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  1. RP [!] An old, battle-hardened dwarf clad in heavy steel armor and a graying beard stands before you with a black ferrum war-axe resting on his shoulder. “Wot be yer name?”: Grungot Frostbeard “Hrmph... Ye got aneh experience on deh battlefield, lad?”:aye ah ave been in many The dwarf strokes his beard as he analyzes you. “Wot be yer reasons for joinin’?”:I want to fight for my kingdom and beliefs and if I end up dying so be it “So be it, lad. Wot’s yer trade?”: blacksmithin OOC Username:Grungot Discord:Reeper450 #0113
  2. Dungrimm's Folk

    Enlisting An applicant must apply using the following format: In Game Info RP Name:Grungot Age:378 Race:dwarf Professions:veteran blacksmith adept miner adept breeder profiecient tinker Experience (as a soldier or religious follower):longbeard(if I remember correctly) in the urguan legion Out of Game Info MC Name:Grungot Time Zone:AEST Discord (For communication and rallying):Reeper450