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  1. You got to find that middle ground inbetween special snowflake and just a dull character. Characters that are all out, as you put it, ‘special snowflakes’, they’re mildly annoying to RP with. You can improve such by giving your character simple things such as an interesting hobby, of some sorts, or a study he’s interested in (PLEASE NO DON’T SAY MAGIC IM GOING TO HAVE AN ANEURYSM)
  2. Are these potions publicly known, or does one have to find all of it our IRP somehow?
  3. @Mickaelhz i recommend this man’s services. 10/10 pixel art 🤤

  4. ((please don’t give me a warning point i’ll get forum banned
  5. why are you coming back to this shithole
  6. can’t wait to become arch- i mean a Celestialist.. haha
  7. Good read, man. 🙂
  8. shut up you’ll be back no one runs away from lotc for long
  9. when is zacho being banned?
  10. Remove admin approval 

  11. hey bastard take off my profile picture @Slothdemons
  12. Can’t wait for the 500 mina
  13. The “cover photo” button is glitched and i cannot open it no matter how much i click

  14. Name: Elnirith Age: 205 Race: High Elf What are you good at? I’m pretty good at fishing, mediocre at swinging steel, walking, used to brew elixirs... forgot how to do that, though What do you know about alchemy? Alchemy is a power or a process that changes or transforms something in an enigmatic, impressive way – a philosophy aiming to achieve the discovery of a universal cure for an illness for the benefit and in order to prolong life. I understand the law of equivalent exchange, albeit not how to utilize such, and a bit of the mainstream herbs used in modern alchemy. Why do you want to learn? I wish to, once again, touch up on the art – re-learn it. I hadn’t practiced the aformentioned in a good while, and i see this as a perfect opportunity to not only do such, but learn new things too from an experienced ‘thaumaturge’ Why should i teach you? I believe i should be given a chance because i once was a practitioner of voidal magick - knowing firsthand how such chaotic art is practiced. Disliking such, and ever since wishing to get into something more civilized, natural even. Seeing this parchment, i find this the perfect opportunity. Are you clever or dumb? That’s for you to find out..
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