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  1. Come back to us!

  2. Somewhere in the distance, a dwarf is laughing his ass off remembering the good old secretary days.
  3. Harner Bros amounts of fame, shame he still doesn't know how to do apps.
  4. Betrayal... Also Wizard 101 is clearly a great choice for lore, if we fully used it we wouldn't have issues with the magic plugin
  5. Like hell you are, you laser cannoned privileged prick.
  6. Sniper Boy. Works like a charm even if he's not charming. You even posted one of the memes that were made when we were both around that accursed place.
  7. You forgot that I worked with you, I know you've been saying that for the last year or so
  8. Geez @Tahmas you really can't have a ******* break huh?
  9. Oy bub! Did ya finally get a ******* mic? Are you actually chilling from studies? Jesus God damn Christ I can already smell that @Ioannis will now force me to come back since the whole gang is here.
  10. Carry on fam, wonder if we will Ever see you again in these parts...
  11. Because it'd be a shame to ski-p a beat with such a good pun
  12. As always, dsdevil is a-head of his time... gj fam
  13. @Racker / Lefty This is the most normal people will probably see you, and you're not even with a sheep!
  14. Just say it uses lasers and you're half way there... @Will (TauFirewarrior) Otherwise good art fella!