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  1. @Treshure Hi there and good morning. To note when I was writing this originally I had wanted to include the the entire history and everything of the Clerics starting from their origins. However, as I worked on it, it became slowly more and more apparent that I was missing a very large chunk of their history. I do have every intention of creating a cultural post in the future. Containing all the history and everything that comes with a religion. I do thank you for looking over the lore and I’m going to look over the lore itself with the question you asked in mind as well. That way I can make this lore something that the server enjoys and try to remove the bad taste that Clerics left when they were around before.
  2. I agree with you that purging in its current state is kind of stale and not a lot to work with rp wise. Clerical purging to my knowledge has always been some sort of ritual, where the cleric takes the afflicted to a temple of sorts and preforms an exorcism style rp. Or at least that has always been my experience with the purging aspect from Clerics. The lore simply adheres to the guidelines of the shade lore in an after note simply to put that in the lore and cover the bases. Purging works on anything that might have a curse to generate rp as well. I've also changed it in the lore itself to make it more ritualistic for how long it takes to cast as to where it needs to be cast at. I appreciate the responses everyone has given me so far and I look forward to the other constructive criticism given to try and make this piece better and enjoyable for the whole server.
  3. Clerics of Tahariae (A Depiction of Tahariae fighting Impurity in the world) Table of Contents: Background/Origin Magic Explanation Abilities Spells Magic Redlines Tier Progression Purpose More information/Cited sources. Background/Origin Magic Explanation Clericalism is a [3] slot deity-magic, allowing the user to forge a connection with the Aengul of Purity, Tahariae, in order to bring about his magic in the form of support and healing, with a smaller collection of combat uses. Though it takes only 3 magic-slots out of anyone’s given 5, they are incapable of practicing other magics with it, only having a few exceptions. Those are that of Kani and Chi, along with further alchemy that doesn’t affect the soul. Spell slots Holy Symbols The Four Questions The Law Abilities Connection/Disconnection Holy Symbol Creation Aura of Calm Spells (A Cleric harnessing their light before a battle) Searching Light | Non-Combative | T1 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 2 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 1 Description: Mechanics: Stasis | Non-Combative | T1 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 2 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 2 Description: Mechanics: Palm of Light | Combative | T1 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 2 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 2 Description: Mechanics: Calming Light | Non-combative | T2 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 2 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 2 Description: Mechanics: Healing Light (minor) | Non-combative | T2 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 3 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 2 Description: Mechanics: Orb of Light | Combative | T2 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 2 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 1 Description: Mechanics: Dispel Darkness |Combative/Non-combative | T3 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 3 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 3 Description: Mechanics: Healing Light(Major) | Non Combative | T3 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection +4 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 3 Description: Mechanics: Cure Disease | Non-Combative | T3 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 3 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 3 Description: Mechanics Remove Poison | Non-Combative| T3 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 3 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 3 Description: Mechanics: Weapon of Light | Combative | T3 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 3 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 3 Description: Mechanics: Vigor | Combative | T4 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 3 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 4 Description: Mechanics: Remove Curse | Non-Combative| T4 Emote Requirements: (5 minute cast time) Spell Slot Requirements: 5 Description: Mechanics: Flames of Reckoning | Combative | T4 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 3 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 5 Description: Mechanics: Ritual Spells The pinnacle abilities of a Cleric. These large based spells require more than one Cleric to concentrate on them in order to be able to cast them. In order for these large spells to be cast then a group of Clerics must be brought together and share their light with each other in order to ease the burden of casting these spells. While only the leading Cleric needs to know how to truly cast the spell, those involved must have been taught Power Sharing. This ability allows for a group of Clerics to summon forth their light. Pooling it all into one area the lead Cleric can then use this energy to cast spells with ease. Rather than relying solely on their