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  1. i’m not a gnoblin, i’m not a gnelf …. I am a gnome, and you’ve been gnomed!
  2. “what guard force?” a particular high elf asked, brow aloft
  3. “**** off, mongrel” a certain sellsword commented. The man’s expression switching into a one filled with anger and hate. As he couldn’t stand the woman any longer due to her dry comments. Spitting on the ground, before making his way off
  4. the spiritualistic berserker Mali’Aheral nods
  5. I can confirm that jondead indeed is 14-15. He, himself, has told me multiple times in a voice chat how he regretted doing that, i say we give the champ a chance and ATLEAST strip him of his permaban so he could appeal.
  6. God tofuus snap the server back to existance

  7. I demand space elves now grrrrrr
  8. “Nice propaganda, i’ll give you that” a random Mali’Aheral stated as he had finished scanning through the paper. Shaking his head, before throwing it into a nearby fireplace in his abode
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