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  1. Some god damn dwarf grumbles as he reads a pamphlet "Fohken ell and ah wasn't even mentioned, ah designed deh foken token system fer Red Urguan those ungrateful gits..." He ponders for a bit and gets sadder "But den again, during Vailor... not like much shoite was done with Red Urguan anyway... maybe dis time deh leadership will be bettah... May Wyrvun guide der chests"
  2. @Thomas Thoughts my bub? Also, I'm a sucker for any type of meat or cheese or my pizzas tbh, even though I don't mind anchovies
  3. A dwarf can hear the eternal screams of a dead fat dwarven king, Skippy Irongut.
  4. OF COURSE, WHO ELSE God I hope I don't get will to check apps back when I'm on the server, I can't do that to myself again. Also, Ski is a good lad, even if you do count in the scandals.
  5. Oh bub... not you too as well, god dammit we only need @Nolan_ and @Will (TauFirewarrior) and the prophecy of the old ones will be complete...
  6. I call bias, ofc @Thomas gets one
  7. 13 bub
  8. The return of the scot, why would you do this fam...
  9. Dwarven soldier awaiting at the tunnel exit for a proper charge. Circa 1661. "Yeh, next toime we don't rely on tuh plans that were both shadier than me arse, aight?" grumbles a dwarf at his Frostbeard brothers, suddenly not mad about their decisions of moving out.
  10. "We shoulda put a fuken ball pit at dis camp cause dis was a shoite show" grumbles a dwarf, recovering from his wounds he gained AT THAT GOD DAMNED TUNNEL.
  11. The dwarven side of this warclaim was the LotC equivalent of Fyre Festival...

  12. Well, on the lore side, the last things properly written about it were in Anthos, saying it's quite ******* hard to break, that it easily makes alloys with ferrum with a few issues when using such weapons, and that when struck, creates a higher pitch than we can hear, but for some reason compares it to obsidian and glass... Honestly, I'd take it's a metal with a few quirks
  13. "Suh duh weh call et deh t'ird foundin' or wut?" a dwarf shouts from the inn.
  14. But why fam?
  15. Phase 3: Seize the means of productions @Harold?