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  1. WhiteKnight_19

    Vault Yard Sale Pt. 2 (RP Items)

    A snow elf would raise his hand "Yes I would like to bid on the hedgehog plushie I believe since both parties dropped out the current bid is 800"
  2. WhiteKnight_19

    Vault Yard Sale (RP Items)

    “1200 minas for the flesh” The elf would call back after.
  3. WhiteKnight_19

    Vault Yard Sale (RP Items)

    Eryn would think for a moment before sighing. “Why not could prove interesting 300 on the pound of flesh”
  4. WhiteKnight_19


  5. WhiteKnight_19

    The Enchantry

    A letter would be sent forth a simple singular lavender wax seal holding it closed. “To whom it may concern. I was inquiring on the prospect of becoming a member of this guild to be around like minded mages. I would love to hear back from you. Sincerely Serenity Al’Abass” @Tox
  6. WhiteKnight_19

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    First and foremost how are you on this wonderful day. Second what hat do you think of Eryn. Finally whats your your most memorable moment on the server. P.S. Keep up the amazing work that your doing
  7. WhiteKnight_19


    Eryn would quickly send a bird off to the person a note attached to it "I'll gladly pay you one thousand Minas for this kha - Eryn Serene"
  8. WhiteKnight_19

    [Bounty] Obelisk Study

    “Oh something to explore. Well this might be fun” The eleven man would smile as he scribbled down the name Eryn Serene.
  9. WhiteKnight_19

    [✗] gunpowder lore i guess

    In my opinion I think adding some form of advancement towards gunpowder and the weapons they bring would be fun. However I agree as well that to make them into portable weapons there should be heavy restrictions such as the chance that it explodes on you it jams or misfires, and being able to walk around with loaded should be a big no. But al in all I would love to see some sort of tech advancement in this direction
  10. WhiteKnight_19

    [Shelved][✓] Feral Amendment

    I play a feral and personally I don't think that to lose the feral should require a pk, there are already heavy downsides to having this removed from you when you wish it so.
  11. WhiteKnight_19

    [Denied]WhiteKnight Applies for first staff position

    I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who posted a comment on here. I appreciate all the feed back and support that I got. So thank you all so much again for the comments you said.
  12. IGN(s): WhiteKnight_19 Age: 22 Timezone: central time Discord: WhiteKnight_19#2931 What map did you join during?:Vailor Do you have access to a microphone?: I do Average daily playing time?: I play on average 5-6 hours daily when I can Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I've been on Lotc for quite some time, to me this is my escape from the world and a place where I can unwind after a long stressful day. I want to join the team because I want to see this community thrive and for it to help others in the same way that it helps me. I've seen many issues on the server since I have been around, and several things were people take things to far. My hope is that if I was appointed to this team that perhaps I could do a good job to help others have a smooth and wonderful experience on the server as i did when I first joined. Really in all honesty I just want to help players who need it, and help them in what ever way that I can. I don't really have any sort of opinion on raids or such that involve this sort of bias as I tend to stay away from such things and avoid the problems that ensue, I really hope that I could help sort these issues out and bring a calm and collected perspective to these sorts of issues so that they could be handled calmly and in a timely fashion rather than some of them that I have been in. Really, I want to be on this team just to help the player base, nothing really more, I just want to help out this community that has done a lot for me in any way that I possibly can. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?: I hope that everyone has a wonderful day, and I would just like to thank you for the time you took out of your day to read over this application.
  13. WhiteKnight_19

    Selling unique items and oddities

    Another letter would reach you Hello I would be very interested in viewing the items that you have for sale. Please send a bird back with the items and prices or a location to meet at. Eryn Serene
  14. Really good Lore addition, gives meaning behind the ritual, I think it sounds great and will be a good addition. +1
  15. WhiteKnight_19

    The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

    MC Name:WhiteKnight_19 Discord:WhiteKnight_19#3931 Name:Serenity Al’Abass Race:Elf Age:73 Nation of Residence and Willingness to Relocate: no nation and yes willing to relocate Do you currently know any Magicks?: Electrical evocation Are you willing to devote yourself to the Tenants of Truth Absolute?: yes Membership of the Order will require regular participation in the Order’s Activities. Are you willing to devote the required time to the Order?:yes