own light, they can now draw upon the light of other Clerics that have lent it to them. This ability while effective is heavily draining, taking its toll on the lead casting Cleric. While exhaustion comes from casting spells, those sharing their light will not feel these effects, The only individual to suffer from extreme exhaustion after casting is the leading Cleric, in some cases causing them to become immobile and unable to move due to the heavy strain that was placed upon their body. These few spells are the most powerful in the arsenal of the Clerics, marking the pinnacle of their strength. These spells require a group of Clerics to cast, sharing their light between themselves by invoking their magic into a joint pool of energy. After each Cleric has connected, an additional emote must be spent to gather forth the energy between all parties, and then casting may begin. When performing power-sharing, you must be taught to either lead or aid in it. If you’re only taught the process of aiding, which is as simple as bringing forth your collection of energy to the pool, you may not lead. If you’re taught to lead you may do either, being the first to conjure your light and the one to control the vast sum of energy now placed under your command. You require a Holy Symbol to lead a power-sharing ritual. As the leader, you take the most damage and exhaustion from the abilities cast - Each of them detailed within their own spells. Chains of Judgment | Combative | T3 Emote Requirements: (1 Connection + 6 Cast) Spell Slot Requirements:20 Description: Mechanics: Healers Breath | Non-Combative | T4 Emote Requirements: (10 Minute Cast) Spell Slot Requirements: 30(10 Each Cleric) Description: Mechanics: Blessed Grounds | Mixed | T5 Emote Requirements: (1 Hour - Can’t be made in combat) Spell Slot Requirements: 36(12 Each Cleric) Description: Mechanics: Magic Redlines No other deity connections Can not be used with voidal magics Three slot magic Chi is okay Kani is okay Alchemical feats are okay No creatures with altered souls No creatures with inferior souls Casting requires an implement to perform T4-5 spells. Casting magic once without an implement causes major burns to the body Casting magic twice without an implement causes death and a PK of the Cleric Casting spells causes mental Exhaustion unless stated otherwise Disconnection requires a feat Connection requires for your teacher to vouch that you were taught on your TA The light affects everyone the same. Undead can not be healed with Clerical Magic Tree Lords Can not be Healed by Clerical Magic Any other creatures with a soul shadow can not be Healed by Clerical Magic Tier Progression Tier 1[1 Week]: Tier 2[3 Weeks]: Tier 3[1 Month]: Tier 4[2 Months]: Tier 5[N/A]: Purpose The purpose of this rewrite is to bring back a magical group that has been missing from the server for over a year now. Many people who hear the name Clerics have a mixed reaction when the name is uttered, they either had really good experiences or really terrible ones. While unfortunate, these reactions are expected because of how the past player base handled the magic and used it. With this rewrite, it is my hope to bring back the Clerics as a healing group, not a fix-all heal all magic, but a choice when seeking out aid. Due to these reasons from the past I am wiping all former TA’s MA’s and anything else that was associated with Clerical magic. Of course, that doesn’t mean if you were a former Cleric that you should be upset about losing your magic. It is my intention that former Clerics are going to be first up on the lists of the teachers to reteach if the proper RP is had. If anyone has any questions, concerns, or even grievances my dm’s are open to take all questions and whatnot. Additionally, 4 Clerics will be grandfathered in: One for each Aura Color. I’d like to thank everyone that helped me on this rewrite. Shout outs to Fury_Fire, Wanderous, LoreapprovedSalt, Elvenmommahacker and Braxis for sitting with me and chatting with me as well as their inputs on the lore itself. Thanks to all those who came before me as well, special thanks to Farryn for their Tahariae history lore. Ventusyr, hesh, Nekkore, Pandan, and everyone else who made rewrites for the lore as well. Thanks again for reading and please be kind in the comments as this is my first lore piece. If you have any questions once again please feel free to dm me and I’ll get back to you in a timely manner. Sources Former Tahariae Lore Credits: Faewilds: Co-Author Fury_Fire: Co-Author ElvenMommaHacker: Co-Author Update Log [5/16/2020] Fixed some grammatical issues, added dispel darkness to the t3 list of abilities. Added a little bit of a clarification to remove curse.
  4. Other than the initial bullet point mishap this piece looks very solid. It fixes a lot of the issues that were wrong with the previous lore. It makes it actually understandable and easy to comprehend. It also fixes the issues of the previous problem of no advancement as well. I give this lore a solid +1. Keep up the good work.
  5. Hi. This will be my one and only reply to this thread. If you believe any of the issues you stated were indeed broken. Then instead of making a public thread make a report as was stated. This only makes needless drama. More so acting innocent is all fine and dandy but don’t drop me a discord dm threatening new with this post or anything else and then not actually name drop me in the post. Other than this little rant. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and I hope you all have a wonderful day.
