. Harrison
    2. Croleo676


      You never knew what was coming through the door, the madman

  4. Croleo676

    Aelsioln's Wiki Team App 2

    Wait a god damn minute... this looks familiar...
  5. www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/162129-diamonds-art-thread


    Look at this glorious bub and their glorious art!

    1. Rat Hat

      Rat Hat

      you are a sweet man holy heck

  6. So uhh, how come owlbears are a thing now? I mean, I'm all for refrences from Dnd but this is just plain AT/WT nightmare fuel...


  7. Croleo676

    [Accepted] Mitto's literal 8th FM application

    I wouldn't believe him about those wiki positions, he just lollygagged around and forced @Thomas to write templates... +1 tho mah boi
  8. Croleo676

    [Denied] an application to read more applications

    OF COURSE, WHO ELSE God I hope I don't get will to check apps back when I'm on the server, I can't do that to myself again. Also, Ski is a good lad, even if you do count in the scandals.
  9. Croleo676

    [Denied] an application to read more applications

    Oh bub... not you too as well, god dammit we only need @Nolan_ and @Will (TauFirewarrior) and the prophecy of the old ones will be complete...
  10. The return of the scot, why would you do this fam...
  11. The dwarven side of this warclaim was the LotC equivalent of Fyre Festival...

  12. Croleo676

    [Denied] mittos fm app

    But why fam?
  13. Croleo676

    [Self Denied] Harolds' App Team App

    Bub... bub no. Why would you do this to yourself you mongrel
  14. Croleo676

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    Harner Bros amounts of fame, shame he still doesn't know how to do apps.