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  1. [RP] Persona Name: Alrin Sul’Sumana Do you have prior medical experience? Yes All other allegiances: None Are you willing to take lessons and learn more about the medical field? yes Do you accept a required course that will outline your responsibilities and various techniques? Yes Understand that with the signing of this application, you will be receiving lessons based on your test scores and will only perform upon what you are taught or approved. Yes [OOC] Username: MrWhiteKnight19 Race: High Elf
  2. :OOC: MC Name:MrWhiteKnight19 MC name of those living with you:Uwuusowarm, Spac3ling, ILikeEmChunky :RP: Head of household:Alrin Sul’Sumana Family/individuals staying: Lilith Sul’Sumana, Ley Sul’Sumana, Karimir Sul’Sumana Number of Children:2
  3.  you need  jeebus bob ross in your life.

  4. Sul’Sumana “Knowledge, and Purity, always shine brightly” Family Tree Physical Traits, and Appearance Personality Beliefs History
  5. A snow elf would raise his hand "Yes I would like to bid on the hedgehog plushie I believe since both parties dropped out the current bid is 800"
  6. “1200 minas for the flesh” The elf would call back after.
  7. Eryn would think for a moment before sighing. “Why not could prove interesting 300 on the pound of flesh”
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