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    lean back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
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  1. After much contemplating and debate between his councilmen, Augustus Frederick rises from his seat. Raising his glass in a toast, "A toast for Oren! A toast for humanity!" He cheered, promptly riding off to meet his idol, John Frederick.

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      what the hell is he banned for

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      it better not be a forum offense

  3. please accept her.
  4. Minecraft name: GusanoArentonio, AngsHusband. Age: 16 Timezone: GMT+1 Skype/Discord: gustav.arentoft & GusanoArentonio#2557 What is your availability: As it is summer holidays I’m available most of the day, which could probably range anywhere from 12 to 4 hours. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: There's quite a few issues, I personally believe some of the current major ones are the lack of centralised roleplay! I can't really go into depth I realised I was missing this, but you can easily inquire during my interview. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: GMs should present themselves as the individuals that they are, whilst also maintaining a hint of professionalism when it’s needed. There’s not much else to say, be yourself. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: The GM team as a collective should present itself more professionally than the mere individual, I also believe the collective team should be more transparent than an individual, so to say. Please list three players who will vouch for you: LeoWarrior14 rosediode FlamboyantPizza What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I believe I get along just fine with the current GM team, I’d even call a good bunch of them my friends. So I don’t think there should be any issues related to this. What are your finest and worst traits?: Friendly - My rather friendly attitudes towards other people, especially players, helps me easily get the job done swell as a GM! It makes it easier for situations to progress without having it become a fight between players and myself. Patient - I don’t mind waiting, and I sure do take my time with things to make sure they have the best possible outcome. If I have to spend a long time handling an issue, I’ll patiently sit through and let it last. Unprofessional - I don’t take myself seriously, and I rarely show professionalism unless it’s completely needed. This does result in me making jokes in staff chats, occasionally shitposting, whatever else. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: Honestly most of my experience on LoTC is as staff, I haven’t always been all that focused on my roleplay (preferring to do smaller things instead of large big roleplay things). I’ve been staff since August of last year when I became an AT (later manager), I’ve also been on the Wiki Team, FM Team, GM (Twice) and been an Administrator. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: The community will always be the most interesting part of the server to me. I love watching how people can get together for something like this, and I’ll always aim to further the wishes of the community. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: Skuke101 Vege Tsuyose MrMineLoveDude Link me a good song: Refer to the top.
  5. Augustus personally rides out to thank John.
  6. "because man is a gender, not a race."
  7. 9th of Snow's Maiden, 1614. A Declaration to all Races of the Realm For long our world has been torn apart by warfare, everyone declaring war on everyone. It has come to myself to do the ultimate unification, the most unlikely action that could happen in our world, especially the Isles of Axios. Today, all Races of Axios. Today, we will unite under one. One man who can lead us all into an era of peace and prosperity, one where each race can develop their own lands and culture. Together, all of us will unite to create the strongest Imperium the world has ever seen. Let all Races who wish for Peace and Prosperity swear under my Rightful Rule. Signed, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Augustus I Frederick of the House Weserübung, by the Grace of God, Emperor of Greater Dresdenia, Protector of all Races of Axios, King of Dresden.
  8. hey bud what's your new skype
    miss u xoxo

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      Entspannung macht Frei

      i'll contact you through the means of discord... 

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      or u could just ask literally anyone who has me on skype

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      Bad Guy Shady

      We don't associate with the lotc anymore either get homeless or gtfo!

  9. yeah ok he's a pretty good guy just give him the position, you need mildly competent people.
  10. yes yes do do it it!
  11. By extension this would go under the second option imo.