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  1. The Marnan Elections of 1647

    THE VOTER Name: Catherine Johanna Horen-Marna. Address/Property: Palace. Nationality: Marnan. Party: Priorist. FOR THE POSITION OF THE MAYOR OF SENNTISTEN [ ] Aran Talraen [ ] Alexandre Ashford d’Aryn [X] Godwyn Crast [ ] Abstain FOR ACTIONS UPON UNLISTED STRUCTURES UPON MARNAN TERRITORY [ ] Force these structures into vassalization [ ] Assimilate these settlements peacefully [X] Destroy and displace said settlements [ ] Leave these settlements be [ ] Abstain FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF MAGIC WITHIN MARNA [ ] Yes [X] No [ ] Abstain FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF CACTUS GREEN WITHIN MARNA [X] Yes [ ] No [ ] Abstain FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF GAMBLING WITHIN MARNA [X] Yes [ ] No [ ] Abstain FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF SLAVERY (NONHUMANS) WITHIN MARNA [X] Yes [ ] No [ ] Abstain
  2. [Denied]let's get down to business ...

    yes baby +1
  3. [Complete][For Sale] The King's Hound

    "AH BID SEN FIDDY" says Gertryd the maiden
  4. [Complete][For Sale] The King's Hound

    can i hvave it
  5. [Denied]Vegetarianism's Reapp

    yes . joe is good joe is great +1
  6. [Denied]rd. 2

    that song sucks but ur an ok guy +1
  7. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    idk how to delete a post this is my best effort.
  8. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  9. To all the Orenian Ladies out there

    Charlotte Sophia and her ladies eye each other with odd looks on their faces.