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  1. Eyo, some of us already use accordions as bards chief, not quite a new invention! Valid for your own design tho!
  2. Wouldn’t it be a bit cleaner on the settings side to have it all in a menu like it is for personas, or am I missing something here?
  3. Thoughts?




    1. Harrison
    2. Crowbill


      You never knew what was coming through the door, the madman

  4. Harner Bros amounts of fame, shame he still doesn't know how to do apps.
  5. "W'oever wants to kill dat wee beasteh will need a good subju-gator in der parteh" Hellio speaks out loud to a halfling near him. "'Owevah, if it's actualleh deh other scaled beaster, ahm sure they'll end up croc-ked boi deh end of deh adventure."
  6. "Bah, those adventurers will get fooked so badleh deh town will need an investi-gator." Hellio additionally mumbles, in no mean correlated with the liches comment somewhere in the distance.
  7. "Ah dun t'ink people will swamp towards dis bounteh..." Hellio smirkingly says looking at the notice board.
  8. Kuchen looks at bounty while eating a small bagel loudly thinking "Tree spel men? That's supposed tuh be deh wood elfs, roight? Nae, that can't be..." the rest could not be heard as his mouth was full and incapable of transfering understandable noises due to the deliciously baked bagel only found in inns and pubs that had Kuchens masterful products.
  9. APPLICATION RP NAME: Hellio Frostbeard MC NAME: Croleo676 WEAPON OF CHOICE: An axe or ah bow. WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE GUARD?: Ahm a woodworker, miner, and somewhat of ah bard. ANY SPECIAL FEATS OR ACHIEVEMENTS?: Take ah bloodeh guess, yeh old geezer.
  10. Uhh, I know I'm a bit late on this topic but I just want to not one thing that Benbo said in his original post. Tbh, I can clearly see that as a countermeasure to the "hur hur my niche hur hur" situation, since It's clearly to be run by GMs, and if a GM thinks it's going to be used for so called niche BS, can't they just go full nope mode and take their book away?
  11. Hellio signs the charter, smiling sadly and hoping no one saw him.
  12. Not to turn out rude or anything, but I think you're thinking of Kal'Akash.
  13. Knowing Tau, he's probably somehow implement it in his lazer magic cannon.
  14. Heh.

    1. Kardel


      at least you have a relatively good sense in picking shows to watch

  15. Are you serious? This is Travista the Sacred Swamp Lord! 9/10
  16. "Wait, somebodeh remebers meh as ah pick? By Wyrvun..." Hellio murmurs, thinking about his options.
  17. Yea that doesn't really remove the fact that you need hours to make one staff, not 5 of them...
  18. Check your crafting settings after using the /me command. If my assumptions are correct, you have the "only show items I can craft" option up or something. Happened to few people before, so I think that could fix it...
  19. "Yeh, sure, ahl give 1600 mina!" states Hellio.
  20. So, did you survive the horrible headache?

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