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  1. Don’t forget about me, your 1 month long son, babywhiteknight.

  2. Application Format What is your name?: Eryn Aureon ((What is your Minecraft username?)): MrWhiteKnight19 ((Discord)): WhiteKnight_19 #2931
  3. Can I buy the fifth skin I believe it is an armored skin.
  4. The Hiylun Imperative To help integrate and maintain a proper healing foundation within the glorious nation of Haelun’or this missive has been created to prevent further harm from those who are unskilled and unregistered to perform medical treatment on the blessed citizenry. Within this missive the creation of a system to record and track all licensed physicians has been implemented. This missive also shall be designed to help keep track of approved Apothecary’s and suppliers to monter the goods and medical supplies being sold to the blessed citizenry. 1: All herbs and medicines must be prescribed by the clinic. Unauthorised growth of herbs and medicine will be confiscated if you are not a licensed physician or Apothecary within Haelun'or. 2: All physicians are only allowed to perform if they are a member of the Clinic, or granted permission by the Head Physician, or Deputy Physicians. A license is only acquired once having gone through trials as an apprentice, or whence granted by the Head Physician and Sohaer after suitable trials. 3: All aspiring physicians must become an apprentice of a physician for a minimum of one saint's month. Physicians who are already practiced may apply and will be trialled on their knowledge by the Head Physician and the Deputy Physician. 4: The title of 'Head Doctor' and 'Doctor' shall hereby be replaced, as it should have been, with 'Head Physician', or, otherwise, 'Physician'. The title of 'Apothecary' is now formed for those who are fully capable of handling the flora and creating the medicine to be utilised adequately by a Physician. 5: The title of 'Head Physician' and 'Head Apothecary' is appointed by the judgement of the Sohaer alongside the Deputy Physician and the current Head Physician - or else otherwise appointed solely by the Sohaer after considerable trials of difficulty are undertaken by the physicians in question who are seeking this appointment in order to judge their suitability for the role. 6: From here on, all patients (unless otherwise unable to be moved), must go to the clinic to be treated. 7: In the case of an emergency, all physicians available will be contacted via avian means in order to reach the clinic and provide their assistance. Placing your own personal means above serving Haelun'or in your physician's work will result in a warning - three, and you may be downgraded to an Apprentice, or else otherwise exiled from ever becoming a Physician or Apothecary at the Clinic. We, the denizens, healers and physicians of the great Silver Nation of Haelun’or, as members of the pure, blessed citizenry, urge the Council to take action on these documents. Lest they wish the clinic and the ranks of capable physicians and apothecaries to fall into chaos and remain within a state of disarray. These writings are the thoughts of every gathered physician of the Clinic. We urge that this is passed through swiftly. Order must be made. Law, renewed. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. Signed Head Physician Alrin Sul’Sumana Deputy Physician Dele Moonbrook Deputy Physician Lady Vexalia Artoxia (OOC: This was largely in part made by Sam, he is much better at writing laws. I simply posted the finished product. Thank you a ton for his contributions.)
  5. House Number:16 Your Name:Alrin Sul’Sumana Do you live alone? No Names of Additional Occupants (if applicable): Lilith Sul’Sumana, Ley Sul’Sumana, Karimir Sul’Sumana Your Relationship with the Occupants (if applicable, e.g. spouse, children, sibling): Lilith Sul’Sumana-Spouse Ley Sul’Sumana-daughter Karimir Sul’Sumana-son
  6. Sul’Sumana “Knowledge, and Purity, always shine brightly” Family Tree Physical Traits, and Appearance Personality Beliefs History (ooc: If you are interested in playing a family member such as a cousin or what not, please contact me on the forums or discord at WhiteKnight_19#2931, or Marshmallow#7346)
  7. :OOC: MC Name:MrWhiteKnight19 MC name of those living with you:Uwuusowarm, Spac3ling, ILikeEmChunky :RP: Head of household:Alrin Sul’Sumana Family/individuals staying: Lilith Sul’Sumana, Ley Sul’Sumana, Karimir Sul’Sumana Number of Children:2
  8.  you need  jeebus bob ross in your life.

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