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  1. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [Accepted] [Pending]Boknice275's ET Actor re-application.

    +1 Good guy, and one hell of a dedicated worker. Should be useful to the ET.
  2. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [✓] Caminus' Land Charter

    A few uncanny lines of caligraphy would be added to this document's bottom. Peculiar. Almost as if this quill was held with a hand hardly made for such an endeavour. "Cecilia Sugarbean"
  3. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [✗] [Clarification/Addition] Augur Clarifications, and new Variants!

    Well, the Augurs have already proven their worth, and the changes - more so a pile of explainations - aren't groundbreaking. For what my opinion's worth, I'd dare say, give that man some pats on the head and approve his work.
  4. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [Accepted] Gusano's AT Application

    An all-round well mannered fellow. Not to mention he's rather eager, and cooperative. Good candidate. All of them plus-wans for ya.
  5. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    Application For Haria (Charter App)

    Hadrian Pesiverre signs the charter. Obnoxiously.
  6. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [Wiki Team Application] Zeeer0

    The Lelf must join their ranks. +1
  7. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [Accepted] Angmarzku's Forum Moderator Re-Application

    Let the Jesus, I mean, Angmarzku in ye heart. +1
  8. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [Denied] Angmarzku's Forum Moderator Application

    Speaking of Biblical, Ang's proven to be basically Jesus. No, we haven't seen him walking the water or swimming through solid rocks, but he's a darling. Selfless, helpful, fun to work with. I'd say it's a poor match for our wretched forums, but, 'ey. Balance and all that. +1
  9. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [Denied]Quavinir's GM app.

    So... yeah, I know, if I cared less about the forums, I'd probably have to care to avoid the bloody pace. Being as far from 'proper' as one can imagine, but, seeing as I'm still the voice of reason, for enough good folks, faff it, I'll pass a word, whether it matters, or not. Quavinir. Quite the legend, that man. Starting his creations, the personal journey, rather early, years before some of us even heard of this godforsaken server. He's been there for, well, just about everything that matters. Mister Crazy Accent was with the server almost from the start. As such, it should come off as no surprise for you, that he's a national treasure (to those that wound up knowing him at least) for one thing that matters, he knows, and more importantly, understands, great many a thing in LotC, from racial cliques and multiracial states, through myriad ideas, cultures and lore pieces, ending with many players. Hell, it's more difficult for me to find an old guard chap or missus that doesn't know or recall Quav in one way or another than to find a living soul in Al Wakrah. He's got a sweet temper, barely cussin' nowadays, too. I'd dare say, he's the man you want, when dealing with the silliness both trying to join the server, and that which managed to join it way back. A mentor in bountiful things, kind companion in other. +1
  10. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    The Andael

    Fancy stuff, there. Gotta say, you can never have too many decently written cultures.
  11. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [Playable Creature]Augurs of Yeu Rthulu

    My word doesn't mean much, and it carries even less factual weight to it, most of the time, but objectively speaking, I've seen a lot of Aengulic lore even in my few days, and that alone would've made me dislike a lot of the things that as much as concern our resident deificates. But as much as I can drive myself to dislike a bigarse deity and at times, or an LM taking a little bit too much enjoyance out of the privileges granted to them as their creators, I quite literally fail to find anything noteworthy to despise this piece for. It's well written, even if the certain lad would disagreed with me, and it provides a lot of memorable, and more importantly, roleplay-centered experience. Something that you're always more likely to look up to as an example of such, or at the very least, something you will recall unfathomably well - maybe have a grandpa of a character take his chainmail-clad grandchildren onto his lap to tell them the tales of something greater then a pulp repeated over and over until it loses any meaning and context. tl;dr, +1, you awesome bleep-er.
  12. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    [Complete]Troll-Slave For Sale

    "Nine feet? That's some smallass troll 'ere."
  13. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    7/10. The Chimmy. I hope the Marked stuff went well... <3
  14. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    7/10 playa. And a 10/10 nug.
  15. Guy d'Yood of Mann

    Maxu's Lore Keeper Application

    A very, very polite lad, fun to work with, decent in thinking over the lore and mechanics. +1