  6. RP Name:: MC Username: Discord: What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Why Do You Wish To Come?: What Skills Can You Bring?: Discord WhiteKnight_19#2931 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: You know why. What Skills Can You Bring?: Being the captain of a ship plus general warrior knowledge and druidism RP Name Alrin Sul’Sumana MC Username: MrWhiteKnight19 Discord:WhiteKnight_19#2931 What Nation Are You Affliated With?:Healun’or/Paladins Why Do You Wish To Come?:To explore the old ruins What Skills Can You Bring?: Doctor as well as a warrior and former Cleric
  7. An Elf would get this missive reading it as a frown would spread across his lips as he finished examining the missive. The elf letting out a heavy sigh as he took up a bit of parchment and quill as he began to write. After some time a response would be pinned next to each and every one of these missives. HIgh Prince Lyemar, it comes to me at a great shock that you would choose this course of action with such a short notice. To have not consulted with both Archdruids but simply those who you knew would side with you in this endeavor that you have set yourself on. I will not deny that the circle has become stagnant as of yet, that there are many reasons, even some of my own that have caused this to be the case. Still with this the actions that you have taken are not the correct ones in fixing such an issue. Firstly, I will not acknowledge you as the high priest of the Nealurir, nor will I simply allow you to push me out of my position of Archdruid without a proper vote or moot. This is not our way, nor has it ever been our way to simply proclaim oneself leader and dissolve an entire hierarchy. As such, Eryn Aureon Archdruid of the Nealurir deny your legitimacy as High Priest of our order. If you wish to obtain such a title then I suggest you do it the proper way and call for a moot where you are voted in. Secondly, since Sister Raven has seemed to agree to this and has made it known by her signing of this proclamation. Her resignation from Archdruid has been acknowledged. May the aspects guide her on her path wherever it may take her. Finally, you do not act in a way befitting those who walk the path of Emerald as you so claim. You scheme and plot to force yourself into positions. This is not our beliefs, these are not the values that we believe in. With such it brings me no pleasure to do this but you have forced my hand. I as the Emerald Prophet, publicly denounce you from our path. You are not a true priest of Emerald as you have claimed to be, and thus you are no longer acknowledged as being a member of our path. Those that choose to still follow you in the order that you have created will also be marked as false priests of our way. I pray that the Aspect watch over you and guide you down the true path that you once walked. Eryn S. Aureon, Prophet of the Emerald Way, Archdruid of the Nealurir
  8. A response is very carefully penned up and then left underneath one of these notices. “Dear Sir or Madam, Your knowledge on how the void works is truly limited. Mages did not at all bring this crisis into being. While yes it is true mages do connect to the void and do use it for there magic. Many if not most don’t have the faintest idea how to create such large portals or rifts into the void. While i do implore mages to help with this crisis to bring it to a close as soon as possible don’t place the blame on a group of people who have done nothing wrong. There are powers in the void that not even a master mage can control. Things that stir and have agendas of there own. This is an invasion by foreign forces. Not a crisis that has been caused by an individual. I hope this response has been very enlightening. Any further questions can be directed to me personally. Sincerely, The Violet Sorceress Serenity”
  9. Don’t forget about me, your 1 month long son, babywhiteknight.

  10. Application Format What is your name?: Eryn Aureon ((What is your Minecraft username?)): MrWhiteKnight19 ((Discord)): WhiteKnight_19 #2931
  11. The Hiylun Imperative To help integrate and maintain a proper healing foundation within the glorious nation of Haelun’or this missive has been created to prevent further harm from those who are unskilled and unregistered to perform medical treatment on the blessed citizenry. Within this missive the creation of a system to record and track all licensed physicians has been implemented. This missive also shall be designed to help keep track of approved Apothecary’s and suppliers to monter the goods and medical supplies being sold to the blessed citizenry. 1: All herbs and medicines must be prescribed by the clinic. Unauthorised growth of herbs and medicine will be confiscated if you are not a licensed physician or Apothecary within Haelun'or. 2: All physicians are only allowed to perform if they are a member of the Clinic, or granted permission by the Head Physician, or Deputy Physicians. A license is only acquired once having gone through trials as an apprentice, or whence granted by the Head Physician and Sohaer after suitable trials. 3: All aspiring physicians must become an apprentice of a physician for a minimum of one saint's month. Physicians who are already practiced may apply and will be trialled on their knowledge by the Head Physician and the Deputy Physician. 4: The title of 'Head Doctor' and 'Doctor' shall hereby be replaced, as it should have been, with 'Head Physician', or, otherwise, 'Physician'. The title of 'Apothecary' is now formed for those who are fully capable of handling the flora and creating the medicine to be utilised adequately by a Physician. 5: The title of 'Head Physician' and 'Head Apothecary' is appointed by the judgement of the Sohaer alongside the Deputy Physician and the current Head Physician - or else otherwise appointed solely by the Sohaer after considerable trials of difficulty are undertaken by the physicians in question who are seeking this appointment in order to judge their suitability for the role. 6: From here on, all patients (unless otherwise unable to be moved), must go to the clinic to be treated. 7: In the case of an emergency, all physicians available will be contacted via avian means in order to reach the clinic and provide their assistance. Placing your own personal means above serving Haelun'or in your physician's work will result in a warning - three, and you may be downgraded to an Apprentice, or else otherwise exiled from ever becoming a Physician or Apothecary at the Clinic. We, the denizens, healers and physicians of the great Silver Nation of Haelun’or, as members of the pure, blessed citizenry, urge the Council to take action on these documents. Lest they wish the clinic and the ranks of capable physicians and apothecaries to fall into chaos and remain within a state of disarray. These writings are the thoughts of every gathered physician of the Clinic. We urge that this is passed through swiftly. Order must be made. Law, renewed. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. Signed Head Physician Alrin Sul’Sumana Deputy Physician Dele Moonbrook Deputy Physician Lady Vexalia Artoxia (OOC: This was largely in part made by Sam, he is much better at writing laws. I simply posted the finished product. Thank you a ton for his contributions.)
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